Fake News Failing NYT & Others Caught Trying To Smear 8chan Again!

Fake News Failing NYT & Others Caught Trying To Smear 8chan Again!

The fake news media has once again outdone itself with its lies and wrap up smears. Without offering any real explanation for how this false reporting was fabricated from whole-cloth, somehow made it past these alleged ‘fact checkers’ the media likes to claim they have, along with their ‘reliable sources’ to the front page. They offer no apology to 8chan or the American people for their politically motivated and opportunistic lies:

Someone responded to the Verge with their own observation:

What editorial standards? Herein lies the danger: you have a corporate media that peddles lies that then get picked up and propagated by other fake news media and the lie spreads. So even though a formal retraction was issued, most readers will not get notified that already read the article before said retraction was made and other media ran with it and reported the same lies. Then you have government agencies like the FBI citing these fake news stories to craft draconian policy proposals for profiling innocent Americans and coming up with ‘pre-crime’ minority report style oppressive laws.

None of the corporate media has any editorial or ethical standards anymore. They are simply used by special interest groups and big government to bully the American people into accepting more erosions of our civil liberties under the guise of ‘national security’ and ‘safety.’ They gave up their so-called objectivity long ago and became public relations for the ruling class. They will target powerless and often marginalized citizens for doxing and smear jobs over a meme video, they do not speak truth to power. They cover for the people in power, they write fluff pieces for them and try to rehabilitate their public image after scandals. Take National Review, Forbes and Huffpo and their PR campaign for Jeffrey Epstein after his first arrest.

And now we have the latest from that great bastion of journalistic ethics, The New York Times:

This is how they steer the national narrative in real time. This is how they massage the facts to suit a political agenda that only benefits the few at the top. This is how they turn the American people against each other and keep us in a state of constant fear of one another. This is how they divide us so that they can disarm and conquer us.

I hope that the American people wake up to the tactics and lies of the corporate mainstream presstitutes before they can do any more damage to our country. Do not let them memory-hole this attempted smear job.

There is one thing we can be certain of, people are slowly but surely starting to wake up. Take the co-founder of Wikipedia for example who is now an outspoken critic of the site:

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