In My View

In My View

In ’66 I was sent to Vietnam as a pilot. I made it out, more or less in one piece, in ’69. After, I flew 5 years in African conflict areas … I’ve seen the best and worst humans can do to and for each other. I have no illusions. When I touched down in the “Pearl of the Orient” (Saigon, as it was then called) I was 26 and had been through a good school but still, I was politically naive. It took about 6 months for me to understand that we had no interest in either ending or winning the Vietnam War.

I learned, as did everyone who thought about it, that we could have done so in a few weeks by a full press invasion into Hanoi and North Vietnam immediately after the French got their ass whooped …

It was known, then and now, that China and the Soviets wouldn’t have done a damned thing to stop us. Instead, by design, we piecemealed the war, matching the communist build-up year after year just to keep it going.

The way this criminal business was engineered was truly brilliant. Nixon and Johnson, along with McNamara, had no idea what was really going on — useful idiots. Westy, busy preening and counting dead commies, was equally in the dark. The only guy who really knew what was going on and why (and whose finger was in the pie) was good ole Henry Kissinger …

The kind of wars we have fought since 1945 were engineered and extended solely to generate trillions in profits for the arms manufacturers and the crooked politicians who found then and now find reasons to start and keep wars going. Once I got the picture, I have never once believed anything any government ever said or says about anything ever!

All the wonderful young guys who died and were maimed since ’45 were sacrificial lambs, slaughtered on the alter of mammon. Not a single politician (or REMF ass-kissing general officer) who took the kickbacks (most did) from the weapons makers, ever gave a rat’s ass about those kids.

And today, in this new and very strange war, we have a total idiot like Mark Milley squealing Marxist nonsense like Critical Race Theory whilst drumming real patriots out of the military. Meanwhile, the whacky “wokers” are cheering on the perverts and freaks prancing about in pink camo speedos and feathers!

So, what’s going on? Based on my (now ingrained) distrust of government (as mentioned above), in my view we’re living through the end of the American experiment. No matter how things turn out, it will never be the same. The “new normal” will be a huge and very unpleasant surprise to those who survive- many may well envy those who didn’t!

The rigged election, the bio-war attack by China, followed by the PLO cyber attack on the voting machines, the massive acts of high treason by the DNC to get rid of Trump and put the demented husk and his bent-buds into the WH — all that led up to the real purpose of the effort (i.e.) the killer vaccine — the principal focus of the Globalist plan the over-world has been pushing since 1919 …

In my view, after researching the deadly components in the vax and listening to many experts, I’m persuaded that most who took the juice (and don’t and didn’t croak immediately as many have) may in 24 to 36 months. Perhaps some who survive will suffer cognitive damage such that they might as well be dead. That, of course, means perhaps 95 million or more in the US and perhaps a billion (or more) worldwide. To understand what that means, have a read of DIM VIEW at-

Many were forced into taking the vax because of their job. Personally, I would quit first and many have. It’s illegal, (as per the Nuremburg Code) unconscionable and plain wrong for anyone or any company or government to force anyone to take an “experimental” or otherwise drug” of any kind for any reason. The pressure we’re seeing today to “juice” the entire human population by any and all means, fair or foul, is unprecedented and frightening. Of course, whatever this evil business is, you know the big pharma companies who make the shit are in on it.

Who else is included in this evil cabal? For sure the diminutive and disingenuous Dr. Fauci, Ole Billy Gates, Georgie (the old Nazi) Soros, the UN, the Chinese communist party and all the politicians receiving the enormous kick-backs from the “juice” manufacturers.

So, how can we know who the enemies of humanity truly are? Easy, the ones behind this are those elite big shots who are still alive because they didn’t take the poison. If anything, they had water (saline or something inert) injected on TV. You can be absolutely certain that no trace of the vax is in them. Before we hang them, tests can determine this positively. Then they can swing!

However, as satisfying as payback in this case may be, once half or more of all humans are dead and gone, the victorious over-world, those who manage to escape our wrath, will inherit a depleted, destroyed, demoralized and disorganized highly vulnerable world where they, with their immense wealth and power, may well wind up fully in charge of everything that’s left, living high on the now much depleted, emaciated proverbial hog — just as they’d planned!


Robert J. Firth is an airline pilot with 42 years experience flying aircraft worldwide. Robert lived and worked many countries throughout his career, including 3 years in Vietnam, 5 in Africa and 12 in Europe and Russia as well as in Taiwan and HKK. Learn more here:

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