Chin Up, America! The Best Is Yet To Come

Chin Up, America! The Best Is Yet To Come

Today I heard from a relatively new friend on the topic of Covid, the distortion of information relative to the virus, and the much wider and more impacting topic of the oppressive, illegal strictures of our personal freedoms in the wake of the virus. She received a post enumerating all the differences and anomalies in the Covid stats and the whole litany of drastic rules and edicts imposed on the public, topped off with “Makes you wonder …”

A large portion of the American public had remained aloof to politics until President Trump began to demonstrate how a conservative administration would govern, by returning to the people opportunities and responsibilities properly theirs and never intended to be the pervue of the government. And the people began to flourish, start new businesses, and create better lives for themselves and their families.

Readers here have been following the overall upheaval taking place in our nation as the Left has grown ever more aggressive in their quest to move this Constitutional Republic toward collectivism. They thought they had rigged 2016 to put Clinton in the White House. The Patriots who elected Donald Trump to be their president, twice by the way, have thrown a monkey wrench into their plans. The Covid-19 so-called pandemic became the “Hail Mary” part of their plan. They HAD to stop him!

How does one explain all that and the various implications to someone you do not know very well, and in an e-mail no less? I’m betting you all have had similar conversations lately as people become more and more aware and puzzled. Largely in response to the pessimism implied in the message, I began to put thoughts to paper.

My eye is always first and foremost on the Swamp Draining and Stop the Steal operations. I’m one of those who was intrigued enough with the cryptic messages left by Q on an anonymous board beginning in late October 2017, to research into the material and have been following along ever since. There are answers to the questions posed there and plenty more questions to ask.

Everything explored by the message sent to you, I wrote my new friend, has been exposed and researched since then, some well in advance of the actual events. One further question to be asked … how is it that there are NO FLU STATS in that rundown? Is Covid just a different form of flu? Was Covid a “Wag The Dog” exercise pulled off by the WHO, CDC, NIH, several blue Governors, Mayors and others who may or may not have understood the game afoot? Why would such a scheme be perpetrated upon an unsuspecting public and worldwide? What was the goal? Obviously not just an increase of 57,641 deaths this year over last. All the other impositions on the public supposedly in answer to the crisis were critical to the plan. What plan, you might ask?

It’s a very involved scheme and so far has caused immediate and devastating loss of wealth, stability and business health followed by the attendant forced isolation, angst, psychological damage, and outright fury at anyone perceived to be involved. Simultaneously, it has done more to wake up the public to corruption in government than anything else so far attempted.

Our friend Maggie quoted in The Universal Spectator column very recently:

“Courtesy J. J. Sefton at Ace of Spades HQ. ‘A nation can survive its fools, even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within… for the traitor appears not to be a traitor… he rots the soul of a nation… he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist.’ —Cicero”

My friend’s response to the litany of stats is spot on from the ground’s level view. Pulling above it a bit, say 40K-foot level, can you see that the ‘bad guys’ have dashed headlong into the public space formerly occupied by Trump, the only effective obstacle in their path to Collectivism, practically tripping over themselves to do their worst? The difference today is that MILLIONS of Americans have finally become aware and awake, after four years of seeing a different way to a better world for us, and now they are seeing exactly how destructive and hateful the policies of the Left are.

Yes, that’s a glass half full estimate and a broader philosophical view, but it IS TRUE. What is also true is that the Left is stark staring terrified of Trump, still. His silence has them scrambling and bumbling into each other. They lost the second impeachment effort in the most insidious and visible way. Trump’s no longer president, but on President’s Day, citizen Trump in a SUV wearing a golf shirt, is cheered on by thousands and it’s watched by 502,000 people on RSBN. He’s teased that he’ll have more information soon and ‘the best is yet to come.’

The Left is practically rabid in response. Did you see Nancy sputter behind a mask at the House Impeachment team presser she crashed? McConnell is in so deep, he has no choice but to chastise Trump publicly when no statement was even called for. The Never-Trumpers have all swallowed their faces in frustration.

Never forget that all the Left’s moves since January 20 can be undone in 24 hours, and in the meantime, people nationwide are becoming more active locally and fighting against any implementation of the oppressive BS coming out of the unlawful administration.

There are plenty more indications that we are approaching a crescendo to this momentous time in our history. I’m glad to be alive still and hope I survive the excitement of the course correction BACK to the Constitutional Republic that was intended for a Free People in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

Remember that Patriots won their Independence with only one-third of the public in support. Today’s Patriots are easily more than half or more, and we actually know what we believe and why, and can make cogent, logical arguments for our case. I’d say, we have ‘em right where Trump wants ‘em and will strike when he judges the time and temperature is right.

And that’s what I have to say about that.

~~BK Masterson is a Patriot born six months before Pearl Harbor and has always been a Red White & Blue kind of girl! She is also Lead Editor on this newssite.

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15 days ago

And I am supposed to believe thet Biden beat this guy> Ha!