Washington State, The Enemy Of The People

Washington State, The Enemy Of The People

Written by: Miss Kitty


Washington State recently made headlines in March when they passed legislation that would prevent Donald J. Trump from being placed on the 2020 election ballot unless five years of his tax returns were released. While the bully tactic is blatant and reeks of opposition for this sitting president, it merely decries a festering underbelly of corruption and voter fraud that has plagued the state for decades.  While the argument could be made in favor of President Trump having released enough tax documentation when he was under no obligation to do so, the overreach of the Evergreen State has a history of laying the foundation to subvert and sway all elections in their political favor.

The blatant in-your-face Illegal regulation of the Department of Motor Vehicles, for example, paves the way for illegal undocumented individuals to enter the voter registration. I have witnessed this process first hand at both the Food Stamp Office and the DMV. Allow me to take you on a tour of how easy it is to become an apparent legal card carrying member of these United States.

Our tour begins at the Washington State Food Stamp Office, where an illegal immigrant need only present identification from their country of birth along with some form of mailing information establishing a United States residence, even a post office box will do. Next they will be given a voucher to obtain a free identification card at the DMV. With the DMV ID card in hand the illegal Immigrant can now apply for a Driver License. The State of Washington permits illegal aliens to obtain a certified Driver License even without a state ID, but this is the free cheap avenue most go about in becoming an illegal card carrying citizen. https://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/can-undocumented-person-washington-drivers-license.html

At the DMV, the State of Washington only requires an ID from the applicant’s country and some form of mailing address along with the passing of the state’s written driving test to issue a certified Driver License. Don’t speak English? This is not a problem as the test can be taken in one of 13 different languages, so that learning the burdensome English language won’t hinder you on this illegal quest.

Now with your newly issued Washington State Driver License number, you are all set to register to vote. The DMV will hand you a voter registration form for you to take home and fill out and mail in. If they do not hand this to you personally do not fret as there is a stack at the reception desk for you to just pick up on your way out the door. The voter registration office does not conduct background checks on voter registrations. https://wei.sos.wa.gov/county/spokane/en/pages/FrequentlyAskedQuestions.aspx  As long as a valid Driver License is printed on the form, you are now entered into the election system for the county in which you reside and a mail-in ballot will be sent to you in the next upcoming election.  https://www.sos.wa.gov/_assets/elections/vrf_print_2019_english.pdf

These practices are well known and well documented among illegal aliens.  There exist tell-all written guidelines leading illegals on the path to becoming an illegal card carrying member of society. The fact that most other states without these kind of subversive laws recognize a Driver License as some form of legal background check to safe guard the integrity of the identification process further hinders the apprehension of these illegals as they spread out into eastern states. https://vdare.com/articles/why-are-400-000-illegal-aliens-in-washington-state-driving-with-licenses(d)

The only conclusion to be drawn from the practices of the Washington State legislators is that the rule of law is a tool that they are willing to twist bend and shape into the political future they desire.


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Christine Veith
2 years ago

This is absolutely outrageous. We will lose our country, state by state, if something isn’t done to stop it before President Trump leaves office.