Extinction Level Event

Extinction Level Event


Jan 6 is total bullshit, forget it, open borders mean nothing by comparison, Iran and their bomb, even less. China invading Taiwan, who cares! Climate change and cow farts — utter bullshit! None of that matters — not anymore! Wake the hell up!!!!

THERE IS only one story! Humanity is being exterminated! Get that into your head! You are living through a mass extermination event! Dark forces want you personally dead. They want you and your family dead! They mean very seriously to kill your ass!!!!  Got it?!!!

Mankind is right now facing total extinction, the end of all human life on the planet! Can humanity go the way of the giant lizards? We humans are certainly a bit more solipsistic than ole Larry the Lizard who never did twig to the possibility of a huge rock knocking his lights out. We (humans) know we are chosen by God. (Aren’t we?). Surely “HE” will protect us, we’re too important to be wiped out by a rock! (Aren’t we?) Anyway, we can see bad things coming and we can stop them. (Can’t we?)

What, after all, can get us? Well, how about a super-volcano like Yellowstone or a monster shift in the tectonic plates? How about a polar shift and we all freeze to death? Then there’s very real possibilities of nuclear war which can most certainly result in human extinction. Of course, there’s always the possibility of another great rock event. We could try to deflect it but, if not, we can all say “hello” to the lizards in heaven.

The point is, all life is fragile. There are no absolute guarantees of human permanence. Our presence and dominance on this planet represents far less than a minute in time compared to the billions of years earth has existed — we are most certainly subject to extinction just as thousands of species before us.

Not to belabor the obvious but, we humans are witnessing right now, today, extinction by our own hand as evidenced by the insane, murderous, worldwide mass effort to convince, coerce, cajole, bribe and force humans to suicide by taking a kill-shot masquerading as a vaccine. The lethal vax has been shown (proven) to either kill quickly (many hundreds of thousands have died in a few weeks) or, over time, as the immune system degrades, allowing any of hundreds of fatal diseases to kill the juiced. The vax also causes severe damage to the female reproductive system which will certainly lessen population regeneration.

This particular event is remarkably, and very sadly, akin to lemming diving over a cliff in that humanity is rushing to take the juice, driven by a purposely instilled media driven fear of what is no more than a mild virus manifesting as a variation of the common cold, flu and, at worst, influenza. So how is this man-made extinction event going?

Today, about 50% of all humans have been juiced. Some 30 million humans worldwide are taking the kill-shot every single day. If, in fact, the effects so far are an accurate indication, some 14 million humans will die every day while the rest will linger for a while. This is twice the murder rate of the five years of the Nazis occurring every single day. This war of extinction is being fought not with bombs, bullets and bayonets but with a needle. Over the months since the experimental deadly toxin has been pushed, many experts have spoken out predicting that all those who take and took the lethal juice are doomed. With half of humanity already vaxxed and many already a memory, unless this stops immediately we, as a species, are finished!

Of course, some intelligent and less naive humans resisted the poison. They understand what’s happening but, when billions of the ‘not so smart’ perish, this highly inner-dependent and complex computerized civilization most of us live in and under will necessarily collapse.

The energy grid and entire infrastructure, sanitation, utility systems, communication and transport will, absent workers and service, soon cease to function. Ships, trucks, trains and planes will stop moving. Food and goods will quickly disappear off the shelves, (in fact, to a degree some already have), and piles of the dead will be an overwhelming source of disease.

Most offices, buildings, homes, apartments and condos will, with no electricity and no water, quickly become uninhabitable. Millions of sad survivors of the great die-off will dig holes to crap in whist scavenging for scraps as they die from starvation and dehydration. Roving mad-max gangs will prey upon and murder survivors for a rusted can of tomato soup. Your particular ass is grass — in case you don’t yet know it, you’re walking toast!!!

China may invade the dying western countries and finish off survivors to repopulate the now empty and abandoned homes, farms, industries and schools. Wars may break out across the globe causing many of the un-vaxxed to be killed, further reducing what remains of humanity. My fictional adventure novel PANDEMIC, written in 2020, imagines a similar scenario. Sadly, as it’s turning out, art is resembling life!

Let’s imagine what a planet absent humanity might look like. The elephants will most certainly be exceedingly grateful and happy to see the end of farmers and poachers. Fish, to the degree they are aware, will also rejoice, especially the whales, finally safe from crazed hunters with explosive harpoons! Equally, I can imagine, but don’t know, that the forests have never appreciated being chopped down and the rest of the entire animal kingdom, perhaps with the exception of those kept in pens, can’t be too unhappy at seeing the last of their bi-pedal overlords.

There is no question that the natural world will absolutely thrive absent humanity. In short order, forests and foliage will reclaim the surface. It’s likely that small populations of humans will carry on rudimentary existence in remote locations but, once 99% are gone, it will take a thousand years to regenerate — if ever! Alien archeologists, from a million light years away, a million years from now, may discover evidence of our short and violent existence. I’m sure they will also be relieved to learn we’re extinct!

Do you understand now how insane things are today? We’re murdering ourselves and living in and through a mass extinction event. The murderers include China, the UN, the lethal phony vaccine manufacturers, various governments, Big Tech, the Davos bunch, MSM and all those pushing the juice, masks, social distancing, vax-pass and business closures etc.

How factual it is that all this is true? In case you simply can’t wrap you head around accepting the truth, ask yourself; is it not a fact that the vax is killing people? If it kills thousands fairly quickly, as is most certainly does, can you, for a moment, doubt that it’s going to eventually be lethal to all. No one can possibly believe otherwise! The shit is poison — period! Life insurance companies are seeing 40% more deaths in younger people than the highly accurate Actuarial Life insurance tables indicate are possible. (See below.) What in hell do you think this means???

https://www.kpcnews.com › 5 days ago  (The Center Square) The head of Indianapolis-based insurance company OneAmerica said the death rate is up a stunning 40% from pre-pandemic times. Driving Group Life Deaths Past 200-Year Event …https://www.thinkadvisor.com › 2022/01/04 › covid-19…2 days ago. Death rates climbed in the third quarter of 2021 and have stayed high, and group disability insurance claim rates are also up, Davison said.

Videos and stories are everywhere across the world showing people falling dead after taking the vax. These deaths are real and documented. As more keel over and croak and more become seriously ill, no one and nothing can cover them up. As the numbers of the dead increase, millions are finally waking up from what was and is a form of mass hypnoses. The shit kills!

As best as we can figure; a few over-world individuals are behind this satanic plot to exterminate humanity. The idea is that only the chosen few will survive to enjoy a rejuvenated planet freed from the destruction wrought by a rapacious, greedy and needy ever-growing boorish, dirty, polluting human population. The worker servant class will be replaced by controlled, self-replicating intelligent androids, none of which require pay, food, housing, retirement, medical care clothing or time off. All can work 24/7 tending to the needs of the over-world élite. What could possibly go wrong?

So, welcome to earth in the opening days of 2022. You have some tough choices to make and rough days ahead. I hope you’re able and ready!

Robert J. Firth is an airline pilot with 42 years of experience flying aircraft worldwide. Robert lived and worked many countries throughout his career, including 3 years in Vietnam, 5 in Africa and 12 in Europe and Russia as well as in Taiwan and HKK. Learn more here: http://www.robert-j-firth.com/  robert@robert-j-firth.com

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