Elon Musk: The Illusionist

Elon Musk: The Illusionist

January 21, 2020 – Elon Musk is a perfect example of a potential CIA cutout. The backstory and personna do not seem to add up.  There is something bizarre about how Elon came out of nowhere and rose to become the CEO of several businesses, amid the constant drumbeat of media hype that surrounds him. Musk is often touted as a “boy genius” who happens to have an affinity for learning and was just lucky enough to get the government to subsidize his businesses to the tune of millions of dollars.

When we look closer at Elon, some very disturbing things begin to emerge. According to this January 2010 article entitled ‘Elon Musk and China: A Love Story,‘ we learn:

Elon Musk was back in China this week, holding a ceremony at the site of his new Gigafactory in Shanghai and going for hotpot in Beijing with maybe ex- maybe not girlfriend Grimes. And that’s not all — it seems like it was a pretty fruitful visit for him all round.

It was just last year that Tesla’s prospects in China were looking grim. The ongoing US-China trade war meant a whopping 40% tariff increase on foreign vehicles and last November, Tesla sold a little over 200 vehicles in China, a 70% decrease from previous months. To stymy their decline in the Chinese market, Tesla was forced to cut prices on vehicles sold in China — naturally shaving a great deal off of their profit margins. To add to this, development of self-automated vehicle software in China was largely dominated by the imposing ride-hailing powerhouse Didi and tech giant Baidu’s Apollo Project.

Well, just months later, Elon Musk is being offered a green card in China by Li Keqiang. In a meeting on Wednesday with the Tesla CEO, the Chinese premier asked about his hopes and expectations for the Chinese government. 

‘I hope Tesla’s new factory in Shanghai can become an example for the entire nation,’ Musk replied. ‘I ardently love China, and I’m willing to come visit here more often.’

Li replied by offering Musk a Chinese green card — and Musk was understandably touched.

This isn’t the first time Musk has shown his affection for China. In a previous business trip to the country, he was spotted eating jianbing (a common streetfood pancake), and firing off a tweet with a little Mandarin sprinkled in (real Chinese characters, not pinyin). Jianbing plus Chinese characters? We have a true China fan. On this most recent trip, he was even spotted eating the most diplomatic of Chinese meals — hotpot. And in the face of the great ‘hotpot isn’t that good’ controversy, no less.

The recent uptick in China-Elon relations comes during Musk’s visit to the country for the opening ceremony of Tesla’s first-ever Gigafactory outside of the US. The 7.4 million USD (50 billion RMB) factory broke ground in Shanghai on Monday. And Musk seriously wants Chinese engineers to join Tesla — to the point that he’s interested in the idea of a Chinese CEO. – Radii China

This relationship with China is extremely questionable, considering the fact that China is constantly trying to steal American intellectual property. Musk claims he “ardently loves China” yet he also claims to “ardently love” America and says he is an ultra nationalist.

“The World Has Never Seen Human Energy and Vigor at Such Scale” – Elon Musk in China

One begins to wonder how Elon Musk ended up in his seemingly incredible position today. One researcher and blogger (Miles Mathis) looking into Elon Musk believes that he is an intelligence asset and creation, one hundred percent.

According to an article entitled “I don’t believe in Elon Musk‘ Mathis, a progressive, points out the following information about Musk’s bio, or lack thereof:

Elon Musk is supposed to be worth 13.6 billion. He is supposed to be the CEO of Tesla Motors. He is supposed to be the founder of SpaceX. He is supposed to be the founder of Solar City. He is supposed to be the inventor of Hyperloop. I for one don’t believe any of it. Elon Musk looks to me like a person totally manufactured by Intelligence as the fake human front for all these fake projects. In this way he is exactly like Mark Zuckerberg, another person I have outed as a probable manufactured entity. When I wrote that paper on Zuckerberg, he was also alleged to be worth 13.6 billion. Coincidence? Nope. 

Although we will cover the other red flags, I want to skip ahead to the end, to lead with later red flags that demand our early attention. I want to lead with them although they come later on the Wikipedia page. Musk has claimed he is a big fan of Margaret Thatcher. What? Only fascists and plants are fans of Margaret Thatcher. No real person of any intelligence and scruple is a fan of Margaret Thatcher. Musk is sold as a progressive, but no progressive would claim to be a fan of Thatcher. It doesn’t fit his profile at all, and we can only imagine it was worked into his bio as either a clue for people like me or as part of some late promotion of Thatcher and fascism in general. Actually, I assume it is mainly another plug for privatization. Musk’s entire bio is a long plug for privatization. Along with deregulation, privatization is one of the two main planks of neo-fascism. 

Musk is a self-described  American exceptionalist and nationalist, describing himself as ‘nauseatingly pro-American’. According to Musk, the United States is ‘inarguably the greatest country that has ever existed on Earth’, describing it as ‘the greatest force for good of any country that’s ever been’. Musk believes outright that there ‘would not be democracy in the world if not for the United States.’ 

