From Hoover to Epstein: Using Blackmail to Control the World (Part 2)

From Hoover to Epstein: Using Blackmail to Control the World (Part 2)

Connections to the US Government and the Intelligence Community

Jeffrey Epstein was first accused of sexually molesting a minor in 2005 in Palm Beach Florida.

In an unsealed indictment, “federal prosecutors described Epstein paying girls under 18 to engage in sexual acts at his homes in Palm Beach and Manhattan. Prosecutors want permission to take “any property, real and personal” that Epstein used in his alleged crimes.

The feds specifically cite a townhouse at 9 E. 71st Street in Manhattan that is owned by Epstein’s Maple Inc. By prosecutors’ estimate, that home is worth $77 million.

However, the indictment does not specifically seek to take the house at 358 El Brillo Way in Palm Beach, which is owned by Epstein’s Laurel Inc. It’s valued for tax purposes at $12.5 million.”

In 2006-2007 a grand jury brought back a single charge of felony solicitation of prostitution of a minor. He pleaded guilty of the charge in 2006.  Epstein’s legal defense team included Roy Black, Gerald Lefcourt, Alan Dershowitz, and former Clinton special prosecutor Ken Starr.” Palm Beach Daily News

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Alexander Acosta

The FBI investigation resulted in a 53-page indictment that was never presented to a grand jury. Alexander Acosta, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, agreed to a plea deal to grant immunity from all federal criminal charges to Epstein, along with four named co-conspirators and any unnamed “potential co-conspirators”.

Alexander Acosta allegedly later told the Trump transition team that he had been told that Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence’, was ‘above his pay grade’ and to ‘leave it alone’. Acosta had traveled to Washington D.C. in 2008 to meet with a DOJ official regarding the Epstein case in Florida. At the time Robert Mueller was the Director of the FBI and Michael B. Mukasey the Director of the DOJ.

“Well, I don’t think people are taking a total look at this. Because there’s a lot of things that go into these decisions.” “When it’s someone like this involved, this does not skip Washington. That means that AG knew about it, that means the investigative agency, the FBI, Bob Mueller…” said Lawrence Jones III on Fox News. Washington Examiner

Epstein ended up agreeing to plead guilty to two state prostitution charges, register as a sex offender, and pay restitution to three dozen victims identified by the FBI.

“I’ve been spending some quality time with Title 18 [the U.S. criminal code] looking for misdemeanors,’’ the lead prosecutor, A. Marie Villafaña, wrote to Epstein’s lawyers on Sept. 13, 2007, adding that she was trying to find “a factual basis’’ for one or more non-sex-related crimes to charge him with. Miami Herald

“Mr Epstein, through his assistants, would recruit underage females to travel to his home in Palm Beach to engage in lewd conduct in exchange for money,” it said. She added that some of the girls were expected to strip naked and give massages to Epstein while he masturbated, while others had full intercourse with the financier.

“Some of those victims went to Mr Epstein’s home only once,” Villafaña’s letter added. “Some went there as many as 100 times or more.”

Following Epstein’s arrest in July 2019 on sex trafficking charges, Acosta resigned as Secretary of Labor on July 19, 2019.

“Many people had assumed Epstein was untouchable merely because he had so much dirt on so many powerful people, but it increasingly looks far bigger than that. It appears he may have been untouchable because he was systematically collecting this information on behalf of an intelligence agency. If so, we need to find out precisely who he was working for. This should be the number one story in the country right now. Blackmail at this level is a genuine national security issue.” Zero Hedge


New York Daily News, Dec. 23, 1997

Why would the State Department lease a town home to Epstein from 1992-1996? The townhouse was the property of the State Department Office of Foreign Missions and had formerly been an Iranian government building before being taken over by the State Department during the Iranian revolution. The State Department Secretary under William J. Clinton was James Baker who had remained from the previous Bush Sr. administration until August 1992.

It is located on East 69th Street in one of Manhattan’s most expensive neighborhoods, and was leased at a rate of $15,000 monthly. Epstein was formally evicted from the leased townhouse for violating his lease by subletting it. The townhouse (mansion) was not far from Epstein’s recently acquired East 71st Street mansion he’d obtained ownership from Lex Wexner.

