Impeachment Follies: A Film By Adam Schiff

Impeachment Follies: A Film By Adam Schiff

As more information continues to surface disclosing the rampant criminality of the Obama administration, the impeachment coup is unraveling before our eyes. The conflicts of interest among participants and the lack of any first hand information or evidence other than assumptions and presuppositions is disturbing to the extreme. What we have been witnessing is unlike anything that has played out in the convoluted world of realpolitik in decades.

Rudy Giuliani Has Evidence Fusion GPS’s Glenn Simpson Was in Ukraine in 2016 While Working on Fraudulent Steele Dossier and Manafort Black Book

During a recent appearance on the Glenn Beck program, Rudy Giuliani laid out some incredible allegations regarding Fusion GPS’s Glenn Simpson, whom everyone should recall from the Russian Collision hoax. Simpson is the one who had the ‘Forrest Gump-like encounter‘ with Adam Schiff at the Aspen Institute during the Mueller investigation which both claimed was simply a ‘coincidence.’ Schiff appears to have a pattern of coaching witnesses, like he did with Michael Cohen.

While on the Glenn Beck program Giuliani claimed:

…it [the evidence Giuliani received from a tip] included specific information that was developed by the Ukrainians that was turned over to the DNC and that was used to try to stop Trump from getting elected, used in mid-2016. It also included a lot of evidence that the Steele dossier was produced in Ukraine, in Kiev, and also things I didn’t know, like Glenn Simpson spent a fair amount of time there during the time that the dossier was being written and that the document that reopened the Manafort investigation [the Black Ledger] went through the Glenn Simpson company and that there were real questions about whether it wasn’t a fraud….

During a recent interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd, Glenn Simpson revealed he has been bank-rolled by George Soros:

Simpson asserted that the investigation is more broadly ‘investigating Russia’s efforts to affect and disrupt western democracies’ and acknowledged they are receiving funding from the Democracy Integrity Project, a group backed by liberal billionaire George Soros that was founded in 2017 by a former staffer to Democratic California Sen. Dianne Feinstein. – Washington Examiner

Almost everyone involved in the Russia Collusion hoax and this latest extension of the ‘insurance policy’ impeachment sham, has ties to George Soros. It would appear he had a strong hand in U.S. foreign policy and aid during the Obama administration, despite the fact that he was never elected and is not a civil servant.

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman accused the president and investigative journalist John Solomon and Rudy Giuliani, among others, of promoting ‘false narratives’ even as he advised the Ukrainians not to listen to the president’s directives.

It has been reported that Adam Schiff had met with alleged leaker-blower Eric Ciaramella BEFORE he had even filed his ‘complaint.’ I believe that this was a Lawfare strategy meeting and it goes against the process and procedure for filing a legitimate whistleblower complaint.

Now we are learning more about Alexandra Chalupa, the Ukrainian DNC operative who was involved in the 2016 election interference against the Trump Campaign.

According to the Gateway Pundit:

Alexandra ‘Ali’ Chalupa is a Democratic National Committee operative linked to Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and fake “whistleblower” / CIA analyst Eric Ciaramella.

However even the usually well-informed Rep. Nunes seems to have missed one of the biggest bombshells of the Democrats’ 2016 election interference that’s been hiding in plain sight: Chalupa’s admission she was involved in a plot to scan a number of states’ voting systems with Obama’s Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security in what Chalupa says is  a DC unit of the hackivist group ‘Anonymous.’

The Chalupa confession that the DOJ and DHS were hacking into state’s voting systems without the state’s permission is troubling enough, but the added detail about federal agencies working with an unknown independent hacking group raises serious national and cyber security issues.

This shocking Democratic election interference has received almost no media attention. It’s the sort of story the Democrats would love to be able to dismiss as conspiracy theory but they can’t.

That’s because the unauthorized intrusions into a number of state voting systems on Election Day was admitted to in a Facebook post by Alexandra Chalupa and then appears to be corroborated by reporting months later that shows that a number of states seem to have had their voting system scanned by computers at the Department of Homeland Security.

Almost all the reporting about DNC operative Chalupa has either revolved around her admitted collaboration with Ukrainian officials in Washington DC to ‘get dirt on Trump’ and then campaign-chair Paul Manafort in early 2016, a story originally reported by Politico magazine in January, 2017. 

Chalupa also grabbed a few headlines when it was revealed that she’d been invited to the White House by Eric Ciaramella, the CIA analyst who has been reported to be the ‘whistleblower’ who helped engineer the Democrat’s sham impeachment inquiry.

