Leftist & Media Smears of Trump Supporters as

Leftist & Media Smears of Trump Supporters as “Terrorists” Will Only Escalate Tensions & Lead to Violence

January 7, 2021 – Within a matter of minutes after a small group of people, out of  the millions who peacefully attended a Trump rally, breached the Capitol Building, the left and the media used the event and a tragic death to smear all Trump supporters and conservatives as “far right” fascist Neo-Nazis who orchestrated an “insurrection” and were guilty of treason. Before any investigation had been conducted, they ran with a self-serving narrative that will only escalate simmering tensions and divisions in our Nation, and more radicalization and violence.

With my Media credential, I was there at the Capitol, reporting on the ground and speaking to people who attended the rally. To be clear, I did not breach the building and I was trying to get others to stop what they were doing. Without question, the overwhelming majority were law abiding citizens peacefully protesting what they saw as massive voter fraud.

There was a stunning lack of security and law enforcement at the nation’s Capitol building. I watched as a few agitators removed the barriers, after getting the crowd riled up. When large crowds get riled up, bad things can happen fast. People tend to follow the herd and individual responsibility disappears in the heat of the moment. I believe that the majority of people there, almost all of them unarmed, had no intention of doing anything violent or hostile. I don’t know if they thought they would be able to go inside the building and simply engage in peaceful, non-violent civil disobedience, but I believe that to be the case. What happened came quickly, unexpectedly, and people really didn’t think through what they were doing, and what the unintended consequences could be. There were families there with young children. There were people praying for our Nation, and for healing and for all Americans regardless of their political persuasion.

What I find most striking is the reaction from the media and the left, the same people who in 2018 praised protesters who stormed and breached a federal building in response to the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh.

The media did not refer to these people as “terrorists” or “insurrectionists,” nor did they demand that all be charged to the fullest extent of the law.

In 2018, protesters were praised by the left and the media, and none of them got shot. They were briefly detained and then cut loose. It is dishonest to claim that it’s fine when the left spends an entire summer rioting, looting, vandalizing, storming federal buildings, blinding officers with military grade lasers and murdering in cold blood people like David Dorn, a retired career law enforcement officer. The same leftists and media who praise the actions of BLM and ANTIFA, and encouraged their wanton acts of violence, have now spent hours condemning all conservatives and Trump voters as “terrorists” and “insurrectionists” who should be rounded up and thrown in prison.

Why was it okay for the left to descend upon and occupy Senator Chuck Grassley’s office in 2018, but when Trump supporters entered the building, unarmed, it was automatically portrayed as “violent” and an attempt to harm people and take over the building?

This glaring double standard is a massive part of the division in our country and the reason Trump voters and conservatives feel they have no recourse. The media creates the division and stokes the flames and creates the tension. They are the ones radicalizing people on both sides with the constant inflammatory rhetoric.

Why are leftist mobs allowed to demonstrate and seize buildings? Why does the media praise them an courageous freedom fighters but then condemn anyone to the right of Mao for doing the same thing?

This past summer media called that kind of gratuitous violence, looting, vandalism and arson “mostly peaceful protests” but today calls what occurred yesterday a “violent insurrection” by “terrorists.” WHY??

This rhetoric from the Democrats and the media will only further inflame divisions in our Nation. Divide and conquer is the game, and they are masters at it.


A young women who was unarmed was shot and killed in cold blood yesterday. She was a 4-tour Air Force veteran. She was a human being. Her life had value, she was a good person, she was a wife.

Her death didn’t have to happen. It NEVER should have happened, and the comments on social media from the left and the media are absolutely shameful and disgusting. My heart breaks for her husband and loved ones. There will be no streets named after her. There will be no moment of silence for her in the halls of Congress.

Will the media and the left be held accountable for justifying political violence for over a year? They gave the impression that not only was political violence justifiable and OK, but that it was the only thing that would get the attention from the ruling class. A Capitol police officer or private security guard may have fired the fatal round, but the MEDIA KILLED HER.

Months long lock downs, no stimulus for Americans, being unable to work, losing small businesses that had been in the family for generations – these all contributed to the anger, frustration, desperation and hopelessness that we saw yesterday. Create the conditions for chaos, then use it to establish the “new world order.” That is the socialist/communist/globalist/collectivist game plan.


