Hoover to Epstein: Using Blackmail to Control the World (Part 3)

Hoover to Epstein: Using Blackmail to Control the World (Part 3)

The parallels between J. Edgar Hoover and Jeffrey Epstein are startling. Both experienced sexual proclivities that society didn’t or doesn’t accept. Both were obviously highly intelligent, which may have led to their feelings of being ‘different’. The quest for control over not only their lives, but the lives of their peers, their ‘betters’, took them both down a dark path obsessed with obtaining power over countries, governments, the entertainment industry, royalty and over us, the public.

Jeffrey Epstein 63 yrs old, was found on July 24, 2019 unconscious, with marks on his neck in his solitary confinement prison cell in Manhattan.  His “neighbor” a cop who was jailed for murder, was later found to have a cell phone. There is speculation on whether he had tried to commit suicide or whether he had been attacked while being in a locked cell alone.

Epstein had been served another lawsuit by Jennifer Araoz just days before his first alleged suicide attempt.

Araoz is alleging that Epstein committed sexual assault, sexual battery and intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress against her, beginning when she was 14 in 2004. He also received a subpoena to provide a list of the people who he employed from 2000 to 2003, as well as a list of visitors to his Manhattan home during the same period.

Araoz’s lawsuit will be filed on August 14, 2019 when the New York’s Child Victims Act, which extends the statute of limitations on reporting childhood sex abuse, will take effect.

“Jennifer Araoz shares with Savannah Guthrie her chilling account of alleged sexual assault by billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, which she says happened when she was in high school. Araoz is not part of the Southern District of New York’s case against Epstein, who pleaded not guilty to sex trafficking charges.” Ms. Araoz recently appeared on the Today Show on NBC to tell her story.

On August 6, 2019 Florida Governor Ron DeSantis ordered a criminal investigation into the Florida State’s handling of the 2008 Epstein court case and  On Tuesday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis ordered a criminal investigation into the state’s handling of the Epstein case, from his sentencing in 2008 to his incarceration and probation in 2009.

Epstein was reported dead on August 10, 2019. Surely, after having allegedly attempted suicide, he was under heavy surveillance by the prison guards. His death may profit those who were afraid of what he might have revealed to authorities in a plea bargain. The release of close to 2000 pages of court documents from Epstein’s 2008 Florida prostitution/trafficking case just the day before his death is very suspicious to say the least.

It is well known that many high profile names like former President Bill Clinton have been closely connected to Epstein. Bill Richardson is also named and his list of connections to our government.  Richardson was a former US Congressman,  Governor of New Mexico, Ambassador to the United Nations, Chairman of the DNC and served as the Secretary of Energy under Clinton.

Included in the list of luminary’s involved with Epstein are Prince Andrew the Duke of York, former Epstein and OJ Simpson Lawyer Allen Dershowitz along with other foreign dignitaries. Other people in the fashion industry, silicon valley, major corporations, mainstream media news outlets and in Hollywood are implicated in Epstein’s child sex trafficking scheme and have also been connected to Epstein through the flight logs of Epstein private plane aka the “Lolita Express” as well as in the recently released testimonies a few of his victims.

The timing of Epstein’s previous suicide attempt just after one of his victims filed a new lawsuit and went on TV to tell her story makes sense. Couple that with the stress of the release of the sealed court documents from his 2008 conviction on August 9, 2019 and of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis opening a criminal investigation of the state’s US Attorney office and the people investigating the case on August 6, 2019, Epstein’s death could very well be self inflicted.

It’s now known that both Hoover and Epstein used blackmail to control people in the government, including presidents. If we think about all the presidents and politicians Hoover served under and what his secret files might bring forth, it’s entirely possible that questions regarding assassinations, wars and top secret experiments conducted before during and after WW2 may reveal the guilt of some of our most admired leaders.


