Seattle Is Dying: Examining Failed Liberal Policies

Seattle Is Dying: Examining Failed Liberal Policies

SEATTLE, Wash. Aug 27, 2019 – A recent expose by KOMOnews’ Eric Johnson shows how decades of failed liberal policies have changed life in the once vibrant Emerald City. Focusing on the drug and homelessness problems and branching out to law enforcement being ordered to stand down, one thing is clear: Seattle is in trouble.

Speaking on condition of anonymity due to fear of retribution, retaliation and potential loss of pensions, local law enforcement details part of the problem:

According to another police officer:

After interviewing many citizens and local business owners about the myriad problems plaguing Seattle, Eric Johnson summarizes:

“It’s about citizens who don’t feel safe taking their families into downtown Seattle. It’s about parents who won’t take their children into the public parks they pay for. It’s about filth and degradation all around us. And theft and crime. It’s about people who don’t feel protected anymore, who don’t feel like their voices are being heard.

This program is not about demonizing those who are struggling with addiction and homelessness and mental illness. On the contrary. Instead, it asks the question, “Why aren’t we doing more? Why don’t we have the courage to intervene in lives that are, in the face of a grave sickness, reeling out of control?”

It’s called, Seattle is Dying, and I believe the title to be true. But it’s not a hopeless program. There are ideas and concepts in the show that could start conversations about change.” – KOMOnews

For more information, please see the expose below:

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