DUMBs For Dummies 101

DUMBs For Dummies 101

By: Eric Nottelling

Deep Underground Military Bases

Spoiler/ Caution – Herein you will be exposed to hard science and facts regarding tunneling in the Earth. If you prefer to remain in delusion you should read something else. The choice is yours and yours alone, and will be respected either way.

My intention is NOT to debunk DUMBs, but to bring physics and science into the discussion. This is DUMBs 101, not an advanced course in engineering. If you are a geological engineer you will find this material too rudimentary, and should probably look for a more advanced material to study. Also we will NOT pursue an undergraduate study in physics here – only briefly touch on the math and keep the equations very simple.

Welcome to DUMBs for Dummies 101.

We hope you will enjoy reading this freely presented material. The primary purpose of this document is to assist you in setting your mind free from delusion. Currently in the United States many persons have fallen under a fog of delusion regarding Deep Underground Bases. I have encountered many such unfortunates on the internet espousing outrageous claims about geology and seismic activity as reported by the United States Geological Survey (USGS). Such persons are welcome to continue in ignorance if that is their wish, and should not be condemned or ostracized. But their outrageous claims should be contested with the hard proven facts provided by science so others participating in discussion can make informed decisions about what is true and what is false. These Delusions might not be confined to the United States either, such hysteria could be catching worldwide.

A little background first about DUMBs. The acronym seemed to spring into our group consciousness fairly recently, though the discussion, and actual physical presence of very real Deep Underground Bases has been well documented for decades. Cheyenne Mountain comes to mind immediately.

The Cheyenne Mountain Complex is a military installation and defensive bunker located in El Paso County Colorado next to the city of Colorado Springs at the Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station. Also in Colorado Springs is Peterson Air Force Base where the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and the United States Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) headquarters are located.

The complex is built under 2000 (610m) of Granite on 5 acres.

Take note of the depth. The facility was built to withstand a 30 megaton nuclear blast within 1.2 miles (2km). There are many special features, for instance the blast doors, and structures within the complex which are designed to adsorb the shocks of an earthquake, or a shock from a nuclear blast. It is self-contained, with its own power plant, has the ability to filter air from all known contaminates, and has its own water supply. Actually a short read on this facility impresses. I would encourage further reading.

Mount Weather is another facility much like Cheyenne Mountain. Undoubtedly there are more. These bases are deep underground military bases. They are deep enough to withstand a direct nuclear explosion, and deflect an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attack.

But these aren’t the DUMBs you were looking for, were they?

The common, sadly VERY common belief, on the internet, is that the United States is crisscrossed with tunnels, and these connect to huge underground cities, tens of miles in depth, even deeper by some pundits. And here in these subterranean environs pedovores traffic in children, raping and enslaving them. Additionally a war is being fought underground, and the earthquakes we feel on the surface are the detonations as these tunnels of horror and death are collapsed. Additionally some say the two hospital ships the Comfort and the Mercy, one previously in New York City and the other previously docked in Los Angeles were being used to aid the poor children as the good guys, (the white hats) bring them to the surface following their confinement in the DUMBs subject to rape, torture, and … wait it gets even more unsettling — Adrenochrome harvesting. Let’s break this down.

Pedovore is a slang term to describe a certain class of pedophile who preys on children. I am not knocking the use of the slang. Go for it. It sort of implies that these pedophiles kill the children, not just prey on them sexually. I might go even farther to say they eat them and are cannibals, but opinions vary. I do not dispute this has happened with alarming frequency throughout human history. Also our species has certain fixations and obsessions with occult ritual, a sort of demented religiosity which has involved child sacrifice.

