Democrat's USSA: Don Winslow Calls for Secret Police to Imprison & Torture Conservatives

Democrat’s USSA: Don Winslow Calls for Secret Police to Imprison & Torture Conservatives

January 19, 2021 – A new chilling viral video by Don Winslow Films implores liberals to create an American version of the communist East German Stasi or the USSR NKVD and Cheka. While the video is intentionally vague and doesn’t outright demand the torture and mass murder of Trump supporters, it does demand a secret police organization, in the vein of the communist secret police that historically always has led to torture and murder. This video is a call to a totalitarian society under the predictable guise of “public safety” and so-called national security. President John F. Kennedy warned against the unwarranted use of national security as a subterfuge for criminal activity and then to cover it up. The video advocates for a nationwide network of “citizen informants” turning in to law enforcement and the FBI, Trump supporters and conservatives in general.

In just a few hours, the video has been boosted and amplified by Russiagate conspiracy theorists and has amassed millions of views. The comments section is disturbing, showing outright hate and supporting the mass murder and arrest of conservatives.

Caitlin Johnstone reports:

Any student of history examining the Soviet or East German secret police should understand that untold numbers of innocent people were imprisoned and tortured based on fabricated evidence. Many simply “disappeared” overnight. Thousands were murdered or died in prison. This is the mainstreaming of a full communist purge under the guise of “protecting society” and it’s designed to appeal to citizens who want to “do the right thing,” but are without understanding that their participation enables such mayhem.

This is how you pave the way for the justification of mass imprisonment and mass murder. This is exactly what Stalinists did, as did Pol Pot and many tyrants before them.

Calling your political opponents traitors and evil, literally half the country, is an attempt to incite violence against them. The language of dehumanization always precedes a genocide. They call for rooting out conservatives from society completely. Where do you think that leads? History and logic provides the answer: they would all be imprisoned or killed.

They are manipulating people’s desire to protect others and be “patriotic” by encouraging them to identify and inform on conservatives so they can be hunted down. Imagine! In one single effort, the left destroys two segments of society — corrupt some in betrayal, and eliminate the others, the enemy.

While Ms. Johnstone is not a believer in Q, she makes a great point.There is a leftwing version run by Lousie Mensch, but unlike Q, Ms. Mensch and her ilk call for violence and doxing.

Here we have the CIA acting as the hidden hand behind this new “war on domestic terror” which is really a war against dissenting opinions and freedom of speech, association and belief.

For all its bloviating about “hate speech” and protecting society, Twitter is allowing half the country to be openly targeted and attacked.

We stop Trump supporters from what? Being allowed to live?

Here are Democrats labeling a journalist as a “terrorist” for not being on board with their violent extremism. They lack the self-awareness to realize they are being violent extremists while claiming to fight violent extremists. This is peak clown (CIA) world folks, and they are not going to stop. The Democrats continue to whip up their base into a murderous frenzy. If you doubt that is the message being sent to the far left, think again:

Far left activists are already feeling emboldened to plan kidnapping and murder plots against Trump supporters.

Root out all Trump supporters from every level of society they say.

They are calling for a civil war against Trump supporters.

This Twitter “blue check” is calling for people to “fight” Trump supporters to “save the country” from those he deems racist.

What he’s really saying is that all Trump supporters should die.

This is exactly what this man is doing and it’s reprehensible. His call to action will be seen by the far left as a call to violence against anyone who isn’t a far left extremist. Even more grave is how much mainstream support his vile message is getting. Twitter has amplified it and allowed it to trend.

The Democrats are looking to turn America into a version of China or the Soviet Union. At its peak, one in every 30 people in East Germany were agents of the Stasi and they investigated every third person in the population. Is this what we want in America?

Andrew McCabe illegally spied on American citizens, and then compares them to ISIS.

History does indeed repeat itself. However these violations of American rights have never been part of our history. But if we don’t wake up fast, we may find ourselves quickly repeating the most repressive and bloody episodes of world history.

Hopefully people will wake up to this, before too many lives are lost. The Democrats have no intention of unifying the country. They are openly calling for mass reporting and informing on conservatives and some are calling for outright murder. Former CIA and FBI like Sue Gordon and Andrew McCabe are calling conservatives terrorists like ISIS. Does that justify their murder? What did we do to ISIS? Wipe it out? That is what the Democrats are calling for, under the pretense of words like “rooting out” and “cleansing.” What they really mean is murder. All Americans need to understand: that is their end game.

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Bill F Eger
1 month ago

Great article, thanks for all the hard work you do don’t ever give up 👏 👍 👌 🙌