Jeffrey Epstein's Pimp

Jeffrey Epstein’s Pimp

A deeper dive into the underbelly of Ukraine’s Human Trafficking

The Pimp Had a Pimp

We have lately come to deal with a very uncomfortable truth that the world is governed and run by Elite Pedophiles. That is a hell of a way to lead an article, but we must acknowledge the truth of it. Heads of state, ministers, presidents, and lately even princes, all seem to be part of a perverse loosely organized club of depravity. And the fact that we entrust many of these vile creatures to govern within our countries, places them in the position of being alleged Elite Murdering Pedophiles. It would be a hell of a thing to find out a few million people died in the Middle East at the hands of some malfeasant degenerate.

Clearly, there is a precedent with Bill Clinton, the 1995 bombing campaign of Bosnia, and more objectionably with the bombing of Yugoslavia. The latter was the first time NATO had used military force without the approval of the United Nations Security Council. Not that we have much faith in the UN or their raping blue helmets.  But history does repeat itself, doesn’t it?

Global elite pedophilia used to be neatly hidden in the closet, but now a movement seems to be underfoot to normalize the unspeakable. And hardly a person on the planet would attempt to deny that Bill “Slick Willy” Clinton is an alleged sexual deviant, particularly in light of his 27 trips on the Lolita Express, and his multiple trips to Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Saint James Island for sexual tourism. Bill Clinton is the alleged poster child for Elite Murdering Pedophiles.

I didn’t have to dig very deeply to uncover some truly disturbing facts. A brief perusal of news articles from Romanian newspapers was enough to convince me that a systemic infection of child trafficking was underway in the Balkans, fueled by Western money, and the desire of rich pedophiles for little white girls that would become the target of their depraved fantasies. I found an average of ten articles a year specific to Child Trafficking in the main Romanian newspapers dating from the period 2009 to 2017. I looked at the Adevărul mainly, also, but also, and others. Articles about Child Trafficking were numerous for each year. Headlines like this one from 2017 were disturbing:

Ukraine Says Help Yourself to Child Pornography

It wasn’t long before I was doing historical research within the Ukrainian news agencies. And be clear, I am not tossing Ukraine under the bus, or any of the Balkan or Eastern European states. The only ones getting tossed under the bus currently are the Elite Pedophiles. Eastern Europe has been courageously fighting to protect their children and prevent access to the rich and powerful who oppose them.

Several factors fuel this scourge. One of them is poverty. Currently, the two worst-affected countries also happen to be the poorest, Ukraine and Moldova. These rich pedophiles take advantage of the economic hardships of the citizenry. Wealthy westerners could prey upon Bangladeshi or Nigerian children, and perhaps do, but most of them desire little white girls for their sick fantasies. Regional conflict and poverty made eastern Europe ripe for the pickings.

Scouring archived articles in Ukrainian new sources from the early 2000s  led me to a very public figure, Peter Listerman. He was a frequent lurker around the fashion shows in the Ukraine and also in Russia. He is a self-professed pimp for the global elite. Men of power and wealth allegedly come to him cash in hand for girls. Very publicly, this flamboyant creature has operated in broad daylight for the last two decades and has amassed a fortune from his illicit dealings. You might be tempted to question or defend him, but what is it that he does? It is no less than high profile Human Trafficking for the world’s rich and lecherous.

Listerman is the public face of Human Trafficking in Eastern Europe. And by his own public admissions, he has “fallen in love” with 16-year-old children, married them, and impregnated them.  This is a man who could easily be their grandfather in age. And the behavior has repeated numerous times now to his sixth “wife.” These facts come from what is publicly in print and from his personal quotes. God only knows what the real truth is. He was probably “in love” with them at the age of 12 or 10.  One of his clients, Jeffrey Epstein, charged with various sexual crimes in the United States, is documented to have taken girls 14 years in age. This is only what we know – the Facts. The Truth is always even more horrific.

Do I use this for personal purposesOf courseI have five wives and each of them [has a] child. choose the most awesome, manipulate hershe gives birth to a baby. And then, when she bothers mesell her to an oligarchNow I have a new calfShe is eighteen years old, pregnant – she will give birth to my sixth. (link) 

With Christina we had love, we lived together for five years without change … I met her sixteen year-old girl in one of the Paris Studio. Fell in love at first sight. (link)

The second wife, Kristina Semenovskaya is …

 … noteworthy that the new spouse at the time marriage was only sixteen years old. However, despite this, in the late nineties she was already a successful model and had a valid contract with Christian Dior.  (link)

I provide these quotes and links to give a historical reference to the character of Peter Listerman. Lock up your babies. Bar the door. Clearly, this is a man that you wouldn’t want hanging around the schoolyard or the daycare. And lately, give some credit to the Russians for FINALLY waking up to this monstrosity. It would appear that recently Listerman has fallen from his perilous heights, getting barred from entering a prestigious fashion show in Moscow.

 In fact, the same tabloid that published Listerman’s remarks about his clients being tired of American women later reported that when sighted outside Moscow’s opulent Borvikha Concert Hall, one of the venues of the Miss Russia 2019 contest, ‘The scandalous matchmaker was not allowed even to cross the threshold.’ (link)

As the face of child trafficking in Eastern Europe, Peter Listerman is the alleged publicity man of the Elite Pedophiles, and he is the front man who gives permission to all the other numerous hidden predators to increase their activities. Beneath him lies a writhing world of sickness and disease. It is akin to turning over a damp rock in a bog and seeing the centipedes and worms scurry from the light. Where Listerman operates in the open, most of the seedy underbelly of illicit sex happens in the dark, hidden from view. Listerman’s very existence gives permission to other darker and even more criminal behaviors.