Endrenochrome is a substance which is produced by the oxidation of adrenaline. The hypothesis in vogue is that children when brought to point of mortal terror before death produce quantities of pure adrenochrome, which is then harvested from the pineal gland. This results in death of course. The child harvested adrenochrome is greatly prized by the global overlords and their underlings, and is traded among their evil societies. Then enter child organ harvesting, and George Soros on his eighth child heart, twelfth child liver and fourth set of child lungs … I am not here to dispute any of this, but I would maybe someday be compelled to write about adrenochrome synthesis in a laboratory versus collected from mortally afraid child. Data is lacking on the latter. And I won’t care to have it either. This is called dropping a turd in the punch bowl. Psyop operatives, active in the alternative media have put out these claims, for which there is no evidence, to discredit the very real issue of child sex trafficking and blackmail operations like the one Jeffrey Epstein was running. This is the reality of the situation. When people are researching serious crimes against humanity, those criminals who participated in or benefited from such crimes have a vested interested in putting out disinformation seeking to discredit those getting close to the real story. Such is the case with the very real epidemic of child sexual exploitation. We owe it to the victims not to fall prey to such false narratives and to do our due diligence and present our findings in a professional manor.

However, here we are Drilling Down on DUMBs.  Focus. Complete sentences. “Drilling down” pun intended. 

So the general current hypothesis by a large group of internet users is that the U.S. Navy Hospital Ships, Mercy and Comfort, were being populated with recently freed child slaves from deep underground. How deep? VERY DEEP. And the White Hats are very busy down there detonating tunnels, and causing earthquakes. Huge cities of pedovores are being slaughtered by the thousands? Millions? And their subterranean cities are then detonated and collapsed. Those explosions are the earthquakes the USGS was picking up. The earthquake in Utah figures very large in this discussion. We will be taking a look at that very shortly.

No discussion of DUMBs would be complete without entering the Reptilians. Reptilians are a hypothetical alien species who have a taste for human flesh. Our scaly overlords reside in the DUMBs also with the human pedovores who are sort of slaves/or lower caste to the Reptilians. They serve the Reptilians bring them fresh humans to eat. And the Reptilians in turn allow the pedovores to continue to live and abuse children. I am sorry … I just … lol. When I read what I wrote … a psychologist would have a field day with it. Psychology majors and potential college graduates could write their thesis on this. Okay. Bear down and concentrate.

It is like reading L. Ron Hubbard’s science fiction.

Okay.  A little respect. There are people who SWEAR they have encountered reptilians. People who tell stories about their lives underground, or their escape from the pedovores. I will keep the whole alien race thing on the back burner just in case. I just had to give you a primer on the back story for the DUMBs. Do your own diligence. There is PLENTY of it out there if you look.

Let’s bring some refreshing science to bare on these speculations (read that: delusions).

Currently the deepest reported mine in the planet earth is called the Mponeng Gold Mine. It is still in operation, and has reached a depth of 4km. That is 2.48 miles. The temperature of the rock reaches 66C (151F), and the mine pumps a slurry ice underground to cool the tunnel air to below 30C (86F). To keep those super-temperatures from becoming deadly, this ice-slurry mixed with salt is pumped down from the surface, and huge fans then blow air over the ice, forming a controlled cold-air system within the mine—its own internal weather system. The above-ground ice-making plant goes through 6,000 tons of ice a day. Ultimately, this means that many of the tunnels can be kept at an almost bearable 86 degrees.

A mixture of concrete, water, and rock is packed into excavated areas, which further acts an insulator. Tunnel walls are secured by flexible shotcrete reinforced with steel fibers, which is further held in place by diamond-mesh netting, and bolted to the walls and ceiling.  This use of shotcrete and netting is a common theme in deep mines. Shotcrete is a special concrete that is sprayed on the rock. Why bother with the shotcrete mixed with steel fibers, and the steel netting bolted into the walls and ceiling? At this depth traditional cave-ins are just one of a miner’s worries. The pressure in the rock is so great that pieces of rock literally spall explosively from the walls. It is like shrapnel from a grenade. The shotcrete and steel netting slows down the exploding rock fragments. Did you note the temperatures? This was at 2.5 miles in depth. And it is this author’s sober belief that is as deep as man has gone.

