Does Jared Holt Have Blood On His Hands?

Does Jared Holt Have Blood On His Hands?

According to his own distorted logic, Jared Holt of Right Wing Watch must have blood on his hands in the wake of the mass shooting that just occurred in Dayton, Ohio. From the Ralph Retort on Twitter:

Another person commented:

“So, by Jared Holt’s own logic, not only did he seemingly inspire a mass murderer IN REAL TIME, he also went back and tried to delete the evidence that proves his connection to the heinous act. Is this an example of the famous journalistic ethics I’m always hearing so much about?!” – Ralph Retort

Its also recently come to light that the FBI has previously been accused of targeting a mentally ill schizophrenic man to try to frame as a ‘right wing extremist’ and whose parents say used a paid confidential informant who was a drug dealer:

“This is nowhere near the first time the FBI has been accused of exploiting the mentally ill by manufacturing terror plots and then stepping in later to “solve” them. In 2014, a report from Human Rights Watch identified that tactic as one of the agency’s favorites when it comes to carrying out counterterrorism stings.” – The Intelligencer

So do the FBI and people like Jared Holt have blood on their hands for the violence we see in American society today?

Unfortunately while I personally would like to say yes he does unlike Jared, I don’t believe in blaming crimes on people who did not directly participate in those crimes. It’s not part of the American way of life and system of justice which provides us due process and the understanding of personal responsibility for criminals.

Let us know what you think…

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