Media Reports : Consider the Source - Synod Part XV

Media Reports : Consider the Source – Synod Part XV

Beware of Vatican Lies

The final analysis of the Amazon Synod is coming in. Reports and summaries from Catholic and secular media sources are plentiful. Challenges facing journalists from the Catholic press are accuracy and completion. As with secular media, the Catholic media is quite divided in its ideology and reporting style. They have networks that fall unquestionably at the feet of Pope Francis I. They skew leftist and rubber-stamp his every jaw-dropping declaration. They are imposters who know nothing of faith matters. There are sources, “Trad Cats” * (traditional Catholics), who go directly to Vatican City, embed themselves in Rome, and report Francis’ latest affront to doctrine. Other Trad-Cats not only embed and report with requisite consternation but actually DO something to call out The Vatican. These sources have demonstrated they are not only practitioners of their Faith, but warriors for their truth. Part XV of Patriots’ Soapbox series’ sources are Church Militant Transcript/ Vortex Video Oct. 30, 2019

NOTE: The commentary in Patriots’ Soapbox Synod Series has come from a Protestant Evangelical perspective. Every effort has been made to respect the dignity of the Catholic Church, its doctrine, and the gravity of its plight. It is not only theirs to bear. ~~Lynne Wolfe

For Protestants, non-practicing Catholics, and all God’s children who are called to Him by faith, the significance of what finally comes out of the Official Synod Report can directly affect our spiritual journey.  Additionally, seekers who do not consider themselves religious are just as entitled to the whole truth. No one should be led astray, especially the ones who have yet to choose a path.

Further, there are geopolitical ramifications of an insidious Globalist Agenda that have their roots at the base of the throne of Pope Francis. Believer or non-believer, the effects of a turning tide headed for the Western Hemisphere, Amazon region, can imperil all in a free republic.

Tradition In Peril

Church Militant says the “gay mafia” is in control, firing on all cylinders and aiming to eradicate tradition. Catholics are warned to brace for impact because a war is coming to their parish.

One particular area this is manifesting itself is the increasing slanted coverage by politically liberal, unorthodox, supposedly Catholic journalists and their warm embrace by the Vatican — because they … toe the party line anti-traditionalism … The distinction … is: If a reporter is covering the Vatican for a secular outfit … to a largely secular audience, then what they [believe] about the Church isn’t that important … They will report from a secular-minded viewpoint for secular-minded people.

The Benefit of A Secular Media

Often secular media reports benefit Catholics because they expose rot, filth, and corruption. Their motivation may be questioned because of radical secularism, but in hindsight, real graft has been exposed. For example:

  • Boston Globe’s coverage of the homopredator clergy sex abuse scandal in 2002;
  • Financial corruption – Cardinal Donald Wuerl robbed and deceived The Papal Foundation members and most of the U.S. hierarchy to the tune of $25 Million;
  • Stories of homopredation and financial irregularities by Monsignor Walter Rossi at the National Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, reported by The Washington Post;
  • Bishop Michael Bransfield, homopredator and thief, charges he denies; The Washington Post continues to expose.

The beauty of secular media is that, though damning, it will go for the jugular when it comes to matters of religion. The Catholic Establishment, rubber-stampers will not.


A different breed of reporters works under the radar. The leftist pretenders. Those are the ones who pass for “mere” journalists who can take in unsuspecting Catholics who don’t know about the scandals and know even less about the Faith. Reading or listening to a “secular reporter from a secular media outlet”… is to be approached with a discerning eye.

A pretend Catholic reporter, at odds with Church teaching, is producing stories for a pretend Catholic enterprise. This is more dangerous because their audience is more likely to be tricked into their way of thinking. Defenses are lowered because the consumer thinks it’s a Catholic source. It is merely “Fake News,” like “The New York Times or CNN.”

They are often no more than micro-shills for a leftist agenda, propagandizing people from an artificial world of Catholic reporting. Such outlets do more to deceive unsuspecting Catholics than major MSM. Indeed, they report some truth. Another abomination is deceptive editorializing. Guilt by omission is just as troubling. A lie is a lie. If a news item conflicts with liberal narrative, editors put it in file #13, “before you can say ‘heresy.’”

Dissident cardinals, bishops, and priests seek out these yes-men to promote their dissent. “It’s all very inbred and very clever.”

This is how they play it. And they’ve been at it for a long time. The plan is to appear reasonable and objective. Nothing could be further from the truth. It wasn’t until ten years or so ago that these deceivers were faced with competition from traditional, authentic Catholics.

Not Living The Faith

The imposter reporters not only disagree with the Church’s teaching but actually live their lives in contradiction to it. There are multiple reports on social media [about a] Catholic reporter. The report reads that John Allen dumped his wife and moved in with another woman. Until his name went public, Church Militant protected his identity. Now, he is fair game. “Imposters [reporters] who pose as Catholic, or allow you to assume [their Catholicism] should not be read or trusted. [with regard to anything they report on or write about].”

A few weeks ago, Bishop Robert Barron brought [Allen] on board as a contributor to his Word on Fire self-promotion outfit. Barron is now under scrutiny for this apparent lapse in judgment.

So here is a Catholic man objectively committing adultery, who reports non-stop on Vatican affairs — and we’re supposed to think his reporting can be trusted.

His wife can’t trust him. Why should we? It goes beyond belief to think that their own convictions, motivated by willful sin, do not spill over into their presentations. Of course they do.

Catholic reporters reporting to Catholics should be living as Catholics. Anything less is unacceptable.

“Authentic Catholic journalists believe the Faith and all the Church’s teachings.” Tweet

Coming Soon: Synod Outcome Analysis, Summary; Exorcism and Demons

* Trad Cat definition, link to “Urban Dictionary” is antagonistic at best. The “Trad Cats” we’ve used as sources have yet to profess the ideology or display the extreme behavior used in this definition.

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