Is Spiritual Warfare Real?

Is Spiritual Warfare Real?

We keep hearing we are in a spiritual battle

Q has told us many times “this is a spiritual battle,” “it is going to be Biblical,” “put on the whole armor,” “God wins!!” and has quoted scripture on many occasions in posts. We have also heard from many Christians on the prophetic side and many believers talking about having dreams and visions about the spiritual battles around Donald Trump and the elections we are going through now.

What is the first thing you think of?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear one of these terms or someone speaking to you about them?

  • Spiritual warfare
  • This is a spiritual battle
  • We are all in a spiritual battle
  • In this spiritual battle there is no neutral position – you must choose a side
  • Any of the other things mentioned above


For many, the first (and maybe the only) thing that comes to mind is taking on evil or fighting demons head on. While this is truly a part of spiritual warfare, sometimes the greatest and most powerful spiritual battles we will fight are simply living out our daily lives God’s way. Many will never face a demon or pure evil, but that does not mean we do not have spiritual battles to fight if we are truly following God and are trying to live for Him. Quite the contrary.

What is the true spiritual battle we face?

If it is true that “the greatest and most powerful spiritual battles we will fight are simply living out our daily lives God’s way,” then what is the spiritual battle all about? To simply fight against evil everywhere we see it? Well, yes and no. As Christians or true believers in Christ, our ultimate calling is directed in John 3:16 and 17 (King James Version)

16) For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
17) For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

God wants to restore His relationship with every man, woman and child alive today or that will be born in the future. The last thing the enemy (lucifer, satan, the devil – what ever you want to call him) wants is for anyone to return to God and nurture that relationship. He hates everything that God loves, and that means that the enemy hates you and wants you to suffer his same fate, eternal separation from God. If they want that relationship with God, every man, woman and child must choose it for themselves. That is where the battle lies in helping point others to God so “that whosoever believes in Him [Jesus] shall not perish.” You must understand that the enemy will do everything he can to attract you to choose him, not God. John 10:10 says (King James Version)

10) The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

The choice is to follow the enemy who hates us and wants the worst for us, or to follow Jesus (God) who came to give us abundant life. It is just that simple. In Joshua 24:15 we are advised, “choose you this day whom ye will serve.”

Why would so many choose someone who hates them?

Our enemy is a great liar and deceiver. He will do anything he can to make you think choosing him is the right choice. God has given every individual the free will to choose or reject Him. True love is a choice, not a programmed response. I do not love my family because I have to or cannot do anything else. That would not be love. It would be forced servitude.

True spiritual warfare is for us to help others make the correct choice to return to God, to help them not make choices that allow the enemy a foothold in their lives and how to remove the enemy once he has that foothold. Personal spiritual warfare is to identify where the enemy has entered into our lives and take the proper steps to remove him.

My personal experience in this area

I spent several years studying areas such as:

  • UFO/Alien abduction (this is more serious than you think and part of end time deception)
  • The Occult and Witchcraft
  • Satanism/Luciferianism
  • New Age/New World order
  • Masons, Illuminati, Agenda 21/2030
  • Hollywood, movies, TV, musical ties to the occult
  • Watched video/Listened to audio testimonies of former witches, satanist and occultist


I cannot say I am an expert in any of these, but I have learned enough to know what they are, what to look for in everyday life, and in some cases to identify a common thread running through them.

I have been there

I have also had first hand experience with direct spiritual warfare. I was delivered from depression, anger and other things. I learned that the assaults on my spirit were direct result of spiritual influence in my family history. I have prayed over other people who also have been delivered and healed.

I almost died as a result of demonic attachments in my home and have seen demons manifest while praying with others for the salvation of someone. What would most people do if they were praying for someone and a demon manifested during the prayer? Call the pastor or someone else from their church, tell the person to stop acting that way, or stop praying with them? Would YOU know what to do?


I am just an average person like most here with a family and a career highly demanding of my time. I have no college education, no formal Bible or seminary training and I am just trying to get through all the stresses of the matrix like everyone else.

If the kinds of things I have gone through could happen to me, I can assure you it can happen to anyone. It may be happening to many of you today and you may not even aware of it because the enemy’s attacks can be hidden and very subtle. He is in no rush to bring you down.


You must understand how the enemy operates and what his schemes and tactics are. If you do not understand that, you will never have victory in your own life, or be of help to your loved ones who may be under serious spiritual attack.

When I began this posting, I stated that for many of us “the greatest and most powerful spiritual battles we will fight are simply living out our daily lives God’s way” and that is true. For some of us, however, God has called and equipped us to take on the enemy on his own turf and be victorious doing it. In the future I will be writing more on spiritual warfare to help train some of you to fight the enemy head to head, and for others how to fight the enemy in their daily lives.

In most cases I will be speaking more from a perspective of first hand experience with various aspects of spiritual warfare and what I have learned as a result of going through those battles. For example, I have learned how the enemy can operate in people’s lives and it is not always the way we have been lead to believe.

My effort here is to be about God, His mercy, love and willingness to help everyone. It is not about me. When I write or speak on this topic I am talking about my personal experiences, what I have learned and what I have done to help defeat the enemy. I am simply a tool being used. Some people mistakenly say my talks and writing sound as though they are about me, but it is about Him and how I was used to point others to Him.


You can find many of my talks on PSB on my You Tube channel at and more specifically a talk on spiritual warfare in general at

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