The Mad Scientist: The Curious Case of Doctor Charles Lieber

The Mad Scientist: The Curious Case of Doctor Charles Lieber

April 1, 2020 – While investigating the origins of the Coronavirus outbreak, I came across the arrest of Dr. Charles Lieber. My previous article, “A Smart Virus” looks at his connections to China and Jeffrey Epstein. Charles Lieber was the chairman of Harvard’s Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology. He was indicted in January 2020; you can read the indictment in full here. Who is Dr. Charles Lieber? Did the Obama Administration and Harvard University know about his China work? Harvard claims they didn’t know, but how can we be sure? Did the Obama Administration use Lieber to help China create a biological first strike weapon?

Is this somehow connected to Aaron Swartz also? Let’s examine some of the data and see if we can answers some of these important questions.

Things to Ponder

In the months before his arrest, what was Dr. Lieber doing? Investigative journalist Maryam Henein looks at some of the strange goings on with Dr. Lieber:

This seems to suggest there was major concern about potential leaks of chemicals in the area and that Dr. Lieber is more than just a professor. We have also learned he was involved in creating “virus sized transistors.”

Was Charles Lieber assisting China with the weaponizing of, perhaps not the virus, but of the “vaccine” that will be used to treat it?

Looking at the indictment, we learn something key about Harvard. They have a Joint Nano Key Lab with the Wuhan University of Technology or WUT:

Swartz Connection?

I think the scandal here is within the universities, like Harvard, MIT and others, knowingly engaging in unethical research and working with foreign adversaries and oligarchs in exchange for money and endowments. According to Dr. Leonid Horowitz, in an article entitled “Deep State Coronavirus, Jeffrey Epstein and Harvard University,” so much more than meets the eye is going on:

This important article links Deep State agents Jeffrey Epstein, closely tied socially, financially, and in the intelligence community to Bill Gates, together granting millions of dollars in funding to Harvard and MIT’s black op genetic engineering ‘Media lab’ projects, to the 2019 Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan.

What is not mentioned by the author, although sought, is the overall purpose of the associations and outbreak.

The overall objective of the Wuhan coronavirus is not simply profitable depopulation and vaccine marketing.

Based on evidence advanced by Johns Hopkins University’s related investments in ‘growing’ brain nerve cells to advance higher forms of human consciousness, genetically, evolutionarily, and pharmaceutically, is detailed in The Ayahuasca Death Cult:  The Psycho-Spiritual Delusion (subtitled ‘Drug ‘Therapy’ for Depression or Mind Control for Profitable Transhumanism’).

The main objective is to evolve the human race to interface with the Deep State’s advancing information technologies (IT) utilizing 5G and the Cloud, and the Silicon Valley’s most promising ‘PROMIS’-like software, for optimal permanent control over civilization.

Therefore, we are republishing this important article, as this intelligence ties the Deep State’s evolutionary biology technology, advancing novel viruses that alter the human genome  (and facilitate genetic transformations and media intelligence operations promoting Big Pharma’s drugs and vaccines) to the transhumanism movement that generations starting now will integrate by demonic imposition…

…However, he has been involved in previous research to use nanotechnology to detect small viral particles in humans.

Most oddly though, if you try to search Charles Lieber’s Google Scholar page (basically a page where you can find all scientific articles and books authored by a researcher), his page just went dark. It shows up in the Google search results, but says ‘No information available for this page’.

I kid you not, his Google Scholar page went down as I was writing this post. When you try to click on it, it strangely links you to the Google Scholar page of some completely different person.

In my mind, these are a series of very strange coincidences that seem to be interconnected.

As the redditor of the first link I posted put it, what are the odds that the new coronavirus that is now making world news just so happened to come out of the same place that the Chinese just set up their first BLS-4 lab a few years ago that also just so happens to be a place where researchers are studying coronaviruses?

What are the odds that, again, just in the last several hours, one of the most prominent scientists at Harvard was arrested for setting up a secret lab in Wuhan, China?

Also, why was Jeffrey Epstein giving heaps and heaps of money to researchers at Harvard studying synthetic biology and genetic engineering, who had the means to systematically alter cells or viruses – people receiving money from secret defense agencies such as DARPA and IARPA – and stated himself he was interested in modeling the evolution of viruses.

We need to look into these things further. Even if the Epstein-Church-Nowak part of the conspiracy doesn’t link to the Lieber-Wuhan Coronavirus portion, these two segments stand well on their own and I feel that despite having more of a background in nanotech instead of bioweapons, Liebers arrest for secret lab in Wuhan while the coronavirus problem continues to explode is just too much of a coincidence.

Why would someone getting $10 million plus from U.S. funding agencies go through the hassle of setting up a secret lab in another country and risk his entire life’s work for less money. What was he doing there exactly? – Dr. Horowitz

Dr. Horowitz indicates that Harvard and MIT Media Labs were being used for ‘black op’ genetic engineering. Is this part of what Aaron Swartz had discovered? Swartz, an internet activist and pioneer, had been ruthlessly and aggressively pursued by the Obama Department of Justice for allegedly hacking the servers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to steal millions of files from an online library of academic journals, culminating in his suspicious death. Swartz had been an outspoken man. He was a prolific reader and writer and would often post his musing on his blog where he had amassed quite a following, so it was suspicious when he was found hanging with no “suicide” note. Colleagues and friends have suggested there was more to the story. Some researchers believe he came across information when he hacked into the MIT servers that he shouldn’t have. That information may have been evidence of a “pedophile ring being run by MIT founder Nicolas Negroponte” although that is merely speculation at this time. It also could have been evidence of black operations being conducted in the area of genetic engineering. Whatever he found, it was enough for the Obama regime to go after him full bore.

Nanotechnology & Mind Control

Investigator TMC has been looking into some of the Legal Patents that Dr. Lieber had filed and some of the things he worked on recently.

This 60-Minutes episode examines the not-so-good doctor and his work.

Dr. Lieber was bragging about being able to use nanotechnology for mind control purposes which brings us back to Jeffrey Epstein and why he and other oligarch/spies would be funding these universities and scientists to the tune of millions of dollars. If you are a pedophile sexual predator, it helps being able to mind control your victims.

This video goes into some of the nanotechnology Lieber worked on:

This man claims this relates back to and is connected to what happened at Fukushima, as well as information relating to the Aaron Swartz and the MIT episode.

Final Thoughts

While this exploration only barely scratches the surface regarding Dr. Charles Lieber and the work he was doing, we have learned enough to know that his case is much more far reaching than it’s being portrayed in the media. Many universities and companies have been caught collaborating with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), yet there appears to be a virtual media blackout on the news story. Is Lieber responsible for the current Coronavirus? We cannot say for sure but the evidence does appear to be mounting.

China appears to have majorly infiltrated our academic, government and information technology sector and have seriously compromised our critical supply chain, creating a serious National Security issue. Freedom Watch has filed a class action lawsuit against the CCP for releasing what they claim is a bio-weapon. That could explain why the initial COVD-19 briefings were classified and why certain aspects of Continuity of Government have been engaged, setting the country on its current war-footing. We must ensure that something like this can never happen again in our country.

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bill gates and his ife needs to be out on trial for crimes aganst humanity/ milatary tribunal

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