CointelPro, or How the Left Learned to Stop Worrying & Love Banks & Corporations

CointelPro, or How the Left Learned to Stop Worrying & Love Banks & Corporations

January 23, 2021 – Recently I was watching a video by Keith Woods called The Coming Neo Feudal Age, and it struck me how successful the CIA and FBI have been in mollifying the Left. Keith describes the pacification of the Left by banks and corporations following the rise of the Occupy Wall Street radical movement. This move principally turned them into useful idiots and tools for capital.

Keith Woods, The Coming Neo Feudal Age

Looking at the above graph from Mr. Woods video, it shows terms like “anti-racism,” “white supremacy,” and “fascist” coming into frequent use in the American media. This just happens to be around 2011, the same year that Obama began trying to crush the Occupy movement.

Frequency of words in MSM

Looking back historically at operations like the CIA’s Operation Chaos and the FBI’s CointelPro, we see that these were focused primarily on targeting the Left. They infiltrated leftist anti-war movements and radical groups.

The government infiltrated these leftist groups to change them, steering them into directions that would not be a threat to the ruling class. The goal was to crush their original aims, neuter the organizations and reduce them to shells of what they once were.

The banks, corporations and the ruling one percent seem to be the primary beneficiaries of Critical Race Theory and the concept of ‘wokeness.’ They are even calling this “woke capitalism,” exposing who is the hidden hand behind wokeness and CRT: the capitalists. This fact appears to be lost on the leftist who continues to act as the shock troops for the capitalist, while proclaiming to be against them.

Keith Woods explains that wokeness and CRT appear to be an operation to pacify the Left while at the same time scapegoating the white working class for the actions of the capitalist oligarchs, like colonialism and oppression.

To deflect the focus from the banks, multinational corporations and ruling oligarchs, the Left is being stirred to spiral constantly about “racism.” Stoking their rabid hatred of whites and conservatives serves their purpose.  Getting the Left to support censorship actually is aimed at removing the working class from the public square altogether. We can see this being played out with the recent de-platforming of Antifa on Twitter and the WSWS, the world socialist website.

The Left responded exactly the way the ruling class anticipated they would. By calling what happened at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th a “white supremacist fascist insurrection,” they failed to see it for what it really was, a working class revolt.

Mr. Woods posits that what we are witnessing right now is not actually a communist revolution, but rather the final form of capitalism: neo-feudalism. I think that he makes a really good point here, and I believe he is correct. This is not a classic communist revolution in the sense that there will be no “collective ownership” of property. In fact, we are seeing the opposite. We see the capitalist oligarchs consolidating power and buying up farmland (like Bill Gates) and acquiring small businesses for pennies on the dollar.

Describing this as neoliberalism, Woods says it is not communism. This is the government increasingly outsourcing emphasis and functions to the capitalist oligarchs. The Right has been erroneously calling this communism, while the Left incorrectly calls it “fascism.” Both have been targeted and manipulated to protect the capitalist class. Isn’t that interesting and telling?

Woods predicts this revolution will lead to a new neo-feudal era where the wealth gap between the rich and the poor becomes wider and wider. This is already happening during the lockdowns, with Jeff Bezos (Amazon) making $13 billion in one day, while the working class is losing everything — their homes, their small businesses and any savings they once had.

Woods claims that we are seeing folks turning towards religions and describes wokeness as actually a religion for the secularists.

He correctly points out that the left has been co-opted and pacified into doing the bidding of the bourgeoisie.

Claiming that capitalism is not actually the market, Woods says that the market existed before capitalism was put into place as a system. The leftist claims to be fighting the capitalists and wanting to overthrow them, but in reality they are merely doing their dirty work for them.

Woods says this late stage capitalism creates complex networks in which everyone is vying to keep and attract capital by removing regulation, making it easier for these corporations to siphon wealth and accumulate resources. This creates a winner-take-all power distribution. The internet can be seen as an example of a complex system resulting from capitalist globalism and Twitter is an even better example.

Woods states that we are witnessing the blending of public and private sectors but that our rights do not extend to the private sector. There now exist private equity and venture capital funds suing entire nation states, like Argentina, which are unwilling to get onboard with their program.

