Agenda 2030: The NWO Plans Via the UN

Agenda 2030: The NWO Plans Via the UN

The UN keeps us well-informed of the New World Order’s (NWO) global agenda and their intent to go full steam ahead.

Despite the success of President Donald Trump’s efforts to drain the swamp, the New World Order, along with its mouthpiece the United Nations, is quickly working to implement their global goals around the world. The globalist Democrats in Washington are definitely in cahoots in this implementation.

The UN is launching “a decade of action for the global goals-starting now.” If you are like me, you are probably asking yourself, what does this mean? Research their website and the answer becomes crystal clear—Agenda 2030.

What goals are a priority for this global entity?  

Refugees. Refugees, no matter where, are a priority for the NWO. It appears they want as many people displaced as possible. What exactly does that do? Well, for one it creates chaos in multiple countries at one time. (Just take a look at the US/Mexico border.) The NWO must have chaos to provide order. You might say that is their motto.

Profits. Making a profit is such a high priority for the NWO, they send out their “puppets” to market this demand on behalf of the globalists. They do this by hiring actors and celebrities who, ironically, are paid a huge amount of profit to sway public opinion in favor of the global goals.  Not only that, but, member states must shape the “banking, insurance and securities markets so that money flows to deliver the goals because the goals themselves need to be profitable investments.” Read Celebrities, influencers advocate at UN

Suggestions for action. The globalists love telling us what we should or shouldn’t do. Their campaign right now is for us to question everything, and everyone. Ironically, I thought we were doing that. Witness the election of President Trump.  But no, the globalists want us to question what they tell us to question. They do not really want us thinking or questioning for ourselves.

The globalists aim.  Stated, it is to ‘pull everyone together, all the expertise when it comes to engaging stakeholders in the implementation of the SDGs & accelerate implementation in the countries.’  How can they achieve the Agenda of 2030? Through SDGs — Sustainable Development Goals. They now have a “hub” to govern SDGs.

The interview goes on to say: ‘We have launched our civil national registration to identify every child that is born.’  They are letting us know the beast system is here. Not only is it here, but they are starting to implement it in other countries around the world. Every citizen of Sierra Leone is registered. 

A digital identity for all. ‘In partnership with the government of Sierra Leone, UNDP and UNCDF, we are in the process of implementing a digital identity and financial inclusion for every adult.’ If they have started implementing this, how long do you think it will be before it is being implemented here in America?

Interlinked. Every country must be interlinked or intertwined to establish a one world order. How do they want to interlink countries? Through these goals. “In partnership with the government of Sierra Lione, UNDP & UNCDF, we are in the process of implementing a digital identity and financial inclusion for every adult. Re-read that sentence. It is written in the present tense which means: ALL of these GOALS are INTERLINKED and you can NO LONGER work on a SOLO approach. We are ALREADY INTERLINKED. They have the capabilities and are now implementing them in other countries.

The 2030 Agenda. All of these goals are simply to reinforce and implement their Agenda. The UN video interview goes on to say: ‘We can do more to achieve the 2030 Agenda.’

Let’s take a look at what they call Sustainable Development Goals. 

The UN actually has a book club for kids on their website, which I’m sure they are forced to read as part of the “curriculum,” teaching children to accept the agenda and what sustainable development goals are. There are 17 of these books. Or should I say 17 sustainable development goals.  They are: no poverty, zero hunger, good health and well being, quality education, gender equality, clean water and sanitation, affordable and clean energy, decent work and economic growth, industry, innovation and infrastructure, rise your voice against discrimination, sustainable cities and communities, responsible consumption and production, climate action; life below water, life on land,  peace, justice and strong institutions and partnerships.

I mean, these are all worthy goals until you realize that you were not asked about this. We were not asked for our opinion on how we would like to be governed. We are being told. By whom are we being told? Most of the people behind the global push or involved with the New World Order are the wealthy. They are bankers, politicians, actors, journalists, film makers, musicians and businessmen and women, just to name a few. What do they all have in common? Money. How would people with money know about the plight of the poor? Better yet, why are the wealthy always begging the “middle class” to financially support the cause of the rich? Don’t they have enough money among each other to eradicate poverty all over the world if they really wanted to?

Solving the plight of the poor is not their goal; you’ll find out they don’t really want to do that. It’s a front. It’s a ploy to further line their pockets by stealing from the common people, keeping them in poverty, as usual. 

You must know what your enemy is up to, so we will go over all the SDGs individually. I hope you’ll stay tuned for that.

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