Dogwhistle for Violence?

Dogwhistle for Violence?

WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Trump made a statement Monday morning, August 5, 2019, about the weekend shootings in El Paso and Dayton. His remarks were somber and carefully worded. The President called out white supremacists. He used words like “wicked”, “monsters”, “demented” and “contagion” to describe the cowardly nihilists who took the lives of so many. Mr. Trump encouraged Congress to strengthen laws and called out the role violent video games may play in recent mass shootings. The President indicated that officials are working cross-border to solve gun violence problems and pointed to better mental health signals by having local authorities work with the FBI for better early detection. (Watch the entire statement here.)  The President presented commonsense solutions that reasonable people should consider.  However, rather than respond in a bipartisan way, toxic social media users and the platforms that promote them, triggered an immediate attack against the President.

#WhiteSupremacistInChief became the top trend in the United States after the President's message

#WhiteSupremacistInChief became the top trend in the United States after the President’s message

On-line operatives quickly swarmed Twitter to claim the President’s statements were a dogwhistle to his racist followers. So many responded this way, using the hashtag #WhiteSupremacistInChief, that this became the #1 in ‘trending’ in the United States. Was this trending movement online organic, or authentic? Did Twitter promote the hashtag as an in-kind contribution for their own corporate interests? If so, why can they not hear President Trump’s sincere words? Has their hatred deafened their ears?

After listening to the President’s speech, did you hear racially coded, or supremacy-charged language? I didn’t. reported last week that Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave a speech right before the House took their annual August break and swanned off to Italy (listen to the speech.)  Jokingly emphasizing phrases like “making August too hot to handle,” begs the question: to what was she exactly referring? If Congress is not in session, what activities could Pelosi direct to “force” the Senate to address House bills? Could her language be a signal to launch domestic terror attacks? Just how coordinated are the deep state, media and terrorist assaults on our homeland? Who pays for it? Was Speaker Pelosi using keywords, or trigger words, that call for action? She waved her fist quite a bit.

To get beyond the contradictory stories of multiple shooters at the Texas mall, or to get past speculation that these young shooters all fit the same profile, we can look at those groups who are professing to commit acts of terror.  Did corporate media ignore the red flag warnings when ANTIFA announced they would converge on the El Paso area days before the violence?  Is ANTIFA responsible for the shootings?  Another odd question is why did Democratic Presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke react to the shooting in El Paso by laughing? How did local law enforcement determine the shooter posted a Manifesto if 8Chan is anonymous? How did they find the so-called Manifesto so quickly? Or did that info come from the FBI?

Americans need to escape the echo chambers and consider listening to other possibilities. Mr. Trump’s speech on Monday, August 5,2019, offers incremental compromises to gun issues. Most will admit that there are far too many dead Americans on our streets every week, not just on these media frenzy, mass shooting events. Few of those I’ve talked to in conservative circles follow Speaker Pelosi and missed her speech calling for action in August.  Timelines clearly show that signals for violence preceded the heinous weekend attacks; timelines which come not from President Trump, but from those aligned in opposition.

Intelligence bulletins continue to circulate about the dangers of attacks here at home. Even with warnings that August would be “hot” we Americans tend to wave off danger. That could prove to be a deadly mistake.

Terrorist groups continue to inspire, enable and direct their followers to spread chaos using homemade weapons and by striking soft targets and crowded places. They also remain focused on conducting more sophisticated attacks using conventional weapons as well as new technologies and tactics. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is committed to staying a step ahead of our enemies, and an informed and vigilant public remains one of the Department’s greatest assets in protecting the homeland.

We must be on alert. If we see something, we must say something. Better yet, take video and share it widely if you suspect something unusual. Otherwise, most will continue to turn to corporate media narratives during times of crisis.

We must listen more to the opposition. Vigilance includes reviewing what our political opposition has to say so we can best defend ourselves.

We must work together. Patriots can come together to share information. Be prepared to show your work.

If you have video pertaining to the El Paso shooting, the FBI has asked that you upload your video here.

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