McCarthyism Reborn

McCarthyism Reborn

McCarthyism is a shameful part of our history that cost many innocent people their livelihoods simply because they were suspected of being communist sympathizers. From 1950-1954, Senator Joseph McCarthy spearheaded a vicious campaign to root out communists in government and other institutions.  The word McCarthyism is used to describe the practice of undermining political opponents by leveling unfair and unsubstantiated allegations against a person or organization without producing any actual evidence to support those claims. McCarthyism has been reborn and reimagined for the 21st century, which will have devastating consequences if not halted and relegated back into the annuals of history.

We can see how a new brand of McCarthyism has wormed its way back into our society through such politically charged events as the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing, where unfounded allegations of sexual assault were leveled that allegedly took place decades ago when Kavanaugh was a teenager. How can a person even begin to defend himself or herself against such allegations, especially considering the #MeToo movement that insists every woman should be believed even though there is no evidence to substantiate the claims? The whole fiasco put Kavanaugh and his family through hell, and even though he was ultimately confirmed to the Supreme Court, the unsubstantiated allegations will continue to cast a shadow over his entire tenure.

This branch of McCarthyism has its roots in one simple premise; orange man bad. The unmitigated hatred for President Trump by far-left liberals, the mainstream media, Hollywood, and political opponents has brought about a new wave of McCarthyism much to the detriment of our society. The most recent example is a tweet from Debra Messing, a Hollywood actress who stated that a list of Trump donors from a fundraising event in Hollywood should be made public. While this information is available to the public, one must question her motivation. Some of the motivation was made apparent in a subsequent tweet from Kevin McCormick, another Hollywood elite, who encouraged her so he could determine who he should refuse to work with. This is a blatant attempt to ‘blacklist’ certain individuals, businesses, and organizations, which is paramount to persecution, especially considering the physical violence that has occurred against Trump supporters and that continues to plague those who exercise their freedom to support whomever they choose. Even Whoopi Goldberg of ‘The View’, an ardent Trump hater, spoke out against producing such a list, and other Hollywood liberals have joined her in condemning Messing’s tweet. The McCarthyism of the past caused such havoc in Hollywood and the United States in general that even the most vocal of Trump despisers have shied away from the very idea.

Educational institutions suffered under the scrutiny of Senator McCarthy, which led to the banning of certain books which were deemed ‘un-American’ or pro-communist. The McCarthyism of today strongly resembles the same mentality, only this time the focus has changed from anticommunist and ‘un-American’ to anti-fascist and anti-American. The far left believes that America itself is inherently evil and promotes white supremacy; therefore, anyone who is patriotic is a fascist and white supremacist, no matter the person’s ethnicity. Liberal colleges give in to the unreasonable demands of their liberal students while inhibiting the free speech of conservative students. Ben Shapiro, a well-known conservative speaker, was threatened with arrest if he stepped foot onto a college campus, and Ann Coulter, a conservative pundit, was physically attacked when speaking at a college by a pie-welding leftist. The McCarthyism of the past determined a person’s guilt by association—in today’s political climate, a simple vote for President Trump means a person is automatically labeled a racist, homophobe, xenophobe, fascist, sexist, and white supremacist. This mentality doesn’t confine itself to just books, it seeks to erase any part of our history that is deemed unsuitable for young impressionable minds, including our Founding Fathers and other historical figures who owned slaves or fought against the abolishment of slavery. Statues of Robert E. Lee, Thomas Jefferson, and others have been removed from the public arena and relegated to museums because their mere presence was offensive to far-left liberals.

Our freedom of speech has been under attack for years, and the battle continues to ramp up. Those of us involved in the QAnon movement suffered a direct hit by the taking down of 8chan over the manifesto of the El Paso shooter, who clearly stated he was not a white supremacist and that his radicalization was not the result of Trump’s presidency. Yet, this admonishment was promptly ignored, which is not surprising as any platform that promotes free speech is a target for elimination. When Cloudflare removed its services from 8chan and another platform tried to step in, it was immediately de-platformed, punished for its willingness to host 8chan, the same way people and organizations were punished in the past for their alleged association with communism.

If we don’t take a firm stance against the new McCarthyism, where will it end? McCarthyism became an embarrassing stain on the fabric of American history, yet like the phoenix, it has risen from the ashes of condemnation and reborn into a new insidious form that threatens every man, woman, and child in the United States and beyond.


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9 months ago

Name one of the “many innocent people ” you claim were falsely accused…Is Alger Hiss one of them??? Julius and Ethel Rosenberg??? And why do you think Socialism is apart of the Democrat platform today??? Senator Joseph McCarthy was a patriot and the WORD “McCarthyism ” was used to destroy the man,,, and hide an agenda… Which one are you… Read more »