 Listerman reveled in his role as a predatory ‘matchmaker,’ and if being a jet-set pimp for the rich and powerful doesn’t demonstrate obscene sexism in and of itself, his comments about the women he trafficked and sold do. Listerman frequently referred to these women and girls as ‘chickens’ or ‘tyolki,’ the Russian word for virgin cattle, and was supposedly very proud of his ability to procure the youngest and easiest to manipulate females for his clients. (link)

Most of us have become aware of the DailyBeast piece and referenced by

The 10th annual Odessa International Film Festival in Ukraine, has been described as a haven for young Russian and Ukrainian models who partake in events organized for the festival’s Fashion Weekend. It was here reporters from the Daily Beast were able to find Listerman and question him about allegations that had connected Epstein with young foreign girls. According to the report, Listerman, whom the reporter was able to find based on his social media posts from the party, first responded to questions by attempting to turn the situation into a joke.

Back in 2016, the New York Post ran a story alleging that convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein had moved beyond having his assistants ‘troll local high schools’ for girls, and instead had begun ‘importing his playmates from Russia.’

One of the men who allegedly “procured” such girls for Epstein and other affluent men is Peter Listerman, who was reported “running scared” when reporters approached him earlier at a film festival asking questions about his ties to Epstein according to a report in the Daily Beast in July 2019.

Instead of having his assistants troll local high schools, Epstein — a registered sex offender — was importing his playmates from Russia. A recent visitor told PageSix at the time that Epstein had a house full of young beauties at his East 71st Street mansion. “Half of them are from the former Soviet Union, and the other half are a mix of Americans and Europeans,” said the source.

Epstein allegedly had contacts in Moscow who provide matchmaking services for both his “orgy island” in the Caribbean and his Manhattan townhouse. “When the Russian girls arrive in the city, they already have Jeffrey’s phone number,” said the source. One of these contacts was Listerman.

Procurer, Peter Listerman, claims in TV interviews that he introduced many oligarchs and A-listers to Russian models, and says: “I’m not a pimp, just [a] matchmaker.”

Jeffery Epstein didn’t act alone. He had help. And not just the help of Ghislaine Maxwell his alleged “Madame.”  Again here we open another can of worms, where even on wiki, the Deep State propaganda arm of the New World Order, we read:

Ghislaine Maxwell is a British socialite and the youngest child of publishing tycoon and fraudster Robert Maxwell. She moved to the United States after her father’s death in 1991 and became a close associate of financier and subsequently convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Maxwell has faced allegations of procuring and sexually trafficking underage girls for Epstein and others, charges she emphatically denies.

Maxwell founded the ocean-advocacy group The Terramar Project in 2012. The organization announced closure on 12 July 2019, a week after the sex trafficking charges brought by New York federal prosecutors against Epstein became public. wiki

Ms. Maxwell’s case is so complicated and convoluted that I would have to write an entirely new compendium just to unravel the facts about her life. Her latest and most visible public flailing recently happened following the death of Epstein, where she outed Jeffrey as a CIA operative in a series of poorly shopped images and a book review on Amazon. If I were the head of a spooky murderous agency I would have had a serious issue with this public disclosure. Who can say? The gangsters at the Pentagon seem to have let it slide for now. Nevertheless, she is intimately tied to Epstein, and their history goes back to the geological Pre-Cambrian. One could almost muster a shred of empathy for this creature, the previous “protector of the World’s Oceans.” What a joke. But she really needs to come clean and repent before she’d get much sympathy from this writer, or probably from the public in general.

Ghislaine Maxwell

Scuttlebutt abounds on the internet that some of Jeffrey’s associates have “Sung Like Canaries.” In that respect, a name that immediately comes to mind is Rachel Chandler, imaged below in the infamous photograph with Slick Willy. She was 15 at the time the image was taken allegedly. The photograph was allegedly taken aboard Epstein’s Lolita Express, a plush ride fitted with a double bed for those Elite Pedophiles who desire to join the mile-high club. Judging from the images, Slick Willy is a card-carrying member.

A popular opinion online is that Chandler sang like a bird to avoid prosecution. But will we ever know? Again a book could be written just based on publicly available information.

Even if Epstein’s co-conspirators’ madams and pimps were to come clean, would we ever hear their testimonies? Or is it so damaging to the image of the United States that it could never see the light of day? Opinions vary.

And as sick as all this is, it is a fact that these things happened. It is a part of the sad depraved history of the United States. It is a stain on our integrity – a disturbing blemish on our national conscience. We have allowed the United States to be governed by elite murdering pedophiles. And today we watch in horror as the powers that be do everything in their power to sweep it under the rug. What is left for us is dark gallows humor. That and locking the children up, so they aren’t carried off to be raped by the global heads of state.

It is a sad state of affairs when children can’t play outside anymore.  It is even worse when the people who would seek to abuse them are the very same in whom we placed our trust as public servants.

And whilst we joke about these horrors, and are undulated by a tsunami of evidence, another thing is also happening. We are becoming desensitized. The rape of children now has the presidential seal of approval thanks to Bill Clinton, aka Slick Willy. The devil with the blue dress on …

Epstein was not so much a tour guide on an island of illicit sex as he was a blackmailer. And he supposedly had the goods on Slick Willy, and by default so did Epstein’s masters.

One other small point to keep in mind. As the powers-that-be scrub the internet for damning evidence, and big tech buries the stories on the last page, the flood of evidence available points to much darker and damning crimes against humanity. As if child trafficking, rape, and torture aren’t enough.

So as I try to wrap this up  – how do you even do that? Every new web search uncovers more dirt, further connections, more depravity. It appears to be a bottomless well of debauchery.  I guess the most obvious way to sum this up is to say …

If it walks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck?  It’s probably a duck.

Yep. It’s a duck.

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