Going Against the Current Tide

Going Against the Current Tide

by Honey, The Universal Spectator November 20, 2022

With some context along the way.

In 2016 I was so delighted with our Republican candidates. They were all good, I thought. Any one of them would have made a better president than the sham candidates the Left put up, with Hillary at the top – and with the other candidates there mostly so she could have them to argue against in a debate. But even with Bernie, we all knew her debaters were mere window dressing. The fix was in during the Democrat Party for Hillary to win the primary.

So after having suffered through the eight-year presidency of the insufferable Obama, I knew we were going to get our government back at last. I knew no one could beat the best of our candidates, leastwise Hillary, despite what the left media kept saying.

My favorite candidate, Mike Pence, dropped out immediately. I was sorry about that. Not to worry I had Cruz, the most wonderful all-’round person, born to be President. I adored Cruz. And there were still all of the other great candidates to consider. How will one of them stand out?

Then Trump showed up. I didn’t trust him. He was cozy with Hillary. I expected he would showboat and pretend to be conservative and then betray conservatism.  I didn’t trust that guy.

Then the debates began and Trump insulted each candidate. This was terrible. He was making fun of these good people.

One by one, they would be gone. I hated this. I voted for Cruz in my primary and it was to no avail. There was at the end only one man standing and it was Trump. I didn’t want him. But what could I do. Most Republican voters did.

Then Trump chose Pence for his veep.

Well, that was good.

When it came time to vote, what could I do? I had to vote for Trump – couldn’t have Hillary!

I was sad, rueful. All of that great talent on our side and they are all as nothing, mowed down by this bull in a china shop.

But then after his inaugural speech Trump went into the Oval Office and signed many things which tore up tons of regulations which were stifling business. He didn’t do as Obama did and spend almost a trillion dollars out of hand. Obama owed a lot of favors.

Trump owed no one. He took no donations from large donors. He financed his campaign himself and got many many donations from small donors.

That was good.

So what kind of President is he going to make? He made a lot of promises. Would he be like most presidents and make promises and keep very few of them?

He insulted the press. I loved that. He was fun and he was brazen and, this time, I loved his insults.

He set about cutting taxes and devised a marvelous tax plan.

That was good.

He cut spending.

That was good.

He opened the economy.

Businesses, having originally escaped our big taxes and regulations to go where it was easier to conduct business, overseas, came home again.

Suddenly everyone was getting good jobs, minorities and women, too. Good high paying jobs. Suddenly the economy took off and the market as well making Americans of all levels richer.

Suddenly the number of people on food stamps was the lowest since we had been measuring their use. America was riding high. Inflation and unemployment were near all-time lows. Prices were good and everything was plentiful and America was back to work.

We were drilling, fracking and using pipelines. Suddenly instead of relying on OPEC and others, WE were so full of all kinds of energy that we became energy exporters. It was all win win.

Everywhere we looked things were better than ever.

This impulsive outspoken man went overseas. Uh oh. We worried. He has no experience. How would he do? In every case, China, Europe, Russia, North Korea he did very well. We had a quiet time with no one threatening us. Somehow, and we didn’t know what he did, Trump seemed to make everyone overseas scared of what he would do if they tried anything aggressive. We felt less threatened.

A wall was built at our Southern border and was set to be finished at the beginning of

Trump’s second term. An agreement was made with Mexico. Illegals would stay in Mexico until we could vet them in our time frame. Do you have any idea how much money that saved us? (So when Trump said Mexico would pay for the wall, I guess he wasn’t lying.)

When his first term was over, we had a record clean environment, a roaring economy, gas prices averaged under two dollars a gallon, the market kept setting new record highs, Isis was gone, wiped out by whatever Trump did to make them disappear, and top terrorists were killed.

In the meantime, all the Left had to offer were abortion rights, climate change warnings, name calling, lies, and projections of their faults onto their opponents.

It was a relative sure thing that Trump was going to win in 2020. You know the rest…

All the while these great achievements were happening there were dozens of other things going on because the Deep State and, we were to find out, our Justice Department were destroying the lives of anyone who worked with Trump, his family, his advisors, his cabinet, etc. And Congress in the hands of Democrats was investigating and impeaching the president for made up things and doing all they could to make it impossible to do his work. But Trump, with all of that going on, continued to accomplish great things for us. He turned out to be a great president with more achievements than anyone since Reagan.

To review before Trump was elected – Obama and his crowd who wanted to “fundamentally transform America”, along with Democrats and the left media and all the rest of those who were on the move to take down our country as a Constitutional Republic, as a sovereign country, and make America just another country of the world, as part of the Great Reset, all were doing very well in their quest. They expected Hillary to take them to the finish line in what they considered would be Obama’s third term.

Trump became President. He upset the applecarts of all of those who had plans for this country.

