Newsom Recall Efforts Gain CAGOP Energy & Support, But No Donations

Newsom Recall Efforts Gain CAGOP Energy & Support, But No Donations

California Recall Effort

California’s recall effort to remove Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom is gaining energy across the state. The California GOP supports the recall petition but refuses to help it financially, leading some to believe the CAGOP is exploiting the recall movement for their own financial gain via donations.

Leading the recall effort is Erin Cruz, CEO of Restoring America Now – RAN Action Fund (RANF/Recall Gavin Newsom Link). In a recent interview Ms Cruz explains her disappointment with the California GOP ‘lip service’ support in this One American News (OAN) interview.

Erin Cruz wants the CAGOP to support Republicans and liberty loving Californians in this recall effort.  The GOP website encourages people to fight for the cause stating, “Earlier this month, the Board of Directors voted to support both current efforts to recall Governor Gavin Newsom.” Then it proceeds to show how to give and in what increments, including a link to donate money.  However, the chairwoman for the CAGOP, Jessica Patterson states that all of the money donated will be going straight to the CAGOP, not to the recall of Governor Newsom.

Newsom’s disapproval ratings are at a all time high and yet the CAGOP is seemingly letting this opportunity slip through its grasp.

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