Massive Election FRAUD: We've All Been Scammed...

Massive Election FRAUD: We’ve All Been Scammed…

November 6, 2020 – A shocking scandal has been uncovered taking place behind the scenes of this year’s 2020 Presidential Election. A shadowy group connected to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, called Edison Research, has been quietly stealing the election on behalf of Joe Biden and with the help of Big Tech and the Media.

The seemingly “detached from reality” numbers that Joe Biden has received appear to have come from the “polling projections” of Edison Research, working on behalf of the Gates Foundation.

The screenshot from Edison Research shows their proprietary “Vote Count” technology.

So you have one company providing the fraudulent data that all the mainstream media (MSM) organizations are using for their reporting. This is the BIGGEST Election Scandal & MEGAFRAUD against the American Public ever perpetrated!

Imagine, ONE polling company has the sole contract to create election results data for the MSM. This fraudulent data in turn is designed to prevent a front-runner from calling his election as won. The public would think the opponent won, and the polls would close on time. With the polls closed and people thinking a particular candidate won, the other candidate would concede defeat — a defeat that NEVER HAPPENED!  Because the public is misled and think their candidate lost and the races are over, those later-in-the-day voters don’t go out to vote and thus are disenfranchised, especially in swing states.

This should sound familiar, because it follows perfectly the CIA “Color Revolution” playbook that has been rolled out against many countries, especially in Latin America. (See further discusson of Color Revolution below in a tweet by Larry Sanger.)

This is absolute TREASON against the American people, and frankly the world.

Who is behind this massive fraud on the American people? Well, the Gates Foundation of course, along with their friends at Facebook, Google, Apple, Spotify and many globalist organizations that hate Trump. Several of these companies just so happen to be under investigation for Anti-Trust violations by the Trump Administration! They have colluded in a deliberate conspiracy to RIG the election. Along with the MSM, they employed precisely the same sort of conspiracy to publish hit pieces, some of them fake, to serve as the impetus for Big Tech to censor President Trump’s posts, and de-platform all of his very effective supporters.

A nest of conspiracy creators working for Big Tech oligarchs, Edison Research has the sole contract to gather exit polling and to forecast numbers for the votes. (Read that: conjure up data.) For 16 years at least, they have provided the mainstream media outlets with false and skewed faux data to then LIE to your face on TV. The whole thing is RIGGED. It is a massive fraud and you are living a LIE that has been sold to you.

I find it highly disturbing that one company, working on behalf of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, has this much power over our elections.

This is a massive story, and we are only scratching the surface of this scandal I believe. None of the numbers coming in make any sense, and some are statistical impossibilities! Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, this is something that should terrify you because it means this company is hijacking YOUR vote and our Nation!

Even CBS themselves admit they are getting their numbers from a company, and that this is not definitive.

We need to challenge this company to open themselves up to being AUDITED so we can see exactly what they did and how they did it.

Now we see that the New York Times admitted they were getting this information and these numbers from Edison Research, and that there were MISTAKES.

You can see above the source NYT cites is N.E.P and Edison Research.

A lawsuit needs to be prepared by the Trump campaign against Edison Research and any of their subsidiaries.

You can go to each of these pages, and see for yourself what they claim they are able to do.

What you were told by the media was all “projection” and they did this in the 2018 midterms to suppress voter turnout and engagement. They clearly learned from that and broadly deployed that strategy again this year.

Unbelievably, Joe Biden himself actually said that his campaign had put together the biggest voter fraud organization in history and that it was used previously. He is telling the truth here, literally.

“We have put together, and you guys did it for our … the President Obama’s administration before this, we have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” ~~ Joe Biden

As we have seen, Edison Research was being used during prior elections going back at least 16 years.

This post by Edison Research from two weeks ago is really scary. How did they know? Perhaps because they had this thing planned out.

The above “AMA” or Ask Me Anything by Edison and several of its employees is very telling. I recommend you take the time to watch the whole thing all the way through because they make some incredible admissions.

This should be considered not just a Federal crime, but the highest crime against the American people: Treason. This company appears responsible for massive fraud and voter suppression.

Now this is even more disturbing and it makes so much sense now why Joe Biden didn’t even bother getting out of his basement. They always knew they were going to steal it. Why does Dianne Feinstein, who literally had a CCP “driver” working for her for years, and her husband Richard Blum, who also has worked extensively and profited handsomely from China, have a contract for software tied to our elections?

If you aren’t feeling sick yet, you should be. The Chinese Yuan currency just skyrocketed at the surge Joe Biden was appearing to take, after it was tanking when Trump was in the lead. Will China be the ultimate winner of this year’s election?

Are you nauseous yet? Darren Beattie spells it out in the attached video. It’s a must-see for an informed public.

It appears the Democrats, along with their allies in the Intelligence Community, Big Tech, the MSM and China have conspired together to make sure that President Trump is not allowed to win this year’s election, regardless of the selections and votes of the American people.

We cannot sit back and allow the election to be stolen from the American people. Edison Research must be compelled to answer lot of questions in a court of law.  AVID Technology and its connection to Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein must also be investigated by legal authorities.

A massive fraud and conflict of interest cannot be permitted to be perpetrated on the American public without harsh redress. That is the kind of thing that happens in the Soviet Union and banana republics. The Trump campaign must press the full weight of the Law on the perpetrators.

Without full exposure, dismantling and prosecution, I fear America will be lost for good.

More Information on Election Fraud

It’s not just Edison Research behind this wave of fraud, there are other forms of fraud going on as well:

Why is it that all these “errors” and “glitches” seem to benefit only the Biden campaign?

Then there is this article from the National File: Silicon Valley Billionaires Fund Ballot Harvest Group Working In Swing States – Lawsuit

A far-Left ballot harvesting group is active in several critical swing states, aggressively harvesting ballots while dumping millions into get-out-the-vote efforts – National File

This article details the efforts by a group called The Center for Tech & Civic Life (CTCL) that has been engaged in ballot harvesting on behalf of Democrats.

Project Vertias has been exposing voter fraud with undercover reporters and video, as well as speaking to eyewitnesses and insiders.

More irregularities that benefit the Biden camp.

Then there is the Big Tech funded “Safe Elections” project which engages in smaller scale fraud which is a lot harder to prove.

Author Diana West exposes Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook for funding of the Pennsylvania judges who oversee the ballot counting. She refers to this year’s election as “The Big Steal.”

Finally, there is this video regarding Virginia voter fraud by a man who brought a lawsuit previously in Richmond, VA over voter fraud:

While you may not agree with all of this man’s political opinions, I think he provides an important perspective as someone who has been through this process before, having to go to court over this fraud.

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16 days ago

Too much fraud. It appears it came from this direction and other directions. Biden needed an over the top amount of cheating to win. And he still didn’t win.