Although Musk’s companies have received 5 billion in government subsidies, Musk says he isn’t in favor of government subsidies for companies like his. Instead he has come out in favor of a carbon tax. Obviously, he is just reading from the Teleprompter again there, and isn’t concerned with appearing to be consistent. Fake people fronting fake companies don’t have to worry about appearing consistent. It is all about stirring your mind into Musk, I mean Mush. The people behind Musk want all the subsidies they can drink, but then they want to pretend they don’t lust for them like they do. They also don’t want you to apply for any subsidies, because they don’t need the competition. They don’t want you to be subsidized; they want you to be taxed. – Miles Mathis

Within the rest of the article, Miles makes some very astute observations especially regarding Elon Musk’s first wife Justine. If you have the time, please read the piece in full. One of the things he points out is how she claims to have 5 kids with Elon and is photographed with children’s toys, yet in her interview she parrots Musk’s “boy genius” life story. She never mentions the children even once in the interview. Mathis is correct to point out the contradiction of Musk claiming one shouldn’t want to be subsidized by the government, nevertheless it’s perfectly fine for all his businesses to be taxpayer funded.

Elon claims that the “science is settled” regarding the global warning and climate change scams. Of course he also wants to be able to profit off these “carbon taxes” so he has a vested interest in promoting the dubious narrative.

In an article by Mike King entitled ‘Elon Musk: “Genius”– or CIA Con Artist? King makes some good points about the seemingly manufactured image of Elon:

On your knees or on your feet, and bow in reverence, boy and girls. The all-wise, all-knowing super scientist / super-inventor / super-business mogul Elon Musk ™ doth address us with the details vagaries of his latest inspiration — a mini-submarine to rescue a group of cave-stranded, flooded-out youth football (soccer) players in Thailand. Never mind the fact that Thai rescuers actually on the scene as well as worldwide specialists in such rescue efforts have already dismissed Musk’s scheme as impractical. To members of the Cult of Musk, it is always and only Elon’s ‘visionary’ fairy tale that matters — never the actual results.

Before even dispatching Sugar the Crazed Conspiracy Cat to do a bit of data-digging on this curiously over-rated  character, we had already suspected, based upon a number of hints, that Elon Musk ™ was the product of a sophisticated CIA puff-up operation. We observed the instant and seemingly effortless accumulation of wealth in the hands of a young man who seemed to have ‘come out of nowhere.’ We observed the constant hyping of his multiple companies (Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink)  in the Piranha Press. We observed the billions in taxpayer money showered on his companies. We observed  the instant Hawking-like publicity given to his every utterance — no matter how non-sensible. And, of course, we observed his enthusiastic ‘the-science-is-settled’ promotion of the ‘Global Warming ™ / Climate Change’ ™ hoax — a Globalist fraud which is essential for the marketing of his electric Tesla cars.

Fusing fake science with fake business acumen, the ‘powers that be’ (cough cough) have puffed-up this South African-born / Canadian & American college-educated charlatan into an amalgamation of Nikola Tesla and Andrew Carnegie. Far from being either, he has invented nothing and can only exist with the powerful combination of government welfare and free publicity behind him. Whatever tweaks his company may have made to improve rocketry ought to be credited to his well-paid engineers, yet the Fake News would have you believe that Elon Musk  is a one-man show — designing rockets one day, solar panels the next, electric cars the next, driverless technology the next, all the while wearing several CEO hats and giving endless interviews and speeches at the same time!

Bring back the heavy-lift rocket and space shuttle programs which Obongo inexplicably killed in 2011 (a move which Musk naturally praised); and Musk’s mysterious SpaceX — which has received billions of dollars to fill the void — will fold up overnight. End the massive subsidies and mandates associated with the ‘Global Warming ™ / Climate Change’ ™ hoax; and Musk’s solar panel and electronic car hustles, as well as investors in these schemes, would also blow away like so much space dust in the cosmic wind. Even the driverless technology he is said to be developing lags behind the advances of German auto-makers.

The Muskrat, an admitted social engineer who advocates for a ‘universal basic income,’ thinks so highly of his (or his hired scientists’, to be precise), schemes that he believes his companies are entitled to funding by way of a carbon tax. Musk, on the benefits of taxing CO2 (harmless plant food:)

‘The common good being consumed is atmospheric and oceanic carbon capacity, which currently has a price of zero. This results in an error in market signals and far more CO2 is generated than should be. We won’t ever go to zero CO2, but the rate over time should be dropped far below what it is today.

This is analogous to taxing cigarettes and alcohol more than fruits and vegetables, which everybody agrees makes sense. We should have higher taxes on the things that science says are probably bad for us than those that are probably good for us.’ – Mike King

Elon does appear to have a need to present an image of being the underdog and anti-hero. He likes to use media controversy to remain relevant and in the news cycle.

What are we to make of his supposed fears of Artificial Intelligence yet his investment in Neuralink?

