Biden’s Big COVID Pivot Coming

Biden’s Big COVID Pivot Coming

By MARK ALEXANDER January 19, 2022 in National Security: Pandemic Threats

Even Democrats are going to be angry when they finally realize they’ve been duped.

An increasing number of medical professionals, whose jobs, income, and egos are not dependent on stirring a constant brew of fear and angst about the ChiCom Virus pandemic, are now admitting COVID is rapidly devolving into an endemic series of variants that are, essentially, a manageable nuisance similar to seasonal flu viruses. That doesn’t mean those with lethal comorbidity factors should be hosting toga parties just yet, but it does call into question the future of Joe Biden’s political mandates regarding COVID.

Despite the plethora of Big COVID Lies pushed by Biden and his Beltway troll, Tony “Masked Man” Fauci, in order to enforce their BigGov power and control mandates, this bad-boy bug is receding.

Biden and company are “awakening” to the fact that the majority of Americans are going to be angry when they awaken to the fact that, since Biden took office, they have been duped into being political pawns in the Democrats’ statist power agenda.

The first evidence of the administration’s awakening was three weeks ago, when Fauci admitted what we have suspected all along — that the hospitalization and death numbers the Demos and their Leftmedia talkingheads have been pushing are not accurate. Fauci said they have been “over-counting” the number of people “hospitalized with COVID” as opposed to “hospitalized because of COVID.” Fauci even expressed concern for the first time that COVID mandates “could have a major negative impact on our ability to keep society running.”

Isn’t that special. Fauci is long past his expiration date.

Following his admission, CDC Director Director Rochelle Walensky was asked how many of the 836,000 COVID deaths are with COVID versus because of COVID. Not denying this was an important distinction related to comorbidity factors, Walensky dodged the question, but promised, “Those data will be forthcoming.”

Right. Welcome to reality, Rochelle.

And the CDC has just confirmed what Fauci declared almost two years ago: “There is no reason to be walking around wearing a mask.” Most masks are ineffective at preventing viral transmission. That data undermines the Demos’ absurd state and local masking mandates, particularly for children, and it substantially widens the trust deficit between the CDC and the public it ostensibly serves.

Of course, for Democrats, mask mandates are symbolic of their power over the people. And for their lemmings, masks have become facial virtue signaling.

Recall that Joe Biden spent the last two weeks of December assuring us that the latest viral variant would prove his dire “dark winter” predictions to be true if we did not obey his vaxxing and masking mandates. But reality is colliding with Biden’s statist power agenda.

Thus, in the coming weeks, expect to see Biden pivot and ease into a declaration of the “endemic decline” of COVID, which is why he is already calling for schools to be open and for folks to get back to work. He hopes this pivot will elevate job numbers and, thus, his abysmal polling, which remains in a deep hole.

Biden’s Democrat media minions are already dutifully plowing the field for this shift, paving a path ahead of the midterm elections so he can assert he actually did “shut down the virus.”

This week, the Associated Press admitted it is recalibrating how it reports COVID data: “For two years, coronavirus case counts and hospitalizations have been widely used barometers of the pandemic’s march across the world. But the omicron wave is making a mess of the usual statistics, forcing news organizations to rethink the way they report such figures. … For that reason, The Associated Press has recently told its editors and reporters to avoid emphasizing case counts in stories about the disease.”

The “mess” is that reporting the results of less-lethal flu variants under the “COVID” umbrella implies that all the variants are as deadly as the original virus — which they clearly are NOT. That played well with Biden’s agenda, and the “fear and angst” advertising revenue model has paid well.

A few political observers are anticipating Biden’s shift, including analyst Bryan Dean Wright, who succinctly noted: “Midterms are coming. Watch the pivot.”

As for what is on the other side of Biden’s pivot, commentator John Ziegler declared: “I REALLY hope ‘science’ has enjoyed these last two years, because moving forward at least 50% of the USA will, rightfully, NEVER EVER EVER EVER trust ANYTHING remotely political that they EVER claim again!”

And let’s be clear about “the science” and mandates: The biggest blunder in our national response to COVID was Fauci’s quarantine order.

Almost two years ago, in March of 2020, we noted when asking “Is the COVID-19 Cure Killing Us?” that, while all the extraordinary measures taken to shut down the nation under the auspices of “social distancing” will help mitigate the rate of spread, it will not contain the virus. As we have also repeatedly noted, the mandates to quarantine the healthiest among us rather than only the most vulnerable have substantially slowed the development of natural immunities in order to reach herd immunity, which has greatly prolonged this national nightmare.

But hey, Fauci and the “viral fear pandemic” certainly helped get Biden elected. His lemmings must be so proud…

Semper Vigilans Fortis Paratus et Fidelis
Pro Deo et Libertate — 1776


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