Is Cheney’s Ouster from GOP Leadership a

Is Cheney’s Ouster from GOP Leadership a “Fundamental Attack on Truth?”

That’s the headline from an article written by Bill McCormick, S.J., a contributing editor of the Jesuit publication for Catholics and others, America Media, which offers world news through the Catholic mind.

In summary the article takes the position that the 2020 election was not stolen, even though investigations as to the truth of that statement are continuing to demonstrate otherwise. Nevertheless, Fr. McCormick contends that as long as the Republicans reject the ‘truth’ as America Media sees it (that Donald Trump lost and the GOP has to  stop complaining that Joe Biden “stole the election”), they cannot offer America a party presentation of a moral compass for pro-life rights, marriage-rights and social justice. And Senate Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy with others are missing the truth because they discharged Liz Cheney who voted to impeach Trump for inciting a crowd to riot and invade the halls of Congress. This is the fundamental truth as they conclude:

The ouster of Ms. Cheney is an affront to the truth at multiple levels. First, Mr. Biden did not steal the 2020 presidential election. (Even House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy acknowledged this after the voice vote to remove Ms. Cheney, as Senator Mitch McConnell has several times.) Second, most if not all Republican elites know that he did not steal the election, but are lying because they feel trapped by their own inability to craft a post-Trump Republican Party, and because they have been so successful at deluding much of their base. Most disturbingly, the G.O.P. is clearly spreading falsehoods to justify reserving to itself the option to reverse any future election result it does not like.

The consequences of the Republican Party’s recklessness is not confined to the political arena. They also concern anyone who cares about religion, and not the least Catholics. If the Republican Party won’t face the reality of the Capitol Hill putsch, how many Americans will decide that the claims about moral truth are just cynical lies? How many will conclude that the “real” truth is that there is no truth?

It’s hypocritical for America Media to put forward Liz Cheney as a virtuous paragon of the Republican party. They didn’t respect Liz Cheney’s moral character, when they wrote “like father like daughter” back in 2010 when reporting about the job she was doing in Congress.   Here’s what they said:

Mr. Cheney will go down in history as one of the most sinister men to ever hold office in the United States and it appears his daughter wishes to join him in the annals of political shame.

As described, if Ms. Cheney is sinister like her father, then her ouster should be no affront to the truth at any level. America Media doesn’t describe any virtuous path in her journey from young Congress person to House GOP leadership. 

Author McCormick states:

The church does not and cannot take sides in partisan debates, but it preaches the truth. Its mission is affected by people’s attitudes toward the truth. But if a political party actively denies the possibility of the truth, then it undercuts the mission of the church.

This is nonsense. The mission of the Christian church is to preach the Gospel and take it to all the world. The Bible as the word of God is the controlling element. The Catholic church is a top down operation of ordained ministers, directions go down the chain, not up. The church mission continues, irrespective of political parties or people’s attitudes toward the truth. And Father McCormick says the church cannot take sides in partisan debates? What does he call it when he, as a member of the Catholic clergy, wants to interject his thoughts into a partisan debate about who won, who lost and how the election was done? Let’s examine this allegation:

most if not all Republican elites know that he did not steal the election, but are lying because they feel trapped by their own inability to craft a post-Trump Republican Party.

This is inexcusable sloppy reporting for a journalist, much worse for one professing to be a follower of Christ. Who are the Republican elites? What is the source, or who are the two or more witnesses necessary to establish a fact by the Bible? McCormick can’t know what these elites are thinking. This is an opinion and the way it is presented, it borders on slander if there are names associated with the allegation. Slander in the press is usually hard to prove on earth, but God knows what it is, and the Catholic Bible says slanderers will not inherit the kingdom of heaven, along with fornicators, adulterers, liars and robbers.  Look at a few Catholic translations of this admonition from the Book of James:

Do not criticize [speak ill of, slander] one another, my brothers and sisters. If you criticize fellow-Christians or judge them, you criticize the Law and judge it. If you judge the Law, then you are no longer one who obeys the Law, but one who judges it. God is the only lawgiver and judge. He alone can save and destroy. Who do you think you are, to judge someone else? ~~‭‭James‬ ‭4:11-12‬ ‭Good News Bible  (Catholic Edition in Septuagint Order)

Sometimes America Media seems as irresponsible as their secular brothers in the mainstream media.  

