Bombshell News Conference on Election Fraud - Trump Legal Team

Bombshell News Conference on Election Fraud – Trump Legal Team

Press Conference ~ Election Fraud ~ Nov. 19, 2020

November 20, 2020 – Trump Campaign attorneys Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell and Jenna Ellis held a news conference on Thursday (11/19/20) in D.C. at RNC Headquarters.  They laid out widespread election fraud allegations, that took place in the 2020 Presidential Election.  Signed affidavits from witnesses claim multiple election frauds took took place in many states, especially within large Democrat cities.  Mail-in ballots, Dominion ballot tallying machines and foreign Communist money are all tied to massive election fraud.  *(See latest breaking video interviews with Sidney Powell at end of this article.)

According to Rudy Giuliani, their investigations found not a singular voter fraud in just one state, but the same pattern of voter fraud was repeated in many states. The evidence collected has come particularly from big cities that are run and controlled by Democrats, which have a long history of election fraud corruption.  The attorneys have concluded that any experienced prosecutor would suggest there must have been a planned centralized place that executed these various actions of fraud.

In Pennsylvania as of Thursday’s count, the margin of victory for Biden was 69,140 votes.  In reality, Giuliani said the vote count of 682,770 mail-in ballots were never inspected and certified before being counted.  Fifty to 60 witnesses swore in affidavits that they were not allowed to inspect mail-in ballots.  He did not disclose names of the witnesses, in fear they would be harassed.

Giuliani showed how the fraudulent mail-in-ballots were processed, from filling them out, to putting them into an inner envelope, then into an outer envelope and sealed before mailing.  Signatures on those 682,770 mail-in-ballots were never verified before being counted.

The former NYC mayor recounted more incidents of voter fraud during the press conference from the 220 affidavits that were filed.

Rudy Giuliani said he planned to file a lawsuit in Georgia on Friday.  Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger certified votes on Friday, Nov. 21, 2020.  Gov. Brian Kemp also certified votes in Georgia, making Joe Biden the winner.  Gov. Kemp did not endorse the results.  More

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Rudy Giuliani Plans to Launch Major Lawsuit in Arizona and Possibly New Mexico

Fox 10 Phoenix: . . . . . Giuliani also said that more lawsuits could be coming in Arizona and potentially New Mexico, where Trump trails Biden by nearly 100,000 votes. He also said a challenge could come in Virginia, where Biden leads by almost 500,000 votes, if they believe they could overcome that deficit. . . . . More

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Sidney Powell spoke after Rudy Giuliani.  She said we are dealing with massive influence Communist money through Venezuela, Cuba and likely China, in the interference of our elections in the United States.

The Dominion Voting Systems, the “Smartmatic Software” was created in Venezuela.  One of their strong witnesses knows how the Dominion Voting Systems software works.  This witness’ affidavit was attached to a lawsuit filed in Georgia by Lin Wood.  Calling it a stunning affidavit, Powell described the back doors built into the software which is designed to flipped a certain percentage of votes from one candidate to another, by using algorithms.

As an example, a Trump vote would be given a value of .75 while a Biden vote was a value of 1.25.  However, Trump was getting so many votes he had overtaken Biden’s lead.  That when the system was ordered shut down and the counting stopped.  When the voting software system was halted, their witness related, it was clear what was going on.

Dominion Voting System are known to be in 28 states during the 2020 election.  Sidney Powell gives more detailed information in “Full Press Conference” below.  Also check out American Thinker article on “computer system known to be defective is tallying votes.

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Full Press Conference – 11/19/2020

*Latest Breaking News

Sidney Powell Give More Interviews
Friday, Nov. 2o, 2020

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Sidney Powell interview on Glenn Beck Radio Show
Friday, Nov. 20, 2020
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