Alleged “Whistleblower” Eric CIA-ramella & The Occult Aesthetics of Terror

“Aesthetic Terrorism: Using the element of surprise through the usage of past clichés, knowledge and ‘home truths’ being flung out of joint, and therefore used as possibly a weapon or subversive force.”
— J.G. Thirlwell a.k.a. Foetus, 1984

Patriots’ Soapbox first named Eric Ciaramella as the potential leaker and treasonous spy that was embedded in the White House by former deep state lackey H.R. McMaster back on October 10, 2019. We believe him to be the alleged ‘Whistleblower,’ although continuing to refer to him in that fashion is problematic. He is not a witness first-hand to any malfeasance or corruption. He is not blowing the whistle on his horrendous employer the CIA to disclose any kind of abuse, although overthrowing countries and initiating color revolutions is something they do frequently. Evidently, that’s perfectly fine with him. He is a partisan CIA operative who met with Adam Schiff and his staff prior to filing his ‘complaint.’

He previously worked with Joe Biden and was copied in emails regarding the $1 Billion dollar loan guarantee quid pro quo as it relates to shutting down an investigation into Burisma Holdings, a Ukraine Gas company that employed Hunter Biden on its Board of Directors.

Eric attended college at the prestigious and elite Yale University. During his time there he may have been radicalized or inspired by his muslim brotherhood professor. According to an article entitled ‘The Radicalizing of Eric Ciaramella’ by the American Spectator:

In fact, long before he was digging up dirt with the DNC’s Alexandra Chalupa about President Trump’s mythical collusion with Russia, Ciaramella was involved in leading a protest over what he believed was the poor treatment of Bassam Frangieh, a radical professor of Arabic Studies at Yale. On April 15, 2005, then first-year Yale student Ciaramella dressed in all white to lead a contingent of ten similarly dressed first-year Yale Arabic students to the offices of the Provost and the President of the university to demand that the university provide an incentive to encourage Frangieh to stay at Yale. The students were unhappy because Frangieh had decided earlier in the school year to accept a tenure-track position at the University of Delaware.

Ciaramella helped to organize a campus-wide letter-writing campaign on behalf of Frangieh which “identified flaws in the administration’s policies regarding language instructors at Yale.” According to the Yale Daily News, Bassam Frangieh was looking for an opportunity to teach more of the classes that he would like to teach, according to one of the protesters: “His specialty is Arabic language and literature, and he wanted to teach some classes on style and poetry.” A week after the protest, Yale’s administration announced that they had “upped the ante with an offer competitive enough to keep one of its star language instructors from leaving Yale. – The American Spectator

For all intents and purposes Eric appears to have been motivated by radical politics even during his first year at college. Going so far as to initiate a school-wide campaign to pressure the university to pay the professor more money and allow him to teach the poetry of jihad.

The article continues:

It is likely that Bassam Frangieh wanted to use literature to be able to shape Yale’s undergraduates’ views on what he called the “heroic Arabic poet-martyrs” battling against the unjust occupation in Palestine. In 2000, Frangieh published a chapter romanticizing terrorism in a book entitled Tradition, Modernity, and Postmodernity in Arabic Literature. Ciaramella’s favorite Yale Arabic professor praised the heroism of Abd al Rahim Mahmud, the “first Arab poet-martyr.” Mahmud, who is often used to inspire terrorism and suicide bombings among Arab youth, was described by Frangieh as “carrying his soul in the palm of his hand,” as he “threw himself into the cavern of death.” Romanticizing his terrorism, Frangieh recalls Mahmud’s “premature death at age 35, fighting a battle in an attempt to keep Palestine free from foreign occupation, [which]brought dignity to the hearts of his people. Through his death he eliminated the gap between words and action… he shall remain a symbol of heroism and pride for his people.” (p. 222)

Eric Ciaramella was radicalized at Yale by professors like Bassam Frangieh. He was quickly recognized as a fellow traveler and became an insider in the Obama administration. Unfortunately, he continued that through the first two years of the Trump administration. In October 2016, Ciaramella was the guest of Vice President Joe Biden at a lunch to honor the prime minister of Italy. But, in July 2017, as members of the Trump administration began to suspect that Ciaramella, by then a career CIA analyst and Ukraine director on the National Security Council, was responsible for “high level leaks,” he was removed from his post. – The American Spectator

Through my research of Bassam Frangieh I came across the topic of ‘aesthetic terrorism.’ This is the use of art, via occult and psychological means, to influence society. The idea that the pen is mightier than the sword has not been lost on some liberal radical extremists. We see this in the occult subliminal undertones in the recent Netflix series entitled ‘In the Shadow of the Moon’ that features a time traveling androgynous Antifa member that travels back in time to carry out the pre-crime murder of patriots to ‘prevent’ an American uprising against globalism.