So let’s take a look at the speculation that the earthquakes of late are collapsing DUMBs. Most of the data we get about the quakes comes from the USGS. One of the latest large earthquakes was the 5.7 that hit the Salt Lake City area. People on one of my favorite chat sites breathlessly reported it was a collapsing DUMB, and that the aftershocks were the tunnels caving in as the battle to save the children continues, while they hunt down the militant pedovores in the dank enclosures. I’ll post a screen shot of the shake map. And following that I’ll pull it up on the USGS list and highlight it there for you to see the evidence of the collapsing DUMB. Then we’ll take a look at it.

Below is the view I usually get over at USGS. I click past seven days or 30 days and “all earthquakes” or “Magnitude 2.5+.” Normally there are swarms of quakes centered around several geologically active areas of the United States. Coso CA, Geysers CA, and Anza CA. Coso and Geysers CA are the site of geothermal energy production, they inject water into deep wells, and it explodes into steam fracturing the rock. The Anza area has had an ongoing swarm for years in that general region, probably related to a similar natural process on a natural Fault. We watched a swarm take place in the Sheldon Antelope Refuge Area of Nevada a couple years ago. I swore we’d see an eruption. There were THOUSANDs of earthquakes, but the eruption never happened.  Brawley CA had an event like that also a couple years ago. Again I swore we’d see an eruption. The magma is shallow there, but it never happened. These swarms are probably very hot rock reacting with ground water, they could even be molten rock injecting into layers of sediments. We have seen swarms of quakes around Yellowstone of course, the endless fracking incidents in the Midwest, the New Madrid fault. The list is pretty huge. But according to some, these and more are tunnels collapsing. I will challenge that.

Notice the buttons on the side bar of the image. The next image I will zoom in on the Salt Lake area and highlight the “big one” 5.7 and a dialog box will appear in the lower left corner with the stats for the quake. In this case to narrow the field, I toggled 30 days, and 4.5 magnitude or greater.

Here in this image taken from the USGS site you can see the bottom of the Great Salt Lake, the three latest earthquakes that registered over 4.5 in magnitude, and the dialog box for the one I highlighted, the 5.7. I want you to take interest in the depth. It reads 11.9km. In miles that is 7.39 miles.

Now we can do this with nearly every earthquake in the United States. I am not going to totally trash your speculations, but I am going to put a limit on them with the immutable laws of physics. Later I will show you a list of earthquakes that could still qualify as collapsing DUMBs … first the bad news …

There is a thing on planet earth called the geothermal gradient. It is pretty much consistent worldwide with a few exceptions that could favor your hypothesis, generally the exceptions further limit your speculation. The earth rises in temperature 30C/km with increasing depth through the lithosphere. What this means for an earthquake which is 11.9km in depth, the temperature down there (where the DUMB collapsed) would be 30C x 11.9  or  357C.  I am giving you a “Winter” ground temperature of 0C for a starting point also, losing essentially 30C out of the gate. 357C converted to Fahrenheit is 674.6 F. Here’s the math — 357°C × 9/5+32 = 674.6°F.

I am sorry to break the news to you, but your Reptilian’s skin would burst into flames at 674F. This is hotter than setting your oven to “Clean”, and those little kiddies they are eating would be charcoal by the time they got them down there.

And guess what folks? That Utah quake was a fairly average event as far as depth goes.

Another of the latest big ones was 70 KM West of Challis Idaho. It came in as a 6.5 in magnitude. Anyone want to guess the depth? 10KM. What is the temp down there? It’s an easy one — 300C. What is that in Fahrenheit? 572. Now we are down to oven cleaning temperature. Yippee! Do you see where I am going with this?

Now there are exceptions to the average geothermal gradient. Near subduction zones it increases, but in a subduction the gradient decreases, on the sea floor it increases greatly, and under Antarctica it would decrease. But, even there, tweaking the numbers in your favor slightly isn’t going to help much at 10KM in depth. Your best bet would be to build the DUMB in a region of active subduction to ride the cool surface rock down into the mantle. But maybe not because of torsional stresses and seismic activity. I digress.