Who is this outsider? Who is this upstart who never was a politician or in government?  He is running rings around them, and while the Left is usually in control of the news, here is this new guy and HE is dominating the airwaves. Even Rinos saw Trump upsetting their cozy arrangements and they didn’t like this either. Establishment people in government wanted Trump to have no success because for decades Republicans had been telling voters that they want to do this or that but it’s hard to get it done in Washington. And here was Trump getting it all done and right away. This made Rinos look bad.

This will never do. Even before he was elected in 2016 just in case he got elected, the chicanery began. You all know the treasonous things done, the lies, the investigations, the ruination of the lives.  I don’t have to recount them here. The goal was to disgrace this upstart, and to bring him down. they threatened Trump associates to try to get them to turn on him. It never worked. These anti-American bastards at the head of our FBI threatened good citizens and impoverished them and ruined them.

Millions of dollars and endless efforts were spent to poison the well. It worked with liberals, but numbers of voters watching this began to understand what was going on and saw how well the country was doing and began moving to Trump’s column.

By election night, 2020 Trump had won many more votes than any other presidential candidate in history.

You know the rest.

To help Democrat candidates in the 2022 midterms countless millions were spent on their candidates. The Republicans were outspent many times over. (Where did all that money come from?)

In the meantime, the GOP acted against its own good. The GOP Governors Association, for instance, did not give one cent to Mastriano, candidate for Governor in Pa. who was outspent by many many millions by his opponent. Whose side is the GOP on? McConnell gave a lot of money to certain select candidates and ignored others probably because he suspected they would not vote him in as Majority Leader. So while Dems were supporting all of their candidates as if their lives depended on it, our side was sabotaging ours.

Trump had endorsed many candidates and about 95% of those he endorsed in primaries won their primaries. For the election we were promised a great red wave. Was that drummed up by the Left so we would be disappointed or was it real. It should have been real. Biden has been without competition as the worst President in American History. Every decision has been a disaster for Americans. We went from a President who loved the country and loved Americans and whose every thought was to do good things for us — and that’s what he did — to a doofus whose every choice made things worse for Americans.

Within five hours of the polls closing in Florida, a state with about seven and a half million ballots to count, the results of the election was reported.

At the same time states with maybe only a million votes to count told us they couldn’t have their results ready for maybe a couple of weeks. Now let’s say those states with ballots still not counted were like Florida and had their results in on time. We would see that while we did not have the red wave promised, several exciting things did happen and we would not be sad.

In a big surprise we turned out of office in New York State, not only four Democrats, but one of them was the head of the Democrat party. That is huge. Even the Republican candidate for Governor, Lee Zeldin, came within 5% of winning, a miracle in such a liberal state. He might have won if all of those productive people hadn’t moved out of New York to escape the high taxes, the violence and all the rest of what is making New York an unlivable place.

We would have known we had the House. We would have seen some California races switch to Republican and wasn’t that a surprise? And maybe Kari Lake would be Governor of Arizona, and Laxalt a new Republican Senator, and maybe even Blake Masters as well and we would have the Senate.

But we didn’t know these things. So we were downcast as if the country preferred the Left to us. What was going on?

As things stand today Nevada has declared different results but the counts of the votes were suspicious. What a surprise. And Republicans are not giving in without a recount or a fight. Even if results in those states remain, there was still a lot to celebrate. But the delay in getting results kept us downcast. If we knew everything as fast as Florida counted its votes, there would be no real reason to be downcast. The way we got info in dribs and drabs was like Chinese water torture and that is what made us feel like losers.

Florida of course was remarkable statewide. The Governor won by 20 points. Rubio did almost that well. All over the state was a decided red wave. A purple state turned red.

Republican margins of victory were slim in many races but we won important Senate and House races all over the country.

There is no one who will convince me there was no fraud in this election. In one place the cameras were off for eight hours where the counts were going on.

Everything is fine. I believe it, sure I do. Don’t you?

Interruption: Where are the Courts? If tampering with votes is treason and a Capital offense, it should be very easy to find out if that is what is going on in those deadly slow counting states. The country should not be forced to wait for weeks to find out election results and it is no good when people suspect that the vote count was dishonest. Why isn’t anyone paying a price for this?

Now we come to my conclusion.

Most of the candidates who lost were ones who distanced themselves from Trump. The majority of Trump endorsed candidates won and probably more if there wasn’t fraud. For House races those he endorsed did amazingly well. About 90% are expected to win. (But that does not take into account the cheating and stealing of votes as I write this.)

Trump having had his 2020 election stolen from him – there I said it out loud – has been doing massively successful rallies for a long time to support his candidates all over the country. Having his house broken into at Mara Lago by the FBI, a stunning partisan invasion that has never happened before in American history, shocked anyone who believes in the Constitution. The shenanigans and court cases have been unrelenting. The Left is doing all it can to make it impossible for Trump ever to have power again.