Woods points out that both parties, but especially the Left have been infiltrated and co-opted into fighting one another, overlooking the real power which is the capitalist oligarch. He says that western nations have become “post industrial,” meaning they no longer need or have any use for the working class. And let’s face, there is no more middle class.

USA Today recently published an article by a former leftwing activist who explains that implementing “identity politics” destroyed the Occupy movement:

The traditional left has the biggest beef with identity politics — although they might not have completely figured this out yet.

Complaining about ‘woke’ ‘social justice’ movements centered on racial, gender, and other identities has long been every conservative’s favorite sport. Ben Shapiro does it virtually every day. The heterodox writer James Lindsay has literally drawn up an entire line of flash cards breaking down the various contemporary left-wing meanings for terms like ‘racism.’ President Donald Trump — who once famously retweeted Lindsay — recently signed an executive order banning within the federal workforce the teachings of many forms of critical race theory, which assigns praise or blame to members of a particular race solely because they are of that race.

I lean right myself, in the interest of full disclosure, and recently wrote a critique of a major popular text of critical race theory, Robin DiAngelo’s best-selling ‘White Fragility.’

However, if anyone truly clashes with modern wokeness, it is the traditional class-focused left. The idea that race, gender, trans vs. ‘cis’ gender status, sexual orientation, and many other things represent unique identities which, one, can only be understood by those possessing them and, two, provide legitimate bases for political activism constitutes the tallest (was that ‘heightist?’) possible barrier to the creation of a unified and organized working class.

The Occupy movement gets co-opted

I have seen the effects of this fracturing myself. Not always a be-spectacled center-rightist friendly with both the Brooks Brothers, I was active with the 2011 Occupy movement early in graduate school.

Occupy Chicago, possibly the largest gathering of Guy Fawkes-mask wearing radicals outside Manhattan’s Zucotti Park, fell apart largely because of the endless bifurcation of members’ agendas. Whenever a task force of leading members was proposed to discuss some almost-consensus working-class issue like support for an increased minimum wage, the call would immediately come for a women’s task force. Then, what about a Black women’s task force? A Black gay women’s task force?  

Very often, 37 quarreling proposals about what to do would eventually be made, and nothing would ever get done. By the end, there actually existed a separate all-Black and minority version of Occupy, called ‘Occupy the Hood.’

This same sort of thing has derailed more than a few politicians running on a traditional class-based platform. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders consistently struggled to win over Black voters, to such an extent that Politico published several pieces about the problem. Sanders won only 14% of Black South Carolina voters to Hillary Clinton’s 86% in 2016; he performed similarly in 2020, and was largely knocked out of the 2020 primary by African American giant  Rep. James Clybourn’s professed support for Joe Biden. – USA Today

It is obvious that federal agencies, using another CointelPro style operation infiltrated the Occupy movement and used identity politics, or what today we would call ‘wokeness,’ to fracture and disable the movement from within. This was done to neuter the Left, so they could no longer effectively oppose the capitalist oligarchs.

A Guerilla Press article from 2013 outlined this same issue as well:

The problem is, in abandoning a broader sense of social justice for highly specific issue or identity-oriented activism (be it the plight of lesbians, gays, blacks, immigrants, women, etc.), the left has allowed itself to become splintered, isolated and largely ineffective. While the focus on these various ‘isms’ has certainly called much needed attention to the oppression of minority groups, the effort fails to critique the actual system of corporate capitalism which causes such oppression in the first place.

As Hedges observes in his 2010 book, Death of the Liberal Class, ‘Making sure people of diverse races or sexual orientations appear on television shows or in advertisements merely widens the circle of new consumers. Multiculturalism is an appeal that pleads with the corporate power structure for inclusion’ (p. 125).

Contemporary liberals have seemingly lost any sense of class struggle which Karl Marx correctly understood as the central root of all societal inequality and the great scourge of capitalism. The left has, in a sense, lost sight of the big picture. Identity politics has become an end in of itself.

Furthermore, by ignoring class entirely, identity politics erroneously lumps all members of a given minority group together, suggesting their political aims and goals are all the same. Contrary to the dictates of multiculturalism, one can be female, black or gay and still be part of the economic one percent. (Oprah Winfrey, Clarence Thomas, Barney Frank and ‘feminist’ scholar Anne-Marie Slaughter come to mind. Come to think of it… add President Obama to that list as well.) – Guerilla Press

Some leftwing activists noticed what was happening at the time, that they had been infiltrated, and were being steered into absurd forms of so-called activism, shifting the blame from corporate capitalists onto working class whites.

