Racist Race-Baiters Yell ‘Racism!’

Racist Race-Baiters Yell ‘Racism!’

ByNATE JACKSON  November 4, 2021

Democrats only ever have one refrain about their Republican opponents.

Winsome Sears just became the first black woman to be elected to statewide office in Virginia, but all Democrats and their Leftmedia propagandists can see is Republican “white supremacy” and “racism.” If that doesn’t sum up Tuesday’s election results and the state of the nation’s two biggest political parties, we don’t know what does.

As Sears spoke Tuesday night, she said of her family, “What you are looking at is the American Dream.” She told the story of her father’s immigration from Jamaica in the early 1960s with $1.75 to his name, and how he told her, “America was where the jobs and the opportunities were.” She recounted stepping onto American soil for the first time herself, and how even when she joined the Marine Corps she was “still a Jamaican, but this country had done so much for me that I was willing — willing — to die for this country.” So, evidently, was her black husband, a fellow Marine.

Nevertheless, she warned of those “who want to divide us” and who “would like us to believe we are back in 1963.” In case that message wasn’t clear, those people are Democrats, and nearly the only thing they had to say about Tuesday’s election results was that Republicans are racist. Republicans like Winsome Sears?

Jobs and opportunities are still the main reasons immigrants come here, but Joe Biden and the Democrats have opened the borders to illegals who come and take jobs at lower wages from American workers and legal immigrants, too. And they call Republicans “racist” for objecting.

Democrats beat the racist drum for the entire campaign, and now they’re blaming their loss on the claim that they were right.

“He’s run a racist campaign from start to finish,” said Terry McAuliffe over the weekend of his rival Glenn Youngkin. So “racist” that his lieutenant governor will be a black woman, and his attorney general will be a Cuban American named Jason Miyares.

As National Review’s Alexandra DeSanctis deadpanned, “It’s hard to imagine why Virginians voting en masse for the GOP out of thinly veiled racial animus would throw in their lot with this ticket.”

The Democrats’ media mouthpieces were no better than McAuliffe. Republicans allegedly decided that “tap-dancing with white supremacy is their way back into power,” opined The Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart. Politico falsely asserted that Youngkin made “racial appeals to working-class white voters.” Atlantic contributor Jemele Hill groused, “This country simply loves white supremacy.”

One driving issue in the campaign was indoctrinating schoolchildren in CRT. But taking a cue from McAuliffe, who lied that Virginia does “not teach Critical Race Theory,” other media parrots challenged the whole idea that CRT is even real. Former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe argued, “I think Youngkin … was able to convince voters, including a lot of those white women voters, you know, that he’s not a racist and he thinks race should be taught but it just shouldn’t be this Critical Race Theory, which of course doesn’t exist.” MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace likewise insisted, “Critical Race Theory, which isn’t real, turned the suburbs 15 points to the Trump-insurrection endorsed Republican.” Her colleague Joy Reid chimed in that CRT is simply “code” for the fact that “white parents don’t like the idea of teaching about race.” Worse, she proclaimed, “Republicans are … dangerous to our national security, because stoking that kind of soft white nationalism eventually leads to the hardcore stuff. It leads to the January 6 stuff.”

This is pathetic, despicable, reality-denying propaganda, and it’s what passes for “news” in the mainstream media.

Who are the real racists in Virginia?

Would it be current Democrat Governor Ralph Northam, whose nickname used to be “Coonman” and who posed for pictures in blackface and KKK garb? Would it be the leftists who continue shamelessly lying about those supposedly racist remarks in Charlottesville by Donald Trump? Would it be the Lincoln Project trolls who posed as white supremacists with tiki torches by Youngkin’s campaign bus to generate fake news recalling Charlottesville? Would it be the “diversity” champions at MSNBC, who were so busy pretending that CRT doesn’t exist that they didn’t even mention Sears on election night, much less air her speech?

Maybe the real racists are congressional Democrats, who after losing Tuesday’s vote tried again to rig voting under the guise of protecting minorities from “racist” Republicans. GOP senators blocked it once again, though Democrats picked off Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski, who not only voted for it but gave a sanctimonious lecture about “equal opportunity” in voting, despite the fact that every American already has equal opportunity.

They’ve even named their bill the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, after the late civil rights icon and congressman. It’s Plan B if HR 1 fails. Among many other things, this bill aims to turn back the clock and restore provisions from the Voting Rights Act of 1965 that the Supreme Court invalidated in 2013 as no longer remotely necessary. In Sears’s words, Democrats “would like us to believe we are back in 1963.”

The nation would be far better off if President Unity’s party members in both politics and the media would drop the whole divisive “racist” canard. Unfortunately, we don’t suspect they will, because race has been crucial to Democrat election strategy for most of American history.


Reprinted with permission. Please see the original article here and leave him some comments! 

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