“Mr. Epstein said in the 1996 interview that the mansion was now his, though the transaction has never appeared in New York City records online. In 2011, he transferred ownership of the property from a trust connected to Mr. Epstein and Mr. Wexner to Maple Inc., a United States Virgin Islands-based entity under Mr. Epstein’s control, according to records.” New York Times

Rumors of Epstein’s connections with politicians like Bill Clinton and Donald Trump have been circulating throughout the mainstream media and the internet. Hollywood Actors, Directors, Mainstream media, Corporate moguls, Silicon Valley, Banks, Big Pharma and companies like Disney along with European politicians, royals and social elites may all very well be caught up in the salacious spiderweb Epstein wove around them.

“Epstein was able to run this sordid operation for so long precisely because his was only the latest incarnation of a much older, more extensive operation that began in the 1950s and perhaps even earlier.  Starting first with mob-linked liquor baron Lewis Rosenstiel and later with Roy Cohn, Rosenstiel’s protege and future mentor to Donald Trump, Epstein’s is just one of the many sexual blackmail operations involving children that are all tied to the same network, which includes elements of organized crime, powerful Washington politicians, lobbyists and “fixers,” and clear links to intelligence as well as the FBI.” Mint Press 

Political Sex Scandals; Not a New Thing


Alexander Hamilton portrait by John Trumbull 1806.jpg

Alexander Hamilton

The history of U.S. political sex scandals dates back to our founding fathers and continues to this day. However, many of these scandals and crimes have been hidden from the public. (List of Federal Political Sex Scandals in the US.)  From the founding of our country in the 18th century Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Daniel Webster, James Buchanon and Grover Cleveland were all involved in such sex scandals. Due to the lack of documentation at the time it is unknown how many of these accusations were true unless the person(s) involved admitted their guilt publicly.



John F. Kennedy, White House photo portrait, looking up.jpg

John F. Kennedy

The political sex scandal list continued into the 19th century, 1900 to 1969, which included Woodrow Wilson, Warren Harding, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, William O. Douglas and should have included Ted Kennedy. From 1980 to 1989 notables are Gary Hart and Barney Frank. Again, many of the persons on the list include allegations without documentation. The period of 1970 to 1989 lists only 8 democrat politicians from the House of Representatives and few of them are remembered today.



Bill Clinton.jpg

William J. Clinton

The next era of political sex scandals from 1990 to 1999 included Bill Clinton, then president of the U.S. and Newt Gingrich. Many of these politicians were outed following the Clinton/Lewinski scandal and lost their bids for re-election. The 2000 to 2009 list includes Gary Conditt, Strom Thurmond, and John Edwards. The 2010 to 2019 list has recognizable names like Chris Lee, Anthony Weiner, Al Franken, John Conyers Jr., Pat Meehan and Donald Trump. These politicians came from both sides of the aisle. Many politicians were accused of sexual misconduct but had no credible proof to charge them with a crime.

The existence of a Congressional ‘Slush Fund’ to pay off those who report-accuse our politicians of sexual misconduct should be of great concern to all Americans. There has been an outcry from the public to have the names of those politicians who have used the slush fund to silence their crimes made public. “the “shush fund” of Congress, a fund managed by the “Office of Compliance,” which itself was created following the 1995 enactment of the Congressional Accountability Act (CAA), the first law enacted by the first Republican House in four decades. The Hill



Blackmail Used to Obtain Power

Epstein is not the only one using ‘secrets’ obtained by luring influential people into compromising situations. Notably, J. Edgar Hoover, Roy Cohn and Robert Maxwell all had a history of using their knowledge of the movers and shakers secrets to their advantage. Hoover used blackmail to maintain his center of power over the US government and elites. Epstein used blackmail to not only enrich himself but to also create his utopian vision of the world and his ‘power’ to make it happen, especially in the fields of science and technology. Recently it has been reported that Epstein was working with notable scientists in order create a master race using his own DNA.