Democrats must be very nervous right now hoping that nobody notices that Chalupa, who worked closely with former DNC chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, spilled the beans on a scandal that could be one that sees Obama administration officials locked up once and for all. – The Gateway Pundit

If Chalupa was indeed working with hackers from the so-called ‘anonymous’ collective, one has to wonder if all of this has anything to do with a NYT resistance op-ed and now book regarding anonymous individuals inside the Trump administration attempting to subvert it from the inside. It also begs the question, was Guccifer 2.0 a DNC creation hired to fake Russian fingerprints? Was this person one of Ali’s hacker friends?

Disobedient Media reports the following:

The veracity of alleged ‘Russian hacking fingerprints’ reported by cyber firm Crowdstrike on the DNC’s servers have been facing renewed scrutiny in recent weeks. If it can be proven that evidence of ‘Russian Hacking’ had been simulated by the creators of Guccifer 2.0, then the essential fabric of the ‘Russian Hacking’ narrative would unravel. The creation of Guccifer 2.0, and the intent behind its creation, may have a profound effect on establishing the real source of the DNC leaks.

The website G2-Space by Adam Carter has become a repository for documents relating to Guccifer 2.0, who asserts that the alleged hacker was an artificial creation intended to associate Russian involvement with the DNC leaks. This week Carter reported to Disobedient Media that he was contacted by an individual he believes worked as a military intelligence agent during the Obama administration, which added weight to the questions raised by the content of his site.

Disobedient Media previously reported that to date, Crowdstrike is the only entity which has been allowed access to the DNC servers. Crowdstrike concluded the DNC servers had been hacked and identified evidence of ‘Russian hacking’ had occurred. Disobedient Media has noted that Crowdstrike is linked to billionaire George Soros through the Atlantic CouncilPolitico also reported that George Soros gave $8 million in funding to Hillary Clinton’s campaign through various super-pacs. After Clinton lost the 2016 Presidential election The Wall Street Journal reported Soros had lost almost $1 billion due to a stock rally. That Soros would fund Clinton’s campaign with simultaneous ties to Crowdstrike raises serious questions regarding their objectivity. – Disobedient Media

I have long suspected this to be the case. The death of Seth Rich, which remains unsolved, along with statements made by Wikileaks’ Julian Assange, seems to add more weight to the idea that there was no hack of the DNC servers; rather a disgruntled Bernie Saunders-supporting DNC insider leaked the information. The article continues:

Crowdstrike was also forced to retract some of their claims recently regarding evidence of Russian hacking. On March 23rd, 2017, Voice of America (VOA) ran a damning piece citing British think tank the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), who stated that CrowdStrike erroneously used IISS data as proof of the intrusion. Furthermore, the IISS disavowed any connection to the CrowdStrike report. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense also claimed that the combat losses and hacking never happened, meaning that Crowdstrike had apparently fabricated facts and details in the report completely. Crowdstrike was humiliatingly forced to retract portions of the report after speaking with an IISS research associate for defense and military analysis. This back-paddling fueled concerns regarding Crowdstrike’s credibility.

Guccifer 2.0 had claimed responsibility for the first of the leaks on June 15th last year. Disobedient Media previously reported on Guccifer 2.0’s private messages with actress Robyn Young. The private messages demonstrated a stark contradiction with Guccifer2.0’s initial claims that they had hacked the DNC, as they referred to Seth Rich as their ‘source.’ Our previous coverage of this conversation supported the conclusion that Rich may have been the original leaker of the DNC emails to Wikileaks, but most likely had nothing to do with Guccifer2.0 or Russian Hacking.

Seth Rich had been a DNC data analyst and staffer before he was killed in July last year. That August, Fox News reported Wikileaks founder Julian Assange strongly implied Seth Rich was the source for the DNC leaks. The Washington Post also noted that Wikileaks also offered a $20,000 reward for information leading to a conviction in Seth Rich’s murder. Assange’s statements and Wikileaks’s reward have been interpreted by many to be an indication that Rich was the original source of the DNC emails. – Disobedient Media

It would appear that Crowdstrike’s use of the term ‘fancy bear’ and ‘cozy bear’ could have been a dig at Seth Rich who had been described by the Washington Post as the ‘guy who showed up in panda suits’ and whose alleged internet handle may have been panda.

Back to Rudy Giuliani. Rudy was hired as a personal attorney for President Trump to represent his client back during the Russia Collusion hoax and obtain factual information that would prove his client’s (the president’s) innocence.