J. Edgar Hoover G-Man


Older Americans likely remember J.Edgar Hoover, the first director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Hoover had previously been appointed as the acting director then later the director of the Bureau of Investigation in 1924 and later founded what we now know as the FBI in 1935. Under Hoover’s direction the FBI became the premiere law enforcement agency in the world and Americans began fondly calling the agents “G-men”, following their exploits in hunting down and arresting Mafia gang members and other high profile criminals.

Image result for J. Edgar Hoover

It can be said that Hoover ran the FBI with an iron hand, agents were selected using merit and with expectations of integrity and professionalism. Hoover also instituted the FBI National Academy where potential FBI prospects undergo rigorous training. Under Hoover’s administration the FBI created the “Fingerprint File” using cutting edge science for the time to enable law enforcement officers to identify and apprehend criminals.



1935 training class of SA John W. Core. See photo sections for more...

FBI 1935 training class of Special Agent John W. Core

“In the early 1930s the exploits of gangsters in the United States were receiving worldwide publicity in newspapers and movies. Hoover took advantage of the G-men’s fame and popularity to publicize the achievements of the FBI in tracking down and capturing well-known criminals. Both the FBI’s size and its responsibilities grew steadily under his management.” Encyclopaedia Britannica  Notably, Hoover was in charge of the Bureau when famous outlaws like Machine Gun Kelly, John Dillinger and mobsters were terrorizing the country during prohibition and the Great Depression.

John Dillinger was Hoover’s FBI “Public Enemy No. 1.” A gangster in the 1930’s, the FBI suspected he and his ‘Dillinger Gang’ of robbing more than a dozen banks. Dillinger was convicted of killing an east Chicago police officer posthumously.


“This file photo shows Indiana Reformatory booking shots of John Dillinger, stored in the state archives, and shows the notorious gangster as a 21-year-old. Records show that Dillinger was admitted into the reformatory on Sept. 16, 1924. The body of the 1930s gangster is set to be exhumed from an Indianapolis cemetery more than 85 years after he was killed by FBI agents. The Indiana State Department of Health approved a permit July 3, 2019, that Dillinger’s nephew, Michael C. Thompson, sought to have the body exhumed from Crown Hill Cemetery and reinterred there.” (AP Photo/The Indianapolis Star, Charlie Nye, File)


People view Dillinger’s body in a Chicago morgue in July 1934. (Associated Press)

“Two relatives of notorious 1930s gangster John Dillinger who plan to have his remains exhumed as part of a television documentary say they have “evidence” the body buried in an Indianapolis cemetery may not be him and that FBI agents possibly killed someone else in 1934.

The FBI immediately disputed that idea, calling it a “myth” that its agents didn’t fatally shoot Dillinger outside a Chicago theater more than 85 years ago. The agency said in a statement that “a wealth of information supports Dillinger’s demise” including fingerprint matches.” CBS Chicago


In their affidavits, the two nephews of Dillinger question the identity of the man buried in the concrete encased grave due to the fact that Dillinger’s eye color, shape of the ears and fingerprints were not a match to their uncle. It was reported at the time that months before Dillinger was shot outside Chicago’s Biograph Theater, he had undergone  plastic surgery to alter his face and was said to have tried to remove his fingerprints with acid.

The FBI calls the question of whether or not it was in fact Dillinger killed that night ‘a common myth‘. The fact that the History Channel is making a documentary about his life calls into question of whether or not his exhumation is being done for the right reasons.

The Bonnie and Clyde reign of terror from 1930 till their deaths at the hands of a posse was comprised of police officers from Louisiana and Texas and a Texas Ranger on May 23, 1934. Hoover’s FBI helped with tracking the two and their gang using fingerprints, sharing information with law enforcement and distributing flyers, although the g-men only had a warrant on them for transporting stolen vehicle at the time.


Identification Order No. 1227 for Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, dated May 21, 1934.

