Biden Showed Up!

Biden Showed Up!

Posted by Honey on September 30, 2020 in America at the BrinkElection 2020


Get your bingo cards ready. Only this time we will fill our spaces with what was NOT brought up or what was not discussed intelligently.

  • Biden’s non answer when Trump asked Biden who his supporters were
  • The Obama/Biden handling of THEIR China virus – terrible job
  • Obama/Biden handling of Benghazi
  • Biden was against going after Bin Laden
  • When asked his plan for Covid, Biden gave only platitudes and no specifics
  • When asked his plans about anything, Biden gave no specifics
  • Biden never said the words Law and Order as Trump asserted he would not

There was no mention of:

  • Trump being nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize
  • The corruption within so much of Biden’s family
  • Moving of our embassy to the capital of Israel, Jerusalem
  • No democrat attending that ceremony in Israel
  • Two countries making deals with Israel and many more to come
  • Isis
  • Terrorism
  • Iran
  • Iran deal and billions given Iran by the Obama/Biden administration
  • Anti semitism
  • Anti semitism in the Democrat party
  • Socialism or communism in the Democrat party
  • Biden’s plan for dealing with Covid
  • Education
  • Trump’s idea of allowing parents school choice for their children
  • Loans from college and whether a Biden administration will or will not forgive them
  • Foreign policy! Nothing. Not one word as far as I can remember except the lie that the standing of the U.S. in the world needs to be restored by the Democrats
  • Illegal immigrants
  • College scholarships for illegals
  • Free medical care for illegals
  • Open borders
  • ICE
  • Sanctuary Cities
  • Finishing the wall – important or wrong?

Over-arching conclusions:

No one changed anyone’s mind about whom to vote for. If you liked Trump, you will still vote for him. Whatever you felt about Trump’s constant interrupting was balanced by Wallace’s partiality to Biden – in my view. Everyone was expecting Biden to have a glassy stare and fumble his ideas and words and worse. Whatever they are giving Biden, it ought to be sold everywhere.

Lots of talk about electric cars but no one mentions how they are charged. Don’t they need energy to charge them? Coal? Nuclear? Someone has to explain that to me.

Lies. Liberals always insist that Trump lies all the time. I don’t see it. But I would say that 70 percent (and that is probably a low estimate) of what Biden said last night were lies. Trump, as far as I could tell, told no lies. Charlotte was brought up but no one was enlightened about the big lie about that. Wallace, after asking Biden the question, and getting no reply, did not insist Biden answer but instead immediately asked Trump would he chastise right wing white supremacists, leaving the impression that the big lie still stands. Trump tried to say violence is not coming from right wingers but from the left, but Wallace interrupted him to return to Biden. Biden asserted that violence is bad and if one does violence, he should be punished. But them he blamed Trump for all of the violence and when Trump insisted it was taking place in cities run by Democrats, and being kept up for political purposes, Wallace admonished Trump to allow Biden to continue. Biden said the locals could take care of it if but Trump doesn’t want to calm things. (Projection – such a lie left in the air. Wallace was a disgrace) Biden said Trump chooses to pour oil on the fire. Projection all the way. If Trump again tried to point out the truth, again Wallace scolded Trump for interrupting Biden’s multiple lies – er thoughts.

When they talked about the irregularities that can happen with mail in ballots, Trump tried to make the distinction between absentee ballots – good – and unsolicited mail in ballots by the many millions, but no one paid attention to him. (I hope viewers did.) Biden insisted there is no proof of irregularities or fraud with mail in ballots. I wish someone had brought up O’Keefe’s revelations about Omar and her crew buying votes, paying in the many millions of dollars to do this and how witnesses said “everyone knows about this”. I did not.

I believe Biden will lose because he never answers questions with substance, only with insults of Trump or superficial nonsense. We will have better plans, etc. When Trump talked about the Green New Deal costing trillions, more than our whole economy for the next ten years, Biden only laughed. There will be more jobs and that will pay for it. Yeah, like in California. Biden’s arguments only appeal to brain dead liberals.

Next Wallace asked Trump about his tax returns. Notice Wallace never brought up Biden’s family making money from Russia, China, Ukraine, as those countries bought influence from the Vice President. Trump brought it up, but not the moderator, and Biden piled on, feigning crying about his son’s problems with drugs and how he has been fixing his life. In other words, so how can you be so insensitive and bring this up. Children are not supposed to be brought up. And Biden intimated that he could bring up things about Trump’s family (but he isn’t bringing them up because he is nicer.) So what does that have to do with his son having no skill and earning multi millions? As for his not paying a lot of taxes in a given year, Trump tried to make the argument that it was Biden’s administration that gave him these tax regulations that allowed him to take legal deductions. So if Biden is angry about that, he has only his own administration to blame.

It is clear that Wallace hates Trump or at least finds him disgusting. Wallace allowed Biden, for example, to get away with that whopper of a lie from the New York times that Trump considers the military losers, etc. It would have taken only a few seconds for Wallace to point out that this was an unproven assertion that 20 witnesses said Trump never said that. But Wallace was mum and let it pass.

It is true Trump interrupted more and initially I wanted him to stop doing that. But as it went on, I stopped caring if he was being rude or snotty because this debate was ridiculous. I know that it will all come out at Trump rallies as he mocks Biden’s lies and points out the truth. And some of our people, Mark Levin, Sean, Prager and Rush will tell all.

Trump will learn from this debate and do better next time.


  • A bad one from Biden – A hundred million American people have pre existing conditions. Really?
  • Mostly good ones from Trump: To Wallace – Oh, I am debating you and not him, but that’s ok.
  • Wallace asked Trump about his rallies and what about the virus. Instead of making the joke that we call them peaceful demonstrations, (because no one worries about those involved in demonstrations not keeping apart and not wearing masks) Trump talked about his rallies having tens of thousands of people show up with very little time to prepare and Biden having much smaller events – Trump said, “No one shows up.”
  • I don’t know if I heard correctly, but as Biden was enumerating insults about Trump and said number three, Trump said. “You are number two.”


I don’t know if I got this right, but I believe I heard Wallace ask Trump since mail in ballots may take weeks to count, will you promise to be patient and wait until they are all counted. And then he asked Biden would you promise to ask your supporters to be patient and not commit bad acts, (Biden ignored that question) and Wallace continued and will you promise to wait until all the ballots are counted before you declare victory? I can’t swear to it, but I think that was what Wallace said. He is assuming Trump will lose.

And finally I can’t say whether Trump or Biden won the debate, but I can assert without qualification that Wallace did not distinguish himself. I know it was difficult to keep these two to the rules. What they should have done is Wallace should have asked the question, giving them each two minutes. The mike of the one who is not speaking should be muted, so interruptions will not be heard during each one’s two minutes and then each should be allowed to have one minute to talk and again the one not talking should have his mike muted. There should be a real debate, not the two of them talking over each other and the moderator exasperated because he can’t control his children. But to me it was clear that Trump chose to talk over Biden because Wallace would not correct Biden’s lies. Perhaps Wallace did not consider them lies.

For me if there was no way to declare one of the debaters a winner, it was easy for me to declare the biased Wallace a loser. But that’s just me.

~~Many thanks to Honey and The Universal Spectator for reprint permissions.

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