“Starting first with mob-linked liquor baron Lewis Rosenstiel and later with Roy Cohn, Rosenstiel’s protege and future mentor to Donald Trump, Epstein’s is just one of the many sexual blackmail operations involving children that are all tied to the same network, which includes elements of organized crime, powerful Washington politicians, lobbyists and “fixers,” and clear links to intelligence as well as the FBI.” SGT Report


Donald J. Trump and Roy Cohn, October 18, 1984

“Donald J. Trump’s association with Roy Cohn as a mentor began when they first met at Le Club, a trendy New York café society hangout on East 55th Street. The two quickly became joined at the hip, and Cohn became Trump’s lawyer in 1973.” Time  Cohen represented the Trump Organization when the Justice Department had filed a lawsuit against their company contending that they were systematically discriminating against African Americans who wished to rent apartments. In 1978 Trump began doing business in Manhattan. Trump was from Queens and while that made him a New Yorker it also caused NY high society to look down upon him. Without ‘connections’ like Roy Cohn, Trump would have been up the creek without a paddle. The then new mayor of NYC was Ed Koch who disliked Trump because he wanted tax exemptions on the derelict Commodore Hotel he was restoring. The new improved hotel opened in 1980 and named the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Cohn most likely paved the way for Trump through the mire of the NYC government and high society. Trump learned an important lesson from Roy Cohn’s code: Never back down. Never apologize. Never admit defeat.

“He was a master ingratiater, and manipulator, and he understood the power dynamics and power politics of the United States,” Tyrnauer explained of Cohn. “He was a string puller, and a demigod whisperer, the likes of which we rarely saw before and probably haven’t seen since.” Vanity Fair

Cohen entertained many celebrities like Andy Warhol and Calvin Klein at his parties. Cohn counted Barbara Walters, Alan Dershowitz, William Buckley and Nancy Reagan as close friends. He kept media moguls and columnists like Rupert Murdoch, Abe Rothenthal, William Safire, William Buckley and longtime friend Si Newhouse Jr. in his pocket and they could be counted on to kill any story about him or his clients when asked.

“The politicians, journalists and celebrities invited to Cohn’s exclusive parties were said to be those who “had open accounts in Cohn’s ‘favor bank,’” his nickname for his unofficial balance sheet of political favors and debts that was surely informed and influenced by his extensive involvement in sexual blackmail operations from the 1950s well into the 1980s.” SGT Report

Mort Zuckerman, the billionaire owner of U.S. News and World Report and who serves onJPMorgan’s National Advisory Board and the Council on Foreign Relations” Wikipedia and,

‘Rupert Murdoch, who in 2011,  faced allegations that his companies owned by News Corporation, had been regularly hacking the phones of celebrities, royalty, and public citizens. Murdoch faced police and government investigations into bribery and corruption by the British government and FBI investigations in the U.S.”  Wikipedia


For Epstein and Hoover the use of honeypots and blackmailed worked. However, Hoover is arguably the winner as he maintained his position of power in the FBI and over our government politicians until his death in 1972. Epstein made a mistake when he dived into the elite society that he desired to belong to. Unfortunately for him, the culture of satanism and the worship of deities calling for the blood and flesh of children so loved by people in high society and Hollywood has helped bring about his downfall.


Little St. James Island Temple

Epstein’s “temple” on Little St. James Island in the Caribbean had the locals talking. Cruise ships dropped off passengers in the islands cove for snorkeling and who wouldn’t notice the strangeness of the place? Word of mouth started and people began paying even more attention to Epstein than he probably wanted. Imbued with a desire to be admired and unashamed of his pedophile tendencies, Epstein must have had an immense feeling of satisfaction when he achieved wealth and status


Epstein had homes not only in Manhattan but Palm Beach and on his island of Little St. James. In fact it is reported that he also owns Greater St. James island which is undergoing extensive construction.

A New York Times article entitled Jeffrey Epstein Hoped to Seed Human Race With His DNA“, stated,

“Mr. Epstein’s vision reflected his longstanding fascination with what has become known as transhumanism: the science of improving the human population through technologies like genetic engineering and artificial intelligence. Critics have likened transhumanism to a modern-day version of eugenics, the discredited field of improving the human race through controlled breeding.”


Part 3 of  “Hoover to Epstein: Using Blackmail to Control the World” will be published in the near future.

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