The article continues:

Finally, in addition to all of these ‘tells,’ as they say in poker parlance, there is, in essence, confirmation of a CIA connection to Elon Musk ™ that comes to us from a recent book whose allegations Musk has not denied. His recent book informs us of how the Muskrat, just age 30 at the time, travelled to what was then a chaotic and collapsing Russia in 2001, and again in 2002. These mysterious trips were part of a fruitless attempt to buy an ICBM! From the Daily Mail:

Headline: (May 14, 2015)

Russian Space Bosses SPAT on Elon Musk When He Tried to Buy a Rocket

‘He nevertheless went with Musk to Moscow, and once there they began trying to convince the Russians to sell them an intercontinental ballistic missile … ‘One of their chief designers spat on me and Elon because he thought we were full of s***,’ Cantrell said, according to the book by Ashlee Vance. The team returned empty-handed.

In February 2002 the group returned to Russia, this time bringing Mike Griffin, who had worked for the CIA’s venture capital arm, In-Q-Tel,’ according to the excerpt on Bloomberg. Musk was now looking for not one but three missiles and had a briefcase full of cash, too.

Musk asked point-blank how much a missile would cost.

‘Eight million dollars each, they said. Musk countered, offering $8 million for two. ‘They sat there and looked at him,’ Cantrell said. ‘And said something like, ‘Young boy. No.’

Musk stormed out of that meeting, and on the plane home began devising a plan to create his own rockets.’

So, a then 30-year-old kid appears out of nowhere, and shows up in corrupted Russia (only Putin’s 2nd year) with a CIA finance agent at his side, and a briefcase containing $8,000,000 cash, hoping to buy a Russian ICBM? Dear reader, if you know anyone who is a member of The Cult of Musk, please get this information to them. This bad actor needs to be taken down, and hard! – Mike King

This is highly disturbing, that Elon would be attempting to purchase Russian ICBMs, and then allegedly just gave up. Consider what anonymous internet poster and alleged White House insider ‘Q-Anon’ has said regarding Elon Musk and Space X:

Here in Q posts, we have several themes or idioms associated with Musk. References to ‘clowns’, in ‘Q’ terminology means Central Intelligence Agency operatives. ‘Q’ appears to be indicating Elon Musk was used as a CIA cutout to get the ICBM tech from Russia and over to North Korea. It also appears Q is telling us that the CIA is working to build up China via front companies like Tesla, which have opened plants there.

According to CDAN (Crazy Days and Nights) blog, Elon is a CIA asset being used to assist black ops with the Mexican cartels.

We have previously written about a Tesla whistleblower who made similar accusations about Mexican cartels using Tesla factories to move drugs.

Then there is the phrase “follow the wives” frequently discussed by ‘Q’ in the past. Elon has recently announced that he and his girlfriend Grimes are now expecting a child:

It has also recently been reported that Elon Musk may be having cashflow problems. An article by Financial Post entitled ‘Asset-Rich but Cash-Poor: Elon Musk Recently Took Out Five Monster Mortgages Worth $61 Million‘ reports claims that Musk appears wealthy on paper, but has a liquidity problem.

When it comes to cars, tunnels and rockets, Elon Musk thinks big. The same’s true for his household finances.

The billionaire recently took out US$61 million in mortgages on five properties in California, four in the Bel Air neighbourhood of Los Angeles and one in Hillsborough, in the Bay Area. The Morgan Stanley loans, signed in the final days of 2018, represent about US$50 million in new borrowing. One refinancing on a 20,200-plus square-foot property he bought in 2012 for US$17 million turned a US$10 million loan into a US$19.5 million debt.

His monthly payment: about $180,000.

The loans show how even the wealthiest people use mortgages to maintain liquidity. Musk, with a US$23.4 billion fortune, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, is among ultra-wealthy property owners including Mark Zuckerberg, Ken Griffin, and Beyonce and Jay-Z who have taken out monster mortgages. Citadel founder Griffin stands out, with two secured in 2016 for a total of about US$114 million.

Representatives for Musk at Tesla didn’t respond to emails seeking comment. Susan Siering, a spokeswoman at Morgan Stanley, declined to comment. – Financial Post

It’s interesting to note others who recently have taken out these so-called ‘monster’ mortgages. It would appear that Elon and his companies may also have been over-hyped. These companies seem to have consistent problems and failures.

Then there are the Jeffrey Epstein connections that we have also previously reported. Both Elon and his brother appear to be serving the interests of the permanent ruling class and the U.S. Intelligence Community.

Like the Silicon Valley “unicorns” and big tech monopolies, they appear to have deployed a public relations media blitz that built up their image and larger than life personna. How much longer will Elon Musk continue to dazzle us with his magic tricks and illusions? And how much longer will the public continue to buy into the illusion?

Any adventure involving the CIA is a long and windy path involving deception, corruption, secrecy built on evil intentions. And as is said, it’s all just part of the ‘cult’ of so-called intelligence.

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