I Sure Do Hope They’re Using Proper Pronouns…

I Sure Do Hope They’re Using Proper Pronouns…

Posted by Maggie on  in General News

And 60 years later, it’s looking like Joe’s got his own Missiles of October, eh?

CBS News VIDEO: 101st Airborne Division deployed to Europe to bolster NATO

Kristinn Taylor: Biden Inches Closer to WWIII: US Troops on Ukraine-Romania Border in “Combat Deployment” Prepare to Invade and Fight Russian Forces in Ukraine

Larry Johnson: Threats of a Dirty Bomb in Ukraine Reminiscent of Obama’s Red Line in Syria

Meanwhile, Brandon’s been so great at this foreign policy stuff, right?…

Peter Kasperowicz: Biden’s plan to rescue Afghan allies is failing due to State Department backlog: ‘325,000 unopened emails’: Biden pledged to help Afghan allies but bureaucratic red tape is backlogging SIV applications

~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

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