A Legacy Yet To Be Written...

A Legacy Yet To Be Written…

September 11.  This day is one of solemnity for those of us who were adults on that day. We remember the shock, disbelief, horror, and devastation of spirit, followed by the realization of the hard fact.  America had once again suffered a terrorist attack, and this time 2977 people were killed, virtually vaporized in the space of a beautiful clear morning.

And then, there are those who will characterize this day’s commemorations spurred by some other premise we can scarcely understand. There is only one conclusion a rational American can draw. Those on the Left really do hate the rest of us. What else would cause them to lie through their teeth about that horrid day?  The Washington Examiner has laid it bare succinctly.

How the factual news becomes propaganda. 

There is no longer any reason to consult any media who trade in lies and obfuscation. We routinely refer to ourselves as ordinary Americans only to now realize we are not at all ordinary. We think for ourselves in spite of all the lying and propaganda foisted upon one of our most engaging qualities. Americans unfailingly allow for the benefit of the doubt. Well, we’re also problem solvers.

There are many other news outlets where honest people are working hard to report the truth. Beyond that, people who have never even considered the occupations of journalist or researcher or editor have hitched up their britches, grabbed their phones and camcorders and headed out to learn to do just that. More significantly, many are volunteers in this endeavor. And be advised, they are very resilient and very earnest.

Does any of that portrait painting ring true to you? Care to join the effort? See how we are responding to the need for Truth here:  patriotssoapbox.com/

Visit our livestream to see who we are. Volunteer patriots from around the world, of all ages and races and backgrounds united by one common goal: Freedom and Liberty for ALL.

We who witnessed and absorbed the pain of September 11 have an obligation to stand witness in a renewed interest in our Constitution, our government, and our security. Perhaps the finest legacy we can offer is to restore Truth to Government, and to the Media whose mandate should be to investigate and report it honestly.

As we regard the Greatest Generation who preserved Liberty in an earlier era, so will our grandchildren honor today’s generation joining together to restore Liberty in this era.

God bless America.

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