Rudy indicates that Schiff may be covering up corruption not only in Ukraine, but potentially other countries as well. This is interesting, as Rudy has mentioned Romania in the past. We know that Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, as well as Lt. Col. Vindman were both born in Russia. Anons have made some interesting connections:

Marie was the one allegedly monitoring journalists and Trump allies like John Solomon and Sara Carter. According to Judicial Watch:

Judicial Watch is investigating if prominent conservative figures, journalists and persons with ties to President Donald Trump were unlawfully monitored by the State Department in Ukraine at the request of ousted U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, an Obama appointee. Yovanovitch testified ‘in secret’ to the House impeachment inquiry against Trump on Friday, October 11, 2019. Her ‘secret’ testimony was leaked to the New York Times during the hearing.

Judicial Watch has obtained information indicating Yovanovitch may have violated laws and government regulations by ordering subordinates to target certain U.S. persons using State Department resources. Yovanovitch reportedly ordered monitoring keyed to the following search terms: Biden, Giuliani, Soros and Yovanovitch.  Judicial Watch has filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the State Department and will continue gathering facts from government sources. – Judicial Watch

Anons also looked into the background of Lt. Col. Vindman and found some very interesting connections:

Leonid Vindman is the older brother of the Vindman twins, Alexander and Eugene.

If this isn’t disturbing enough, we have now learned that the FBI lawyer who altered FISA documents worked for the current Intelligence Community Inspector General who edited the IC ‘whistleblower’ complaint in an attempt to legitimize Schiff’s impeachment sham:

A cache of 100 documents has been released regarding State Department records of Giuliani and Ukraine related communications with Department officials.

The last forty pages are very interesting.

John Solomon has responded to Vindman’s claims that he was pushing ‘false narratives’ with a timeline of events backed up by documentation.

Responding to Lt. Col. Vindman about my Ukraine columns … with the facts

What we see here is the old guard in their death throes, attempting to hold onto power at all costs and prevent any investigation into their decades long crime sprees. They use their allies in the media to lay down a fog to cover it, to paraphrase Jonathon Moseley of Canada Free Press.

In the Soviet Union, pretending to fight corruption was just a ploy to attack rival crime families.  The officials would round up the competition, then tell the public that they were cleaning up the city.  Then they would move in and steal society blind themselves.  So claiming that Viktor Shokin was weak on fighting corruption bears much more careful scrutiny.

Fifth:  Every witness in the Adam Schiff Impeachment Show testified that the President was exclusively focused on Ukraine’s interference in the U.S. 2016 presidential election.   You must listen to the actual testimony at (which lets you fast-forward).  Don’t take my word for it.  You can listen for yourself.  So now you have no excuse.

No one—no witness—thought that anything about Trump’s requests of Ukraine had anything to do with the 2020 presidential election.  The witnesses mostly testified that they know absolutely nothing except they think they should set foreign policy not the President, they are sore that President Donald Trump did not listen to their opinions, and Trump must confront that we are at war with Russia.   (We are?).  Those who claim actual knowledge say that Trump was pushing for an investigation into the 2016 election.

 So the Bidens actually are central to the Democrats’ Impeachment Theatre Show.  If the President was authorized and obligated to investigate incidents under the Obama Administration and in the 2016 election, then Trump did nothing wrong.  Indeed, Trump did everything right.  As the chief law enforcement officer and the Constitutional official charged with foreign policy, President Trump was obligated to ask Ukraine for its assistance in investigating, clearing up, or helping prosecute any crimes that occurred in 2014 through 2016. Whether there was a reason to demand an investigation by Ukraine is central. – Canada Free Press

Show trials and the use of the global mainstream mockingbird press are classic Communist Bolshevik tactics. They used to have what are colloquially referred to as public ‘struggle sessions.’ A struggle session was a form of public humiliation and torture that was used by the Communist Party of China in the Mao era, particularly during the Cultural Revolution, to shape public opinion and humiliate, persecute, or execute political rivals and those deemed class enemies. In general, the victim of a struggle session was forced to admit various crimes before a crowd of people who would verbally and physically abuse the victim until he or she confessed. Struggle sessions were often held at the workplace of the accused, but they were sometimes conducted in sports stadiums where large crowds would gather if the target was well-known. This is how they would avoid having to deal with pesky things like due process and facts. The curtain has been pulled back to reveal the decrepit wizards for who and what they really are: morally bankrupt and living on borrowed time as logos continues to rise. 

Coming Soon to a theater near you!

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Great info @Radix Verum thank you so much for what you do. My health allows to cheer you and other patriots on, sadly potus came to late in my life but I am so so happy he did. keep up the good fight Beyond the next four years , love you all