Congressional News Letter

Congressional News Letter

September 2021

T0: All members of the United States Congress of either and any party:

On this 20th year since the attack of 9/11, 2001 which originated in Afghanistan and was directed, orchestrated and funded by a dangerous branch of crazed Islamists with the active assistance of Saudi Arabia (who was and remains fully aware of the consequences), we remember our fellow citizens who lost their lives in that tragic event. We also will always remember the two decades we spent fighting in Afghanistan which was ended so unbelievably stupidly and tragically by Mr. Biden and his woke and abysmally inept crew.

He (Biden) couldn’t possibly have done a worse job. Seriously, it appears to many that Chairman Xi had a hand in directing this debacle. You know, of course, that China now is occupying Bagram. Do you know the geography of Bagram? You should! Had we held it and flown our people out from there, the 13 young people murdered by the Tallys and their IS buddies would still be alive.

Departing out of Kabul, a downtown one-strip airport, surrounded by bearded whackos armed to the teeth who hate our guts was doubly and inexplicably stupid! There is not now and will not ever be any plausible reason or excuse for such an ignominious exit. The damage to our country is profound and permanent. What ally would trust us after such a performance? Biden has severely damaged America’s reputation.

We have stationed thousands of troops in Korea and Germany for 70 years, why in hell we couldn’t have stayed in Bagram will be a mystery for decades to come. To lose such a highly sensitive intel facility with all the weapons and equipment in such a highly dangerous location where timely information is crucial was stupid — maybe worse!

Over those 20 years, two generations of Americans were called on to fight a pack of 6th century murderous monsters but sadly, never allowed to win! This was exactly the same stupid play book Rules of Engagement (ROE) we employed for the 12 years of the Vietnam War. Both were extended needlessly, solely to keep the orders for war materials flowing in to the manufacturers. Don’t believe it — study the results!

In Vietnam, in case you didn’t know or were too young to care, America could have very easily invaded North Vietnam early on with no risk of China or Russia being involved and ended the conflict in a matter of weeks. Kissinger knew this. McNamara, Nixon and Johnson were clueless and General Westmoreland. Westy? Well, he was too busy counting corpses.

As a consequence, 58,000 or more young Americans were murdered in the process, billions in treasure wasted and our government lost all creditability — which it has never regained. The American people, in case you didn’t know, do not trust or believe anything coming from anyone in Washington including yourselves.

To expand a little on that, you should know that the word is out and has been from Day One that the vaccine doesn’t work and was, in fact, designed not to work. The number of people admitted to hospital who have been double vaxxed is far above those who never took the juice and getting worse by the day. Many thousands died soon after being jabbed. Many real authorities, (not crackpots like flip-flop Fauci) are saying publicly that all those who have been vaccinated with the spike proteins and graphene oxide etc., will likely expire in 24 to 36 months. We sincerely pray that such will not be the case and we’re sure you do to.

We all knew, also from day one, that the bat story was BS and that the PLA lab, with Fauci’s help and our money, concocted and spread the contagion as a deliberate act of bio-war. We know they were working it since 2000. It may surprise you that we also knew that the WHO, back in 2009, changed the definition of “pandemic” leaving off the bit about it having to be fatal to at least ten percent. Had they not, neither Government nor the crazed media could have gone about shrieking “PANDEMIC” 24/ 7 for the last 18 months.

There’s also the matter of Jan 6th. Where’s the $27 million for Ashli Babbett’s family who was murdered by a Capitol cop with no warning and no reason? The FBI says there was no planned take-over of Congress as some have tried to say. We know that the FBI and Antifa goons were leading the break-in trying to build some kind of false flag ops to deflect public opinion from the anger concern and worry most all Americans have over what’s obviously a stolen election. That American citizens are left in prison for trespass is insane, an abomination and a disgrace. You all should never have allowed this to go that far. Never! Get them out!

The issue of the 2020 election is never going to go away. The evidence of the rigging and theft is clear, persuasive and enormous. The Arizona audit and canvass alone condemns the results as a criminal operation. This is possibly the greatest, most treasonous crime in American history! The evidence of massive fraud cannot be ignored. The federal government today is illegal and to recognize the phony electoral result was criminal. The right thing to do would have been to set the election aside and fix the problem.

That the voting machines have modems buried in the motherboard is a fact. Any cell phone nearby with a “hot spot” can allow a connection to the internet — router or not. Don’t you think Maricopa County has good reason to not turn over the machines and routers to the audit committee? Obviously, they are hiding something incriminating!

The federal government, before accepting the obviously rigged, and at best, deeply flawed election results, should have foreseen how terribly divisive it would be to put Biden in the White House. Any ten-year-old, if the situation were explained, would have decided to overturn or re-run the election. Today, America is deeply and possibly permanently divided. The Democrat Party has lost all credibility and will be forever known as the party of despots and treasonous criminals.

The damage to our country Biden and his evil minions have done in only a few months is enormous and lasting. Flooding our country with millions of ignorant, uneducated, impoverished useless and needy people is a tragic crime. Allowing the endless waves of unaccompanied children and vicious gang members carrying tons of dangerous drugs is murderously criminal and a grotesque dereliction of duty — an abomination! How people can sit there cashing their paychecks whilst ignoring the gutting and destruction of our own country is incomprehensible.

Like any mystery, the truth will out. The 2020 Election audits are slow but the findings are momentous, profound and compelling. How you all will deal with it, I honestly can’t say. It’s a highly difficult problem that must be resolved. Ignore it at your peril. The courts had a chance and were frightened, probably threatened, and chose to hide. They may get a second chance and so will you. Choose wisely!

Robert J. Firth is an airline pilot with 42 years experience flying aircraft worldwide. Robert lived and worked many countries throughout his career, including 3 years in Vietnam, 5 in Africa and 12 in Europe and Russia as well as in Taiwan and HKK. Learn more here:







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