Florida Democrat Senator Proposes State-Wide Ban On Plastic Carry-Out Bag, Straws

Florida Democrat Senator Proposes State-Wide Ban On Plastic Carry-Out Bag, Straws

Florida State Democratic Senator, Kevin Rader, of Broward and Palm Beach Counties, proposed a bill on Friday, August 16th, to ban single-use carry-out plastic bags and straws from fast food restaurants and grocery stores state-wide.

So far, at least 15 cities in New York, New Jersey, California, Washington and Florida have attempted to pass similar legislation.

In May of this year, Florida law-makers successfully passed a bill stating that local governments could not enforce bans on plastic straws.

One month prior to Senator Rader’s proposal, President Trump made a statement to reporters when asked about his position on banning plastic straws. Trump stated,

“I do think we have bigger problems than plastic straws…”

How broadly will legislators attempt to push these types of policies? And, if bans on plastic straws and carry-out bags are just the beginning, what will law-makers attempt to ban next?

  • plastic water-bottles?
  • beverage containers?
  • plastic cups?
  • cup lids?
  • sporks?
  • consumer product packaging?
  • disposable razors?
  • computer housings?
  • automobile parts?

Law-makers claim the bans on plastic products are part of a larger effort to prevent plastics from entering our oceans and detrimentally affecting sea-life. But, if plastics have been produced in mass quantities for consumer markets for the last 30 years, why are law-makers pushing so strongly for these types of policies now?

Show Me the Data

Is the reasoning behind these types of bills purely political in nature? Or, are politicians basing their legislation on real, workable numbers that grow businesses and benefit consumers by lowering prices?









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