Day 3: Running Update Post on Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s SCOTUS Confirmation Hearing

Day 3: Running Update Post on Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s SCOTUS Confirmation Hearing

Posted by Maggie on October 14, 2020 in From the Editors

The third day of Democrat senators insisting on trying to step in their “recusal snag-trap” by asking her questions about cases somebody in her future position would be extremely irresponsible to directly answer, and then for the MSM to present it as “She failed/refused to answer any questions.”

First: A couple of footnotes to Day 2’s dog-and-pony show:

A longtime pal on Facebook noted very late last night (he’s in California, so, late for me at the time of his post)…

Just caught some of the low-lights, but my goodness. When you ask, ‘who is the dumbest person to ever stain a seat in the US Senate,’ why is the answer always Hirono? Also, that the Democrat Party selected perhaps the only individual on the planet less likable and less genuine than Hillary was again indelibly illustrated. Not sure there is any similar circumstance is US history where a VP candidate from a major party got their ass so resolutely kicked twice in the space of about a week. Kamala is an embarrassment. Finally, Corey Booker is no match for the note-orious ACB; she has seven children.

One of his followers replied: “Booker is a Rhodes scholar … earning an honors degree at Oxford (U.S. History). … Also, Stanford undergrad and Yale Law. Sorry, you were saying?”

To which I replied…

And on that note, both Lazy Mazie’s and Spartacus’ direct and asinine questions on Amy Coney Barrett’s possibility of “sexual improprieties” and “racism/white supremacy” were meant to insult and hurt her own family/children. Terrorists find it’s better to torture family members in front of their targeted subject in order to cause more pain on that actual subject. THIS is NOT how a hearing should be, and Democrats have proven at least twice recently (and twice with this particular individual who has sat before them in different nominations now) in this nomination process that they are not only incapable of doing these things as alleged educated and degreed career politicians and not like the decades and decades-long tax-dollars-sucking, self-serving swamp rats they are, but it proves that these hearings should end. Senators are more than able (if not willing, as we’ve seen with ACB) to one-on-one speak with the nominees in their own office(s).

These hearings have turned into drunken karaoke stage shows for these career politicians shuffling through and reading from their mountains of folders and notebooks … and middle/high school yearbooks. As we all learned in grade school, some of us in Nun-dictatorial Catholic grade schools, it doesn’t take many to ‘ruin it for everybody,’ and in these last couple of SCOTUS confirmation hearings the Democrats have done that.

Stephen Kruiser has very in-depth similar thoughts: So Much for Hoping That Democrats Wouldn’t Be Awful Filth During the ACB Hearings

And this morning I find my observations that many of those who stack our current U.S. Congress need to just retire already, are echoed by others in the social media world (usually safe this early in the morning because the rabble of idiots are still “sleeping it off” and not yet logged on).

One thing is very enlightening in these televised hearings. There is a very big chunk of senators, on both sides (and in both houses of the US Congress), that are way far from their “past due dates.”

Becca Lower of RedState shared this with me on Twitter and adds …

InfoGalatic: List of current United States Senators by age

That said, other observations about yesterday’s follies …

Jonathan Turley: The Barrett Confirmation: Questions and Answers (Day 2)

Dan McLaughlin: Sheldon Whitehouse’s Funhouse Math

Twitchy: CBS News caught selectively editing Amy Coney Barrett’s comments from 2016 on a SCOTUS vacancy in an election year

HotAir: Merriam-Webster Alters Definition Of Sexual “Preference” To Say It’s Offensive After Hirono Attacked Barrett For Using It

Twitchy: Mazie Hirono needs to have a heart-to-heart with her fellow Dems (and RBG’s ghost!) about offending the LGBTQ community


Today’s Senate hearing libations …

Tim Pearce: Support For Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation Ticks Up As Hearings Begin

Twitchy: Ted Cruz goes full ‘BEAST MODE’ on Sheldon Whitehouse, who couldn’t get out of there fast enough


Ben Shapiro: Democrats oppose Barrett because they want Supreme Court to be progressive super-legislature: Barrett wants the political branches of government — not courts— to make policy decisions

JIM DEMINT: ACB hearing shows the left does not allow Americans to disagree

~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permissions.

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