Let’s have a brief discussion about Pressure — Namely Lithostatic Pressure. And the main part of the discussion will center around a thing called Rock Burst. Lithostatic pressure is the weight of all the rock above a tunnel that is pressing down on the opening with the extreme force. These pressures are a concern even at very shallow depth. Miners have learned over the centuries to mitigate the effects of Lithostatic pressure with tunnel design, and supports. While mining at shallow depths loose rock in the ceiling is usually pried down with a steel bar, and the rock is removed — mucked out from the work space. Some tunnels take a cathedral shape to better distribute the weight of the rock bearing down from above. Often following a pay streak, vein, or “reef” of valuable minerals, a span of unsupported ceiling develops. This can be most easily solved by back filling the space behind the miners. Very often timbers are used, cribbing is common, and often pillars of stone are left to bear the weight. We are all familiar with this. It is of some interest to this author seeing photos from deep in the South African gold mines, even the very bottom of the Mponeng, stout wood timbers hold the roof secure while miners drill and muck.

The Pressures at depth are phenomenal. In very deep mines like the Mponeng the walls of a tunnel experience Rock Burst. The pressure is so great that the walls spall explosively. I’ll include a link to a New York Times article on predicting Rock Burst in deep mines. Within the article are reports of the Rock “talking” to the miners before an explosive rupture. And the phenomenon of the rock shooting splinters before a failure is also discussed. Various sounds within the earth are reported, groans, booms, and cracking noises.


The pressure of the overburden can be calculated with precision. The equation is beyond the scope of this article, but readily available with an internet search for “Lithostatic Pressure.”

Okay I have covered the two most obvious barriers to Deep Underground Military Bases- Pressure and Temperature. We should now briefly look at a couple other details before we examine what is Possible in regards to DUMBs.

One of the things I like to ask when engaged in a discussion about DUMBs is — where are the tailings? When mining and creating tunnels, tailings pile up near the entrance of the mine. When considering tailings it should be taken into account the expansion of the material when it is brought to the surface. Underground the rock is compressed and dense, there are few air pockets. When the rock is broken up and brought to the surface it occupies more volume. Tailings piles are difficult to conceal.

Another thing to take into account is the enormous labor force required to dig a tunnel. Even with a boring machine a huge team of workers is required to maintain and operate the machine.

Speaking of boring machines, they aren’t wonderful for boring tunnels through very solid and dense rock like Granite, Gabbro, or Gneiss. Boring machines really shine when tunneling through soft shallow sedimentary materials. And a boring machine isn’t the end to all problems; they also generate tailings and require massive amounts of energy.

Another detail to consider is water. Mines often have to pump enormous amounts of water from the earth to keep from flooding. Terrible mining accidents have occurred historically because of water. Nearby to my home is a memorial to several dozen lost miners when a lake drained into the tunnel they were working in. Very few made it out alive. When considering Cheyenne Mountain, and it is worthy of consideration, keep in mind that it was dug into a mountain at elevation from the valley below. Gravity makes water easier to deal with in such cases, but when driving a tunnel through the flat sedimentary layers below the water table in the plains, pumps are going to be a requirement.

One last thing to consider is gas. Methane gas is another very real danger for the miner. Keep this in mind when proposing driving a tunnel between a couple large cities out in the Midwest. The answer might seem to be tunneling below the sedimentary layers into the metaphoric basement rock, but again, consider the depth. The sedimentary stack in the Midwest is deep. Methane isn’t the only problem, Radon presents a very grave danger also.

Okay, we covered most of the problems regarding DUMBs. This now allows us to look at What Is Possible. Remember, I am not de-bunking DUMBs, just applying some well-established facts to the discussion. DUMBs do exist. We have established this fact with Cheyenne Mountain, and Mount Weather.

For the sake of argument let’s use the USGS website to show which earthquakes have occurred in the last 30 days in the United States that are only as deep as the Mponeng, or shallower. Using the Advanced Search function we toggle 30 days, 2.5+ magnitude, and a depth perimeter of -.05 to 4KM. 4KM is selected because that equates to 2.48 miles of depth. The rock will still be VERY hot, and the DUMB will require a cooling system but it is feasible.

