Democrats Gleefully Prepare The Genocide of Millions of Americans

Democrats Gleefully Prepare The Genocide of Millions of Americans

January 14, 2021 – The title of this article is not hyperbolic or dramatic; it is simply following what Democrats claim they are going to do to its logical conclusion. Students of history will recognize the moves being made by the establishment right now.  Compare their rhetoric to that of past communist coups and “revolutions,” all of which ultimately resulted in the deaths of millions of people at the hands of their own governments. If you were not a good little party member in Soviet Russia, they would fabricate evidence against you, come and arrest you, haul you in front of a kangaroo court, and then throw you into a gulag in Siberia where you would never be heard from again.

What do you think AOC means when she says “we need to liberate the south from racial, economic and social oppression?” Did she not just give the justification for the “north” or the government to invade the south to “liberate” it, in the same vein that we colonized “middle eastern” countries to “liberate” them? This is a preemptive move against any southern states or red states who have had quite enough of the tyranny, so that they want to secede from the Union. Make no mistake she has been given this script so that when the army invades the south and deposes Republican leadership like they did to Iraqi leadership, they can justify themselves by claiming they were “liberating” everyone. This should send a chill down the spine of all freedom loving Americans because your government essentially just declared war against you. This paves the way for re-educating the children of Republicans, which many Democrats and far left activists have openly discussed.

The left continues to lie about what happened at the Capitol on January 6, characterizing it falsely as an attempted “coup” and “insurrection” which is patently false. Not one Trump supporter even shot anyone when they occupied the Capitol. While there may have been a few bad apples there, most of the hundreds, maybe even thousands of people who attended the rally were peaceful. They are now being labeled domestic terrorists, losing their jobs and being put on no-fly lists. They are having their bank accounts closed, their ability to communicate shut down. This is paving the way to genocide them. If you cannot work, travel, have a bank account or speak out about what is happening to you, where does that end? How do these people feed themselves and care for their families?

The left, their allies in academia and the media spent the last four years gaslighting America about conservatives and Trump supporters. They spent every single day dehumanizing and demonizing their political opponents. This classic tactic by the left always leads to violence, once they have de-personalized their perceived enemies.

John Brennan, former CIA Director who voted for a Communist in 1978, is now advocating for eradicating millions of Americans.

The Democrats have learned much from their communist allies in China and make no mistake AOC’s “liberation” language is very much in the same vein.

AOC continuing to lie about what happened on the 6th, is now claiming there should only be one political party in America. This is always what communists do when they seize power, they immediately imprison their political opponents on trumped up charges including murder.

The Holodomor was a genocide orchestrated by Stalin, during which thousands of Ukrainians were literally starved to death.

I encourage our readers to look into each of these historical events, and especially the Chinese Cultural Revolution to understand what the left is trying or orchestrate now.

By taking away people’s rights to work, have a bank account, accept donations or have a voice, Democrats are preparing to systematically turn conservatives into second class citizens and create the conditions that will lead to their deaths.

The Democrats are now targeting Gab and Andrew Torba, with the Anti-Defamation League leading the charge and trying to get the Department of Justice to investigate them, without any due process.

Sadly the Republican Party will not stand up against the communist onslaught. Likely they will inform on others in an attempt to suck up to the incoming regime, not understanding they don’t care how much you inform on others they will still persecute you too.

These communists who pretend to be Democrats are openly talking about a genocide against Trump supporters and Twitter doesn’t censor their posts.

The Democrat-led hostile lockdowns are also part of their plan to mass starve and genocide conservatives, destroying their businesses and any independence from the state they once had.

Doctors and experts who are going against the mainstream narrative about “covid lockdown science” are censored by big tech and fired from their jobs.

Remember, in most cases, History is written by the victors.

Sadly this is the struggle we face in the future they are designing for us.

This is exactly what the Democrats and their allies in the media are gleefully attempting against Republicans and conservatives, as we speak.

Palmer Report, a leftwing outlet made clear, well before the events of January 6, that they intended to de-person conservatives.

We can see Antifa and BLM, the foot soldiers of the left, dressed in black block and taking over streets of cities, creating autonomous zones, but apparently that is fine.

The left can incite and pose threats of violence, without ever being censored.

The disgusting racism of far left “revolutionaries” has been a staple for decades. Susan Rosenberg, who bombed a federal building was pardoned by Bill Clinton and now is the treasurer of BLM.

Then there are the infamous “struggle sessions” employed by the Chinese Red Guard to enforce submission and compliance. Evidently this is all fine for the left to engage in, but if you dare stand for freedom and your civil rights you will be deeply punished.

Dlive, the alternative streaming platform many conservatives had moved to, has just demonetized our channel and seized $4,000 in donations from us. They gave us no warning and did not tell us what we did to incur this penalty. This is the latest attack on our ability to continue having a job. There is no free market or freedom anymore in America. There is no freedom of association. We have no more civil rights. They have stripped them from us one by one.

Now we face the potential holodomor against millions of American citizens … by their own government. Apparently we didn’t learn the lesson from history of the 150+ million people murdered by communism and their own governments in the 20th century alone. Evidently we need to go through that horror show again for it to sink in. May God have mercy and may Christ protect us in the dark winter to come.

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Daphawn Renee WILSON
Daphawn Renee WILSON
1 month ago

Hi Guys and Gals…they have been commiting Gen o c ide for many years. The obummerwants to killya care weaponized the medical care they get bonuses for it. Even before that the pharmaceutical industry has been loading our meds with toxic metals.. google me I have been fighing for my life for over 10 years after a work injury that… Read more »