This is becoming more and more obvious by the day: that the left can get away with murder literally, but we are deemed terrorists for what was really a mostly peaceful protest.

The above video is graphic, the questions remain unanswered. Why has the shooter not been detained? Why has the shooting not been investigated?

This media and left-wing double standard will only cause more outrage and hatred on both sides.

What message was the media sending with this fawning coverage of BLM riots where they glorified riots and violence?

Will is talking here about Ashli Babbit who lost her life.

I want to commend Will for not following the media talking heads who are defaming a woman who died. He reminds us that she was a human being, like the rest of us. She was a good person. If you want to see true hatred, read the comments section to his thread.


I tried numerous times to tell people not the breach the building and that nothing good could come from this.


I truly believe that the majority of protesters thought they would just be doing a non-violent peaceful demonstration. I do not believe they thought that some agitators would get violent.


While there may have been a few left wing agitators in the mix, a lot of these people are Trump supporters with whom I had spoken just before moving toward the building. These people have been manipulated by some commentators on social media. They are victims of military grade psychological operations. Who will be held accountable for that? Who will be accountable for the three years of psyops that have manipulated so many people who thought they were doing the right thing? I did see evil, and it was created in part by agitators like Ali Alexander, Alex Jones and others who whipped these people up for years and told them that they they needed to “fight for Trump” rather then promote things like education and awareness. My heart breaks for the people who were used by these clowns, and now will face the consequences.

The media and the left will only make things worse by dehumanizing and demonizing Trump supporters, rather than uniting our deeply divided country. People who are desperate and feel hopeless, do desperate things. The left has seized on this to exploit it for their own ends and will succeed only in making things worse. The media’s method of using this event to promote a false narrative can only encourage more violent reactions, as they call for everyone to be arrested and persecuted, including those not involved in the breach but were simply there to exercise their rights. There were families with their children and older people who “stormed” nothing, and didn’t even know it happened. Law abiding citizens who did nothing wrong, are called “terrorists” and threatened with being put on “truth and reconciliation lists” or persecuted. This will only serve to radicalize them even more, far beyond what anyone on the right could hope to do.

May God have mercy and unite this nation. May He enter the hearts of those seeking to cause more division and cause them to tone down their rhetoric. May he lift the scales from their eyes, and unfreeze their hearts in Jesus mighty name.

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Tammy mcbee
1 month ago

Thank you radix for this wonderful article, I am so sad for our nation today i pray people will look to the Lord for their strength and hope not in government or man for those things will pass away

Lisa Russo
Lisa Russo
1 month ago

I read on GAB that no one died. It was a False flag. There were special forces embedded into the Antifa group and were filming the event. It was a military operation to force a curfew to protect civilians while military ops were rounding up traitors. I also heard on the night of the 5th a broadcast of a phone… Read more »

1 month ago

You “I truly believe that the majority of protesters thought they would just be doing a non-violent peaceful demonstration.”? Bull shit. We’ve now learned about pipe bombs, plastic ties to handcuff members of Congress, gallows for VP Pence; a very large number of them are insurrectionists plain and simple led by an out of control mad man who can’t accept… Read more »

1 month ago

On November 7, 1983, the US Capitol Building was Bombed by a group of radical revolutionaries known as the May 19 Communist Organization. One of those arrested was Susan Rosenberg. She was sentenced to 58 years but served only 16. She is now the head of the Black Lives Matter Global Network. Let that marinate in your cerebral cortex as… Read more »

1 month ago

if you watch the video of the girl getting shot, the gun is pointed in the air, a neck shot with no blood splatter? Psyop for sure

1 month ago

I see no mention of the 20+ laptops seized by special forces infiltrators of Antifa

1 month ago

Can you not see Trump played you? He called you there, and now you are villainized for it. Coincidence right? Of course you say Trump would never do that. Anyone who doesn’t have the literal Holy Spirit, and God opens eyes to see that Government is satanic, JUST as the bible says…is spiritually blind. I’m not saying all are lost,… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Dale