What started out as taking out the gangs in the 1930’s morphed into foreign espionage under Franklin D. Roosevelt in the late 1930’s of communists and fascists activities in America. As Hoover’s power grew he began focusing on investigating and eradicating left wing radicals and organizations like the Ku Klux Klan, Black Panthers and Martin Luther King (MLK). Apparently Hoover despised Martin Luther King because of an extramarital affair with a white woman, and rumors abound that he orchestrated MLK’s assassination in 1968. It was revealed after Hoover’s death that his FBI had sent MLK a “Suicide Letter” prior to his death. A copy of the letter was found in Hoover’s private safe.


FBI MLK “Suicide” Letter


How J. Edgar Hoover Blackmailed The Kennedys! | National ...

John f. Kennedy, J. Edgar Hoover and Robert Kennedy

Hoover also allegedly kept secret files on the entire Kennedy family. Rumors of  JFK’s involvement with Marilyn Monroe, orgies, blackmail, bribery and even murders were reported by the National Inquirer who also alleges that Hoover’s secret files were used to control US Senator Ted Kennedy. Kennedy was involved in the 1969 drowning death of Mary Jo Kopechne who was pregnant at the time.  Hoover is rumored to have orchestrated not only MLK’s assassination but also of orchestrating both JFK and Bobby Kennedy’s assassinations too.

Operation Brownstone

“Stewart Webb alleges that an important key to the ‘control’ of the U.S. House and Senate has been the use of blackmail via ‘Operation Brownstone,’ led by individuals he calls CIA shadow government players … setting up legislators for blackmail through child pedophilia rings using both vulnerable male and female children from orphanages all across the United States.”Tom Flocco

Could Jeffrey Epstein be a ‘shadow government’ operative? It’s not beyond the realm of possibility. The people he hobnobbed with were definitely privy to many secrets.


(IUCr) 1948 1st Congress

1948 1st Congress


Back in Hoover’s day the US government apparently grew suspicious of the intelligence community and their power to manipulate other countries governments by secretly collecting information and cultivating assets in those countries.

When our Congress became “officially” aware of the CIA’s covert activities around 1948 they established an Oversight Committee.

“Congress’s awareness of, and involvement in, the third of the Agency’s functional areas: what has come to be called “covert action.”Generally speaking, covert actions are activities that the CIA might undertake in other countries to accomplish a US foreign policy objective without the hand of the US government becoming known or apparent to the outside world.Thus, it is something different from “collection”: it is doing something in another country beyond merely gathering information. The Agency might use the same people for both kinds of activity, but functionally, the Agency and
the Congress have treated these roles differently.”  Center for the Study of Intelligience


Seal of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.svg

“Hoover habitually used the FBI’s enormous surveillance and information-gathering powers to collect damaging information on politicians throughout the country, and he kept the most scurrilous data under his own personal control. He used his possession of these secret files to maintain himself as the FBI’s director and was apparently able to intimidate even sitting presidents by threatening to leak damaging disclosures about them.” Encyclopaedia Britannica 


Blackmail Can Work Both Ways


The FBI grew exponentially throughout Hoovers tenure as it’s director spanning 8 presidential administrations and during this time Hoover became very powerful and began wielding that power to spy on and blackmail people in our government and in the public sector. But why would he turn his back on the very foundations he had built the FBI upon? It’s possible that the powerful Mafia leaders were to blame.

While Hoover oversaw the FBI in it’s early days of taking down Mafia gangsters and gained much fame for doing so, he seemed uninterested in pursuing them later. It’s now believed that the Mafia had blackmailed Hoover into leaving them mostly alone. In the ABC News article entitled “J. Edgar Hoover: Gay or Just a Man Who Has Sex With Men?”

“In public, Hoover waged a vendetta against homosexuals and kept “confidential and secret” files on the sex lives of congressmen and presidents. But privately, according to some biographers, he had numerous trysts with men, including a lifelong affair with Tolson.”