Trump wants to go after those who have committed this treason and evil, wouldn’t you in his shoes?  All of those who have waged war against him, should get some punishment and it should be Trump’s place to make that happen. Trump doesn’t want a primary where he would have to spend assets he would need in the general election. He wants to run with no opponents, and why shouldn’t he have that joy after all he has been through?  He has worked endlessly to make sure we win both Houses, spotlighting good candidates and going all over the country to do rallies to try to help their candidacies. He has been taking all that incoming for almost six years from treasonous actors and lawbreakers in government. After all the many great things he has done for this country, (so many overturned when Biden and his puppeteers came in and replaced it all with unbelievable ruin in less than two years) Trump is the one who gets to fix it all again. Others can fight for place in 2028; this time it should be Trump’s.

People are now pushing DeSantis. Now how would you feel if you were Trump? This is not just any contested presidential election. This is the time for Trump to be able to Make America Great Again. This is his time to get some payback and he is the one who has more right than any President in history to do that. This is his time. And a grateful nation should not want to deny him this.

But remember how this all started. Once Trump wanted to win in 2016, he insulted everyone. And why should we expect this time to be any different? Especially now after what was done to him.

Anyone who runs for president has to be an egomaniac. There is no way you would have the stomach to do it if you weren’t someone with a strong ego. And every President has something we don’t like about him. Biden has everything we don’t like about him and nothing we do like.

Think about all the Presidents who served in your lifetime and you will find good qualities and bad. We get the package and take the good with the bad.

With Trump you know the good you get, economically good health, lower gas prices at the pump, drilling, fracking and opening of pipelines, cutting of spending big time, lower taxes, healthy markets. We will be safer internationally. You have already experienced a Trump presidency. It is a glorious thing to live through. (And devastating to liberals – and what is bad about that?)

Keep in mind politics is not about nice. Politics is about doing what makes you win. How many people did the right thing and got burned for it? Trump gets it. The reason his supporters love Trump is because of his brashness.

Trump is Trump. And the insults have started already. If DeSantis, when asked if he wants to run in 2024, answers, “Right now I am concentrating on being governor” Trump makes a public declaration of, “He would not be governor if it hadn’t been for my help and support.” Trump is threatened by anyone who looks like he wants to be a Republican candidate for ’24.

How can anyone not understand this? If Trump doesn’t behave well, is uncouth, the insults fly from him, he should know better, and is his own worst enemy, so be it. It goes with the territory. And anyone who does not understand Trump’s anxiety to get the chance for redress and to bring America back, is not showing insight. Trump is determined to be the candidate in 2024 and he deserves to be.

I first met DeSantis in 2009 at a Club for Growth meeting. I talked to him for five minutes and was so impressed, I told him he would be President one day. So I yield to no one in my admiration of DeSantis. I so respected him that it did not surprised me how things turned out in Florida on Tuesday.

But this is Trump’s time and DeSantis should get the chance to finish his term as governor and run in 2028.

Interesting side issues – Former Speaker Ryan added his two cents and told us Trump should not be the candidate for 2024. And Fox News is sounding like the Lincoln Project where Trump is concerned. I am decidedly displeased.

It will never be Trump who brings Trump down. It will be conservatives making liberals rejoice by joining the criticism of Trump.

It has been said that blind obedience to a leader is dangerous. I don’t have blind obedience to anyone. I don’t love any public figure without objectivity. I adored Toomey for many years. But the moment he declared that there was no evidence of widespread fraud in the Pa. election of 2020, he lost me completely. And the moment Trump stops being a MAGA conservative, he will lose me.

Liberals have done all they could to separate Trump from his supporters. So far it has not worked. Isn’t it ironic that we will do the job for them. Many prominent conservatives are jumping on the equivocation about Trump bandwagon. This is a terrible mistake.

Talk about throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

With any candidate you get the package. With Trump the good stuff far outweighs the bad stuff. And with Trump the only thing that matters is the good stuff because it is so superbly good.

Do not jump on this bandwagon, even if only for one reason – you will make the Left happy. You will validate Liz Cheney. You will make The Lincoln Project members have a joy they do not deserve. You will give those with TDS great comfort.

Trump is the essential one today. He should not be robbed, for the SECOND time, of what should be his and of what we need.

I can just hear lefties and Rinos wooing DeSantis to run. “You would be a shoo in after such a great showing in your state. You are at the peak of your popularity do not squander that.”

I hope DeSantis is smart enough not to be taken in by their flattery. All the left wants is the chance to destroy Trump and once and for all, erase from him the ability ever to get his hands on power again.

We all know the drill. The Left wants to divide our side, divide and conquer. And too many on our side are falling for it.

My advice to DeSantis is enjoy your fame and the love your Floridians offer you now. You are young yet. You will be without a doubt, the front runner in 2028. Do not succumb to the sugary words of those who are urging you to run now. The second you get traction the Left will come after you and ruin you and do all they can viciously to bring you down. Enjoy your life now. You will need a strong stomach and more experience fighting off adversaries so you will be readier when it is your turn to run.

And my advice to anyone who loves this country and understands all we owe Trump, is to turn away from those who are whispering Trump’s time has passed. These whisperers or announcers are not friends of this country.

Trump in 2024!

~~Many thanks to Honey who writes occasionally for The Universal Spectator

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