An article written by Dr. Stuart Bramall, “The CointelPro Rule of Left Gatekeeping Foundations” describes how corporate backed think tanks and foundations are steering the youth oriented leftwing movements:

The two most prolific contemporary writers regarding foundation funded Cointelpro-style counterinsurgency tactics are historian and journalist Webster Tarpley (in Barack H Obama: the Unauthorized Autobiography) and Australian-born academic researcher Michael Barker. A list and link to all Barker’s publications can be found on his website and blog at My sense, related to direct personal experience with foundation-funded ‘astroturf’ (see * below) and ‘counterinsurgency’ activity in the single payer movement, is that the domestic variant of left gatekeeping tends to rely less on CIA or other government funding than on direct right wing corporate funding.

Barker’s articles devote particular attention to the role played by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the US Institute for Peace, the Albert Einstein Institute, the Arlington Institute, Freedom House, the NED-funded Human Rights Watch, the International Republican Institute and individual philanthropists (for example, Bill Gates and George Soros) in ‘democracy manipulating’ activities overseas ( – Dr. Bramall

I think it is important for conservatives to understand that the Left has been sabotaged in the same way they have been. One leftist even asked on Reddit if Antifa was a CointelPro operation, claiming there is evidence that Antifa Germany is an intelligence run group.

Woke Capitalism proves the Left has been Co-opted

The rise of woke capitalism showcases how the Left has been co-opted and are now simply tools of the capitalist oligarchs and banks. I am not sure how they don’t see this, or why they don’t question why all the biggest corporations and banks promote their agenda.

The Black Agenda Report, a group of black leftists seem to understand this. They recently published a piece entitled “Woke Capitalism: The Poison Pill of Liberal Anti-Racism” that looks at these precise contradictions:

Woke Capitalism: The Poison Pill of Liberal Anti-Racism

Both capitalist parties, and members of the black misleadership class, intentionally play the game of racial politics in order to obscure and ignore issues of class and poverty.

‘The Democrat’s liberal anti-racism is that is completely detached from class and economic justice, and intentionally so.’

Right after Biden and Harris won the presidency by slim margins, hordes of ‘woke’ progressives of all colors – the majority of whom had rejected Bernie Sanders’ broadly appealing economic redistributive platform – began expressing complete shock on social media about the state of America and outrage at how 73 million ‘backward and racist’ voters (the vast majority of whom were white, including millions of white workers, but also yes, an increasing percentage of workers of color) did not cast their vote for establishment Democrat Joe Biden and instead voted for Donald Trump. 

Why would these self-righteous progressives (or liberal elites— depending on who you ask) expect rural working-class whites to vote for Joe Biden in the first place, a candidate who offered absolutely zero bold policies to improve their material lives or conditions? On the contrary, Biden was selling the status quo, corporate diversity and woke capitalism. He ran on a platform of ‘I’m a nice guy, and I’m not a racist like Trump.’  This seems akin to wondering why these rural voters didn’t just go to their local Barnes and Noble to purchase a copy of ‘How to be an anti-racist’ before the election.  The fact that liberals and progressives believed Biden and Harris could be the great racial exorcists to convert the hearts and minds of racist white workers speaks both to their arrogant naivete and to their deep lack of understanding of how the economics of racism work. – Black Agenda Report

They make the argument that the Left has been used by liberals on behalf of the ruling class elites. They claim that liberals have co-opted leftist activism against the ruling class and funneled into anti-racist activism that serves the purpose of making race relations worse. They understand and note that there are working class whites also, and that the Left has painted them as the “enemy,” when they are not. They claim that liberals are commodifying their cause and turning it into a product along with advertising schtick. Wokeness and woke capitalism are therefore simply an expression of corporate interests.

This is how the left learned to stop worrying and love the banks and corporations. We need to reach out to them and begin a dialogue. We actually share a common enemy seeking to exploit us for slave labor and suck up all our resources. We do not stand a chance against the corporate oligarchs while we are divided and fighting over nonsense.

I highly recommend every conservative watch the above video by Keith Woods, and listen to the whole thing with an open mind. I believe it is imperative that we understand the issues he outlines here.

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