ANTIFA: Storming Federal Buildings, Michelle Malkin Attacked as Terror Rampage Continues

ANTIFA: Storming Federal Buildings, Michelle Malkin Attacked as Terror Rampage Continues

July 22, 2020 – In Oregon, Portland has been the target of attacks from ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter militant groups, with federal buildings under siege for over 50 days straight. ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter are being portrayed in the mainstream media (MSM) as “peaceful protesters” who are being victimized by an authoritarian police state. This could not be farther from the truth; ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter are actually militant terrorist groups, intent on the violent overthrow of the United States. They violently oppose things like “capitalism,” “the nuclear family” and “hetero-normative systems.”

As reporter Andy Ngo explains, essentially the Portland Police Department was told to back down when it comes to ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter. Local political officials are sympathetic to the group, and have clearly endorsed the insurgency.

One of the most disturbing things about these extremist groups, ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, is the diversity of the membership. You have ivy league attorneys, school teachers, homeless people, and college kids — all part of the terror group “ecosystem.” This gives them considerable breadth, tremendous power and access to political power.

This is one of the things that was pointed out by U.S. Army Col. Sean Hunt Kuester in his report about strategic shocks and fourth generational warfare, and the use of low-tech means to attack in urban areas. You can also see that some of these terrorists have been arrested before, only to be released back into the population. One of the ANTIFA terrorists had the ingredients to make an Improvised Explosive Device (IED).

Again, terrorists were assaulting Federal officers, and possessing pipe bombs parts. The MSM simply will not report this part of the story. “Peaceful protesters” do not carry pipe bombs and IEDs.

One of the ANTIFA terrorists had a machete with him, and the other assaulted a federal officer.

Two violent extremists are “students” at Reed College. This is another thing that must be taken into account, the use of college campuses to recruit, indoctrinate and militantly train them.

A professional day job does not preclude one from becoming a domestic terrorist, as is a financial analyst with an MBA degree. Another example: the “journalists” who dox conservatives so that their ANTIFA friends can attack them. They also cover up the crimes of ANTIFA which is key to maintaining a “clean” public image. They refer to them as “peaceful protesters” and when they do have to cover them, they will claim the terrorists are the victims, never the aggressor.

Two lawyers were arrested for taking part in these violent protests.

Here we have the derailing of normal procedures of arrest, charge, trial, punishment, all serving as deterrents. The real problem is the suspension of law process just for ANTIFA.

Images courtesy of Andy Ngo and Portland Police

Here are the faces of Antifa.

The insurgency against Federal buildings in Portland continues.

A violent militant attacked a photographer.

The domestic terrorists attempted to breach the Federal building again.

Proving that ANTIFA is indeed organized, militant and using technology and encrypted apps to communicate, there is no other way to explain how these vehicles are able to show up with “supplies” and “reinforcements.”

Meanwhile, across the country in Denver, Colorado Antifa and Black Lives Matter are engaged in the same kinds of behavior, attacking journalists.

Michelle Malkin, a well known journalist was attacked by a mob, and the Denver Police were told to “stand down.”

Malkin claims, and I believe she is correct, that the Democrat party uses ANTIFA and BLM as the paramilitary wing of their party, and as such they protect them. We see this in Democrat run cities and states around the country, letting these people get away with terrorist activity.

They have no right to attack an investigative reporter, simply because they don’t like her and her political views. Please see Michelle Malkin’s article on this attack, in “One Nation Under Anarcho-Tyranny.”

This story is so sad. Over a month after the fact, the charred remains of a human being was found in one of the buildings torched in the George Floyd protests.

This shows I was correct about the guerrilla tactics, these are not real “moms” — they are ANTIFA terrorists who have proclaimed that they want cops “dead.”

Joe Biden is also endorsing and condoning the violent extremists on their terror campaign across the nation.

You can see the communists “black fist” vandalized on the building.

One of the ANTIFA terrorists claims she was also sexually assaulted. This is not surprising as there were a slew of rapes during the Occupy protests. It’s a situation ripe for sexual assault because often police are not able to get into these occupied “zones.”

Sadly with many Democrat politicians and government officials unwilling to press charges or pursue these terrorists through the law, we can only expect the violence to get worse. We will continue to keep you updated as more information comes in.

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