“Roy Cohn, the lawyer who served as chief counsel to Sen. Joseph McCarthy in his anti-communist campaign of the 1950s and who successfully convicted Julius and Ethel Rosenberg of espionage, denied he was gay, despite an attraction to men. Cohn, who died of AIDS in 1986, was a contemporary of Hoover and according to one biography, the two attended sex parties together in New York in the 1950s.”

“Hoover’s degree of self-awareness may have been the same as Cohn’s. Despite his same-sex dalliances, he occasionally sought a “Mrs. Hoover” and even courted — albeit uncomfortably — actress Ginger Rogers’ mother and actress Dorothy Lamour.”

“Hoover’s neuroses were likely rooted in childhood: He was ashamed of his mentally ill father and was dependent on his morally righteous mother, Annie, well into middle age. Until her death in 1938, Hoover had no social life outside the office.”

“Ethel Merman, who had known Hoover since 1938, knew his sexual orientation. In 1978 when the actress was asked to comment on Anita Bryant’s anti-gay campaign, Merman told the reporter, “Some of my best friends are homosexual. Everybody knew about J. Edgar Hoover, but he was the best chief the FBI ever had.” Wikipedia


Hoover wasn’t the only government employee or famous person during this era to have tenuous ties to the Mafia. President Reagan through his association with MCA from his Hollywood days.

Thick as thieves: Hollywood powerhouse Lew Wasserman was Ronald Reagan's mentor, once described as 'the Godfather of the film industry.' A new documentary seen exclusively by MailOnline explores Wasserman's connections to the Mafia and how that influenced the man who would be president and his First Lady

Lew Wasserman with Nancy and Ronald Reagan

“Under Lew Wasserman’s brilliant and often brutal leadership, MCA’s hugely financially successful forms of mass entertainment have been popular for generations of couch potatoes and movie-goers: from Leave It to Beaver to Miami Vice on television; from American Graffiti to Jaws on the big screen. As a talent agency in the beginning, its rich acting stable had included  Errol Flynn, Greta Garbo, Fred Astaire, Joan Crawford and Henry Fonda and Bette Davis. Wasserman had personally signed and represented many of them. Charlton Heston once described Wasserman as the ‘Godfather of the film industry.”

“Richard Stavin, a former veteran federal prosecutor who was assigned to the Justice Department’s Organized Crime Strike Force in Los Angeles and was an integral member of the MCA-Mafia probe team, declared,

‘It’s my belief that MCA and its’ involvement with Mafia individuals, Mafia-dominated companies and our inability to pursue those was not happenstance. I believe it was an organized, orchestrated effort on the part of certain individuals within Washington, D.C. to keep a hands-off policy towards MCA.

‘At the time, Ronald Reagan was the President of the United States and Edwin Meese was the Attorney General of the United States [Stavin’s ultimate boss]. A little known fact was MCA and Lew Wasserman supported Ronald Reagan when he wanted to become president of the Screen Actors Guild, which was the launch of Mr. Reagan’s political career.

‘I would like to think that the people in the highest levels of this government were not protective of MCA…But I’m not so sure about that.” Daily Mail UK

What was Hoover hiding? Did he have salacious pictures and recordings of  Franklin D. Roosevelt with Lucy Mercer his mistress? What about the “New Deal” and WW2, did Hoover have files on those in the war department?  Did Hoover and LBJ have anything to do with MLK, JFK and Bobby Kennedy’s assassinations? Sadly, we may never find out the answers to these any many more questions surrounding Hoover.

With Jeffrey Epstein now dead, there is no one to stop investigators from performing a full search of all his properties and records.

What is to come? Hopefully thorough investigations of not only Epstein but of his co-conspirators will now be made without legal roadblocks. They may think they have dodged the bullet with his death, but we are now entering a whole new episode in the decades long honeypot blackmail scheme. It’s possible that information which his lawyers would have fought against being used in his trial will now be released to the public.

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