New Mexico Authorities Probing Jeffrey Epstein's 'Zorro Ranch' Property Over Abuse Allegations

New Mexico Authorities Probing Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Zorro Ranch’ Property Over Abuse Allegations

NEW MEXICO – Authorities are investigating Jeffrey Epstein’s New Mexico property known as the ‘Zorro Ranch’ in cooperation with Federal Investigators in the Southern District of New York.

Officials have begun interviewing people who claim they had been abused at Epstein’s Stanley Ranch, as well as providing additional evidence to Federal Authorities, said a spokesman for New Mexico’s Attorney General Matt Baca, according to the Epoch Times.

New Mexico authorities have been in contact with the U.S. Attorney’s Office where Epstein is currently being held on new Federal Charges for sexually exploiting, trafficking and abusing dozens of minor girls at different locations.

Epstein remains behind bars until his bail hearing Thursday. While Epstein doesn’t face criminal charges yet in New Mexico, he is accused of sexually abusing at least one 15 year old girl in several locations, including the secluded ranch.

The ‘Zorro Ranch’ property sprawls out over thousands of acres, and has similar occult themes as his other properties, with a massive, million-dollar home at the center of the Ranch.

The Ranch also appears to have an airplane hangar and landing strip, as well as what appears to be several other smaller homes and a horse stable. 

Records show that Epstein purchased the Ranch from the family of former Gov. Bruce King, whose son Gary King was the State Attorney General from 2007-2015, and its valued at over $12 million dollars.

This Story is Still Developing…

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Pine Tree
3 years ago

Radix …you should look for Tom Fords ranch on map, is close to epsteins and looks just as creepy , oddly the tennis court is away from house with gravel road to it. google earth it !!! latitude 35deg19’40″N by106deg00’40″w