Let's Progress to Assigning No Meaning to Race

Let’s Progress to Assigning No Meaning to Race

Leftist elites promote racial division for socialist power and resist progress on race relations. That progress would be moving America towards a colorblind society.  If you ever want to see a leftist flip their lid, suggest that we should be a colorblind nation.  They immediately sarcastically claim that to be colorblind, we would have to poke everyone’s eyes out.  But when one speaks of being colorblind, it means that we stop the practice of assigning meaning and benefits to skin color groups.  How can we know one another without introduction and experience, yet our culture is saturated in the meaning and unspoken thoughts of people based on the color of skin.  As the elite claim to heal race relations with various destructive social engineering schemes that obsess on race, they do nothing but keep racism alive.  How about we change things around and social engineer our nation’s elite to stop giving meaning to individuals based upon the color of skin or their sexual orientation, for that matter.

The major factor of keeping skin definition and division alive in the post segregation era is power.  Racial social engineering focuses on tribal grudges and the weakness of shame which serve the power of the elites.  A weak population is easy to manipulate.  This is a form of mind control or emotional crippling.  According to the elite, blacks are to be aggressive towards white people and resentful because of the history of slavery, and whites are to be a deflated and shamed people because of that same history.

If it were true that all tribes or groups of people should feel shame for an sin committed by some of their family, faith ethnicity or race, we would be a species of shame-faced knuckle-draggers.  There are none who are innocent on earth; no individual/member of a group, who is innocent on earth. On the other hand, if we all held self-righteous grudges against groups of people based on what members of that group did wrong to members of our group, we would be in constant war.  We would be insane!  If you have failed to notice, many Americans are acting a bit kooky these days.

Americans can turn this around, and against the elite seeking to harm them for power.  The dirty work of brainwashing of race victimization is focused in social studies from Kindergarten to Grad School.  Why not refocus social studies’ divisive and hateful programs and implement learning empowerment program of useful and practical things about life in society.  How do you cook nutritional meals; what are careers and jobs and how do you get them; how do you grow food and raise livestock; how do you use tools; how do you change a tire; how do you maintain a car; how do you organize your space; how do you study; what hobbies interest you; dance, music and art lessons; how do you mend clothing; make a shirt; how do you knit; how do you invest money; how do you successfully communicate with adults; table manners; hosting parties; refinishing furniture; build a brick wall; drive a car … ANYTHING of use to all human beings in America, beyond the elite’s latest race and sex hate political schemes!

Don’t vote for racists anymore.  In college, American students should be well prepared for life and expensive social studies programs would no longer be needed.  Students could get a good dose of Marxism in college history if they choose.  But mainly they could focus their money and time preparing for their careers and solve some of the student debt crisis along the way.

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9 months ago

Oh boy, the elite are so good at division by race and social sections, I even hate the “white half” of Obama. This article nails it just like the elites DON’T want you to know.