With this search we get the following result. I won’t go through each earthquake individually however I will summarize. There were 29 earthquakes that were displayed for those 30 days, at those selected depths. From this we can probably dismiss the geothermal energy locations at the Geysers, and Coso CA. We can also dismiss aftershocks from the 6.5 in Challis Idaho which was a 10KM earthquake (too deep). There were also a couple “quarry blasts” which are shown as a diamond shape. You can do this research yourself any day of the week and get your own results for research.

This data might aid a researcher in discovering a true collapsed DUMB … One that is actually shallow enough to be utilized by humans. This data could also be used to track the work in a tunnel that is currently being constructed using blasting. Day by day the quakes would proceed across the map …

Now this data is, in my world, admissible in court. It is factual and empirical. However those who refuse to accept this as factual might say, “Yeah sure, if you believe the lying USGS!” And they might then point to a certain outspoken YouTuber Mary Greeley, who has an ax to grind over data published about Yellowstone Park. My hat is off to you. I happen to enjoy her channel also, but I also might point to the patently obvious fact she is not a geologist. And what is more entertaining to me is watching her knowledge base of igneous petrology grow as she continues her journey of discovery reporting every nuance of the Yellowstone Volcano. It is amusing, and fun. Mary is slowly becoming a geologist, albeit glacially slowly. Another set of voices might point to the quasi famous Phil Shneider and his tales from the depths of the “Dulce Base.” Some might even say the DUMBs are constructed with laser energy, or nuclear powered boring machines. Some claim the new boring machines turn the rock into vapor. One claims the tunnels are lined with fused rock glass. Okay. Take a breath.

I would ask, Turned to vapor? A solid, turned to vapor … Now that is really expanding the tailings … lol … Where did the vapors go? Are they oxides like a dust??? Or just Vapor? Silica vapor. Alumina … vapor.  Potassium … drum roll … vapor. Sorry. I am laughing. Imagine the volumes of these dusts, because these elements don’t make “vapor,” excepting within the depths of the Sun. Here on Earth they make oxides. Next we’ll write Chem Trails for Dummies 101 where we take a deep dive on the chemistry of AL2O3, and the mechanics of jet engines …

Sorry, the rebuttals get more and more fantastic as we free fall into the rabbit hole.

Then enter the reptilians, and the somber warning from my fringe friends that I won’t be laughing when I’m getting barbecued by Reptilians 20km deep in the earth. Or its demons down there … and someone runs screaming into the forest with their hair on fire.

Okay. Calmer heads prevailed. Deep breaths.

I’d rather be writing about Diamondiferous Lamporites in North America, Dietreme Volcanics, or Occurrence of Sapphire in Felsic Lapilli Tuff. Actually I’d rather be collecting field samples. But here we are typing away, and dispelling delusions. There is, for some, something sinister about tunnels and mines. Maybe it is the unknown or some vague fear about a world they are unfamiliar with. Those men who are imaged in the photos I supplied are heroes in my world. I’d give anything to stand should to shoulder with them, and run a jackleg drill into the 150F face of the Mponeng. Opinions vary.

Actually I enjoyed writing this article. I hope you enjoyed reading it. I hope you found it compelling, and it made you think. If you made it this far, congratulations. You’ve passed DUMBs for Dummies 101. I’ll give you an passing grade regardless if you agree with my words or are still holding on like old grim death to that idea that the 11.9 KM in Utah was a collapsing Reptilian DUMB. Either way. Have a blessed day.

Thanks for reading. – e

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Walt Hageman
2 years ago

Eric, Thanks for the article. Just a few comments. First of all it might be helpful to some if you included a bit about yourself, particularly your credentials. (not that I’m terribly impressed by them, but some might be) How you come to know these things would help the average reader. Secondly, as a sometimes proofreader, a couple of misspelled… Read more »