FISA Abuse & FBI Misconduct Investigations Complete?

FISA Abuse & FBI Misconduct Investigations Complete?

Senator Lindsay Graham appeared on Fox News Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo to discuss several ongoing investigations, potentially calling John Brennan in to testify along with George Papadopoulos:

John Solomon also appeared and he hinted that we are going to learn a lot about the involvement of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency in promoting the Steele Dossier, among other actions taken to target the Trump campaign:

It has now come to light that several investigations that the OIG had marked as ongoing are now potentially completed, with information about to be declassified and released:

Indeed this is something I have discussed many times. The FBI’s corruption and the way they target people to set up for crimes they never would have had the resource to commit without the FBI’s assistance. A perfect example of this is the mentally disabled man the FBI tried to frame as a right wing extremist back in 2017. From the New American:

“Following a series of similar widely ridiculed so-called “sting” operations, the Federal Bureau of Investigation announced last week that it had foiled yet another “terror plot” that, like virtually every supposed “terrorist” case in recent years, was created and managed from start to finish by the FBI itself. This time, the dupe was a 28-year-old California man, Matthew Aaron Llaneza, with a documented history of mental illness, who apparently believed his government handlers were helping him wage “jihad.” Critics, however, say the whole scheme smacks of entrapment and a waste of taxpayer money. ” 


“Across the Internet, in forums and comment sections of press reports, citizens ridiculed and slammed the FBI operation as yet another set up, blasting the agency as well. Critics in the media also lambasted authorities for the half-baked plot, criticizing everything from the squandering of taxpayer resources to the highly controversial tactic of prodding mentally unstable people into perpetrating crimes — especially when there are so many real issues to deal with.  

“Court documents made it immediately clear that the federal government spent a considerable amount of resources on the case,” noted Robert Gammon, calling the whole operation a “waste,” in a piece published by the East Bay Express. “However, court documents also showed that the foiled ‘bomb plot’ was not really a bomb plot. Instead, it turned out to be a sad affair involving the apparent entrapment of a mentally ill man who was coaxed by the FBI into attempting to set off a fake bomb that it had given him.”

Of course, this is hardly the first time in recent memory that the federal government has used similar strategies to convince naïve and often mentally unstable individuals to participate in criminal activity. The New American has documented multiple cases just in the last year where the FBI used taxpayer money and even convicted felons to coax fools or mentally challenged individuals into committing fake acts of terror. Oftentimes federal agents lead the plot from start to finish before arresting their stooge and calling a press conference to pat each other on the back.

In October of last year for example, federal agents convinced a naïve 21-year-old Bangladeshi that he was a member of al-Qaeda, giving the alleged entrapment victim fake bombs to blow up the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank of New York before swarming in and arresting him. In reality, there was no al-Qaeda, there was no threat, there were no bombs, and the only alleged “plot” the FBI “foiled” was the one it hatched with its stooge, Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis. 

Earlier that year, the FBI concocted a similar half-baked plot, using a convicted felon to trick a group of young self-styled left-wing anarchists into trying to blow up a bridge near Cleveland. Again, the whole plot was run from beginning to end by federal agents and their “confidential informant” — a convicted criminal and con man. ” – The New American


This underscores that the problem at the FBI is institutional, its not just an issue with the top leadership. The entire Bureau needs to be reformed from the ground up to avoid something like this ever happening again. Of course the current FBI leadership is more concerned with targeting innocent American citizens as potential domestic terrorists for questioning the government and ‘prevailing pubic opinion.’ The same public opinion the FBI spent two (2) years trying to manipulate for their own selfish ends.

Of course we know the players, and we know the score.

This story is still developing…

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