Central Banks Reveal Latest Scheme for Global Domination

Central Banks Reveal Latest Scheme for Global Domination

Harvey Schlanger of LaRouche PAC has published an assessment of the latest proposals for global finance by the central banking cartels. According to a recent report entitled ‘Special Memo: G7 Circus Diverts Attention from New Central Bankster Swindle,’ Mr. Schlanger investigates the true intentions of the global banking elites:

“The G7 nations engaged in a three-ring circus of obfuscation, while demonstrating a convincing display of their institutional policy bankruptcy, at their August 24-26 summit in Biarritz, France, where they sidestepped discussion of the real issues facing humanity, by avoiding any discussion of the single, defining matter before mankind: The irreversible bankruptcy of the entire London-run trans-Atlantic financial system.  While the circus was underway in Biarritz, the real agenda was presented quietly, without much fanfare or publicity, in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, on August 22-24.  There, at the annual meeting convened by the Kansas City Federal Reserve, a gang of central bankers and other financial swindlers called for a “regime change in monetary policy”, in a desperate attempt to keep their empire intact.  As described by the Schiller Institute President Helga Zepp-LaRouche, “The real story is that the Jackson Hole meeting declared a coup, what they themselves call a ‘regime change in monetary policy’.  They are openly demanding the issuance, by Central Banks, of ‘helicopter money,’ which would basically eliminate the last aspects of national sovereignty of governments, by giving the authority to the central banks to directly pump fiat money both into official state, but also private channels⁠—and naturally, this is also supposed to all finance the Green Deal.”  – LaRouche PAC

Mr. Schlanger goes on to detail some of the predictions Mr. LaRouche had made that have indeed come to pass, as well as some of the recommendations he had made previously to the central banks after the 2008 financial crisis when the bankers decided to double down on their agenda.

The bankers are essentially proposing a direct central bank take-over of government and a global digital ‘hegemonic’ currency. This currency of course would be tied to nothing, and the proposal seems eerily similar to the Libra initiative of Mark Zuckerberg,  head of Facebook, Inc.

The report continues:

“There were three specific proposals put forward in the last days which elaborate this intent:

1.) Bank of England Governor Mark Carney proposed, at Jackson Hole, the adoption of a “Synthetic Hegemonic Currency”, a “virtual” currency to replace the dollar, to be issued with no constraints by Central Bankers.  This would allow them to go far beyond Quantitative Easing (QE), zero interest rates and negative rates, to provide unlimited liquidity to bail out the worthless derivative and other speculative instruments, held on the books of the largest banks and financial institutions⁠—as well as by central banks⁠—to keep them at face value, so they could continue to be traded.  He specified that a virtual currency is needed, one with no connection to anything which is “physical”;

2.) A proposal from four economists from central banks, issued by Black Rock, which called for moving from “unconventional monetary policy [e.g., QE] to unprecedented policy coordination” by the central banks.  The call is for merging monetary policy, the domain of central banks, with fiscal policy, i.e., government budgetary spending.  This would mean that all functions of government would be in the hands of central bankers, a “Committee of Experts”, which would decide the volumes of credit created, and where it would go.  The credit would go obviously mainly to speculators, leading to an accelerated deindustrialization of advanced sector nations. This Committee would have the power to “put on the brakes” if they saw hyperinflation coming.  One opponent of this plan asked if these “Experts” would be the same ones responsible for the Crash of 2008, and the post-Crash policy of bailing out bankrupt financial institutions, while starving productive sectors of credit.  This plan is a straight-forward call for establishing a Global Banker’s Dictatorship;

3.)  A global Green Financial Initiative (GFI), which would channel all credit to so-called green technologies, to “decarbonize” the global economy, is central to these scams.  The GFI has the backing of leading City of London and Wall Street bankers, and is based on the fraudulent science behind “man-made climate change”.  It would further escalate not only deindustrialization, but attacks on mechanized agriculture, use of automobiles and airplanes, etc.  A prototype of this plan was presented by presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who called for $17.8 trillion in spending over ten years, to dismantle the energy and wealth-producing sectors of the U.S. economy, while funding “sustainable” boondoggles.” – LaRouche PAC

These proposals should terrify every freedom loving American. They would, by necessity, require the further centralization of power in both government and the private sector. They would also destroy what is left of local small businesses that would not be able to meet all the regulations and costs of competing with multi-national corporations. The central banking cartel, along with their interlocking corporate counterparts in the private sector are increasingly desperate as they lose control of the ballooning debt crisis their intentional negligence has caused.

This meeting of the central bankers occurred around September 1st of 2019. Just days later it was reported by The Epoch Times this: ‘Drones Strike World’s Largest Oil Processing Facility in Saudi Arabia’ on September 14th.

It was also reported on September 10, 2019 by ABS CBN News that investors with around $11 Trillion in assets were pledging to shift from fossil fuels to so-called ‘clean energy’: 

“Institutional investors holding assets worth $11 trillion have now pledged to divest from fossil fuel assets, a significant jump in the number committing to clean energy, a report said on Monday.

A growing number of investment and wealth funds have been looking to pull away from fossil fuels and shift to renewables, especially since the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change.

The $11 trillion figure was released in a report as part of the “Financing the Future” summit in Cape Town for advocates for investment in clean energy transition.

More than 1,000 institutional investors are committed to dropping fossil fuel assets, including wealth funds, banks, insurance firms as well as scores of city councils, universities, and religious organizations.

By comparison, institutional investors with holdings of $52 billion in assets had made the same commitment in 2014.

“We are seeing a clear shift away from fossil fuel investments in every sector,” said Clara Vondrich, Director of Divest-Invest, one of the report authors.

“Coal, oil, and gas assets are being recognized as toxic — not just morally due to the climate crisis but also increasingly financially.”

The $11 trillion figure represents around 16 percent of the total global equity markets in 2018, the organizers said, citing World Bank figures. 

Activists for fossil fuel divestment say it is one way to reduce carbon emissions by pressing investors to get rid of shares, bonds or other assets in those companies.” – ABS CBN News

For more information on Harvey Schlanger’s latest report on the central banks and their plans, please see his interview with Dave of the X22 Report below:

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