New Jersey Begins It’s Assisted Suicide Era

New Jersey Begins It’s Assisted Suicide Era

Fox News is reporting that assisted suicide is launching in New Jersey; the ninth State, plus the District of Columbia to enact death as a new lifestyle choice. Governor Phil Murphy, a Catholic, signed the “The Medical Aid in Dying for the terminally Ill Act in New Jersey” into law in April. It allows for the terminally ill with six months to live, to force medical staff to take a part in palliative care for all patients.

Suicide activist lawmakers in New Jersey have been attempting to pass the law since 2012. The killing requires the signature of two doctors and two witnesses. Only one witness can be a family member. Although the patient must take the lethal drug themselves, doctors are compelled to provide palliative care.

As is often the case with radical movements, this measure gained support in New Jersey in 2014 when news media beat the drum in support of the measure. In this instance the media used the case of a New Jersey woman who moved to Portland Oregon to be killed. The woman, Brittany Maynart 29, had brain cancer. Her husband, Dan Diaz campaigned for the law in Trenton.

In addition to New jersey, assisted suicide has been placed into law in Oregon, Maine, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Vermont, Washington and the District of Columbia. By judicial fiat, assisted suicide was ordered in Montana.

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