Is There A Jeffrey Epstein/Weiner Laptop Connection?

Is There A Jeffrey Epstein/Weiner Laptop Connection?

Could there be a connection between the Anthony Weiner case and the Jeffrey Epstein case? Is it possible investigators found something on Anthony Weiners ‘life insurance’ file that related to Jeffrey Epstein?

Tracy Beanz of UncoverDC has begun to research this thread:

What are your thoughts? Is there an Epstein/Weiner connection also? Did Huma and Anthony keep some kind of files on the Clinton’s that contained information relating to the Clinton’s visits to the Island?

Let us know your thoughts below!

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DG Dayne
DG Dayne
2 years ago

Wow! Maybe Trump should appoint her to SDNY! Now that Pantaleo is out, and free from prosecution, the NYPD can jump on this.

Bradley Pogue
Bradley Pogue
1 year ago

Want to know what I heard was on the laptop, youtube frazzeldrip. Want to see something else? Find out who owns the island next to Epstein’s