Hands Across The Water: “Free The World”

Hands Across The Water: “Because Islam refuses to be moderate…”

Posted by Maggie on October 18, 2020 in Hands Across the Water

As the globalist left tries to drag us collectively into a “one world order” under their dictates, the same ilk refuse to seriously address the human blight that continues unchecked in the world … uncivilized, tyrannical, radical Islamic fascism …

Marie Tierney:

‘We cannot win a war because it is an asymmetric war, between reason on one side and madness on the other side,’ says former Charlie Hebdo journalist.

A teacher is beheaded by an ‘Islamist’ maniac for teaching about the importance of free speech in France. Thereby proving the teacher right.

Then you read what Muslims are saying about it on a comment section relating to this news and you know that Muslims do not condemn this murder on their behalf in the same way they did not condemn the so-called ‘honour’ (??!!) killing of Banaz Mahmoud or the public decapitation of the soldier Lee Rigby in England.

Because Islam refuses to be moderate. It prefers to be Dark Age barbaric. It likes to hate and to kill and to murder in its prophet’s name. If it didn’t, it wouldn’t. You come to a safe country, a secular country, and you abide by its freedoms, its laws, its ways of life, its being and if you don’t like it, go back to the dustbowl dystopia from which you were spawned.

If you don’t assimilate then there must be only one other reason why you choose to ‘live’ in those countries – war against them. It’s a pity the journalist is ‘former’ Charlie Hebdo – it means the bastards won.

Marie is referring to this recent story of terrorism out of Paris…

Douglas Ernst: French teacher beheaded outside Paris; cops shoot, kill suspect who screamed ‘Allahu Akbar’

Marie continues

You should read Macron’s response to this. The French government have declared war on Islamists and they aren’t major fans of Islam as a whole. He is going to end Islamic separatism and will halt the Islamist counter-society. You will also be impressed with how he would not allow any statues in France to be pulled down or erase any name from their history. He says that he thinks Islamists want to take complete control of society and he’s not having it. He’s drawn the battle lines so he needs to take action when he has to and I think he will. Remember, this kind of crime happened in England too, with the death of Lee Rigby in the street (a British serving soldier) in 2013.

ABC News: Suspect dead, 11 in custody following beheading of teacher in Paris suburb: French President Macron called it a “blatant Islamist terrorist attack.”

Instead, they continually excuse such terror attacks as ‘lone wolves’ or put the blame on somebody else by presenting the attacker as a ‘victim’ of the West, or bury them completely…

When you go to the NYTimes link the article title is completely different. Why?


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~~Many thanks to Maggie, The Universal Spectator and Marie Tierney for reprint permissions.

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