Fox News is far from perfect, but it presents a balanced view of news better than America Media. Fox covered it. Where was America Media when Covington’s Catholic kids were accused of taunting the Native American drummer? Would the Jesuits have supported the kids if they were wearing Biden caps instead Trump’s MAGA caps? Even when later, more information came in to mitigate what the kids were doing? Silence. Nothing to report there?

But to the matter, America Media reported the incident at the Capitol. They took the secular road and followed the shabby method that CNN did with the Covington kids, to rush the story, unbalanced and didn’t alter their Trump’s “insurrection” story when the mitigating facts came in. That should have happened on January 17 2021 in the New York Times story with title: “RALLIES AHEAD OF THE CAPITOL RIOT WERE PLANNED BY ESTABLISHED WASHINGTON INSIDERS.” And now America Media brings Cheney forward as a lone Republican voice of reason after they have suggested in 2010 she has no credibility because of her family ties.

Speaking for myself, let’s dismiss the rest of this story. Not all Republicans are saying that Biden stole the election. We do think that it’s possible that agents acting on Biden’s behalf did acts that opened the election to massive fraud likely preventing the Trump win. And we deny McCormick’s assertion that we are working to overturn the election. We realize that political processes have expiration dates, but there are no expiration dates for investigating fraud, as demonstrated by the Democrats when to this day, they continue investigations of Trump without success. 

CNN and MSNBC show more favorable coverage to the presidential office with Democrats installed. In general, they publish more positive stories toward Democrats than Republicans. I wish I could say there’s a distinct difference between Jesuits’ America Media coverage and the secular MSM, but for covering the 2020 election and its aftermath, there’s not. 

Following the riot, the editor at large Father James Martin spoke about their investigation of rallies and the riot in a YouTube video. I think it reflected poorly on America Media’s integrity. It also lacks a pastor’s touch (Martin and McCormick are priests in addition to this magazine job). Describing the work process, Martin speaks about the riot, in selected bits from his published article, which  states:

church teaching leaves the final choice on voting to an individual’s formed conscience, recognizing that there are many important issues that a voter might have to consider. 

Quoting from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops document “Faithful Citizenship”:

There may be times when a Catholic… may reasonably decide to vote for that (unacceptable) candidate for other morally grave reasons.

Martin elaborates:

One “morally grave reason” would be if the pro-life candidate were unhinged, unfit to govern or somehow posed a threat to the republic—as President Trump confirmed he was by inciting a mob that attacked the U.S. Capitol, causing a stunningly violent riot that left five people dead.

Notice he didn’t say “appears to be inciting a mob…” then amazingly, he blames Catholic bishops and priests? 

Can anyone doubt that the moral calculus proposed by some Christian leaders, including Catholic priests and bishops, framed in the language of pure good versus pure evil, contributed to the presence of so many rioters brandishing overtly Christian symbols as they carried out their violence?

And lastly he lays bare his very un-Christ like behavior with this title “How Catholic Leaders Helped Give Rise to Violence at the U.S. Capitol.”

It’s a major disappointment that he would cast the Catholics supporting Trump into the masses that are swayed by the political rhetoric. 

Aren’t some of those “rioters” his discerning, born-again Catholics that know right from wrong? Encouraged to search all  things for truth with an “individual’s formed conscience?”  Who is America Media to judge “truth?”

These so-called Christian publications proclaim to speak for Christians but smears Catholics for being Trump supporters as “rioters,” while defending the pro-abortion Left. They have the audacity to condemn Christians for simply questioning the outcome of the election. This is happening despite apparent video evidence and sworn oaths of illegal activity, where the courts throw out the lawsuits before looking at any evidence. The Jesuit America Media ignores traditional procedures for fair reporting as well as Biblical standards for dealing with their Christian brothers and sisters.

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