For Eric, penning his ‘anonymous’ complaint to kick off the impeachment of the #Resistance was most likely a form of aesthetic terrorism he picked up from his Yale days. We don’t currently know whether or not he was part of any of the numerous secret societies that permeate the elite ivy league school. An interesting take on aesthetic terrorism in the Matrix movie, Waking Times reports:

Baudrillard goes on to explain that tyranny under terrorism is the only result of a nihilistic society. This is precisely what Neo finds himself swept into – an anarchic/communistic anti-establishment secret society that seeks to overthrow the tyrannical overlord computer system. This is why Morpheus is described in the media as a “terrorist” linked with hackers. They are members of the underground occult establishment that purports to “free your mind.” This is why, when Morpheus meets Neo, he offers him the two pills that grant enlightenment and going further “down the rabbit hole,” or the other which keeps one in wonderland/dreamland. Neo can join Morpheus’ secret, revolutionary society, or return to his “profane” existence.

So we have mention of intelligence agencies, Arab-esque terrorists, secret anarchic societies, hermeticism, specific dates of future real terror events, total surveillance, and jacking into the web through brain implants. This is obviously no ordinary movie script, but one tailored to the theosophy of the cryptocracy and their designs for a new world order. In fact, the film even includes the theme of a mass kill-off that resulted from the invention of AI (artificial intelligence), which led to a small band of human elite known as “Zion,” going underground in bunkers. That is an actual Pentagon plan, and is the deepest secret of the global shadow government – to effect a great culling through AI machines, go underground, and re-emerge to merge with the great computer hive to become gods: transhumanism. In The Matrix, Neo gradually perfects his control over “nature,” and as his skills progress, he is able to eventually face the central grid and Architect (in the close of the trilogy). He is a kind of anti-hero, fulfilling his name’s meaning – Neo, as in new, or the classic communist doctrine of the “New Man,” but in a singular, anarchic, individualistic form. Neo is the Promethean rebel who does not accept any authority, being willing to sacrifice himself to kill the system and “solve” the matrix. Waking Times

Does this reflect the mindset of Eric Ciaramella? Does he believe he is on a holy crusade or jihad against Trump and his supporters?

Did Mark Zaid reference this aesthetic terrorism plot when he hinted the coup was on and that when one coup-plotter was removed, 2 more would take their place:

We decided to run a public records search of Eric Ciaramella on the Deeds of registry which brought up a certain address in an affluent area in Northwest Washington D.C. We won’t publish that address although it is publicly available information for those who know how to search. The apartment complex area is well-guarded, requiring a key-card to obtain entry and featuring security guards and a doorman.

What we discovered next door seemed more than coincidental, that we have decided to publish here in the interest of the public in these times of tyranny and censorship. Our beloved Republic is under siege by radical communists and political operatives, endangering the civil rights of us all.

Here is what we found:

Here you can see the intricate building and the secured entrance to the complex.

Eric would reside on the top level, in a penthouse suite. We are not sure how someone with his salary was able to afford such an expensive abode.

Next door we see occult symbolism, in the Sphinx.

This is the view of the Penthouse apartments, overlooking the most infamous occult temple complex in Washington, D.C.

Eric just so happens to be 33 years old. Does he imagine he is initiating some grand masonic occult revolution? With his alleged lawyers bizarre obsession with Disney and potentially club 33, it does make one wonder… What is his real goal? Until we can get him to provide some answers to the American people, all we can do for now is speculate. I hope he comes forward on his own to testify under oath. The American people deserve no less.


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4 years ago

Great story we never know the truth until reporters like you do the investigation. Thank you for all you do

4 years ago

Wow! Awesome Work Radix. What is that symbol (in the 2nd picture down) at the very top center of the building?
Masonic? I would like to look it up. Again, Great Job.