No, it wasn’t the rapture. Although just as a possibility that might occur before the 2020 election.  It was the eligible voters who did not vote in the last Presidential Election.  It looks like we, the 1200-1500 patriots that faithfully listen to Patriots Soapbox (PSB) have a lot of work to do. (Watch PSB here or read here) The problem is that all the hosts for the most part are “preaching to the choir,” but occasionally, a “newbie” like me is awakened.

I am hoping to reach more, a lot more, of the millions who have “disappeared.”  As I started to follow the “chat” (on YouTube), I began getting the impression that my fellow patriots seemed to think that the Democrats, some Independents and, yes even some of the Republicans, are the enemy. They are terrible people, just because they disagree with what most of us think.  The truth is that most of them are not even aware of the existence of Q (learn more here), the plan watch here  or even, the PSB channel. We the patriots following the “Soapbox” are at the Rubicon, so to speak. Do we stay a social network of like-minded patriots, or do we grow as an organization, expand our outreach to all inclusively educate the uninformed, to take back our country, to take back our freedom?

I believe that the God that created me is the God that created thee. Last October, I was just like any person new to the channel. I had not been “Red Pilled.” In fact, I had not even seen “The Matrix.”  It took surviving the Camp Fire in Paradise California and, a lot of heartbreak to begin to awaken me from my “slumber.” Now helping others wake up has become a new purpose in my life.

As a field manager for a heavy construction company, most of the people I worked with were union members, registered Democrats, some were Independents and some were Republicans. All of them were fed up with the system to the point that they didn’t want to participate in it.   These were and are all good people — people who love their country, people who had fought for their country, people who were building their country and if awakened and exposed to the truth, people who would take their country back.  If you are new to PSB, please consider this an invitation to join us.

Remember, Q said that, “They want you divided, divided you are weak”.  We need to educate the populous, to reach out and, “touch someone”.  The President has said that ”the public will know soon,” and when the public knows,  we need to be there to follow through with the truth. With the truth of what was, what is, and what will be, we can welcome them like the “prodigal son,” not a defeated enemy.  I don’t know who said it, perhaps St. Augustine, also an anon has it on his screen and it says that “Truth is like a lion, you don’t have to defend it, just turn it loose and it will defend itself.”

In my experience, people do not like to be wrong, which might explain why they no longer participate in the “system,” or like  many others, some remain loyal to a political party to the point that it overwhelms reason, and they are highly susceptible to the poisonous venom the Main Street Media is pouring out.  Put flesh and blood on it.  A man or woman gets up in the morning and does all the things that are necessary to start the day, gets into a car and commutes to a job, works all day, commutes back home for dinner, then watches the Main Stream Media (MSM) for the so called news.  No matter what channel, no matter what newscaster, the message is the same No opposing viewpoints or honest debate, only the “puppet masters” talking points, done so to the point that it begins to take over their collective conscious.

Day after day of this results in a bias so strong that they will not listen to anything that contradicts their beliefs. Further, some of them will resort to silencing any opposing viewpoints by whatever means possible as evidenced in the book “Rules for Radicals”. The MSM is dictating the exposure they have to the world, according to 4 a.m. talking points provided to them, from the elite, the puppet masters.  The President has said that, “the MSM is not news, but a political arm of the Democratic Party”.  Might I suggest that the MSM is not the political arm of the Democratic Party, but the political arm of the leaders of the party and they do not reflect the values of most Democrats.  The MSM must be exposed for what they are and slowly they are being exposed.  Once exposed they must be replaced.

Replacing them is a daunting task, if even possible.  CNN, CBS, NBC and the rest do not have to care about the truth of their stories. They print salacious headlines,without source, without truth, and they don’t have to care if they are wrong, or even if any of their listeners like what they are putting out. They get most of their money from the broadcasters who pay them huge sums just to be on their channels.

This is the “shell” that we have to penetrate, the “nut” that must be cracked.  How does a small group of patriots penetrate the shell and crack the nut?  How do we at PSB take them down?  We don’t, we need nutcrackers, and I can think of no better men and women to penetrate the shell and crack the nut than the President, the Q team and the warriors under their command. The task appears overwhelming.  It takes a plan; God has a plan and I believe that Q’s plan is a part of that plan.  In our case, PBS’s plan will need to be within the much larger plan of Q, and the even larger plan of God even though we do not know or understand what those plans are. We trust them, we need God, we need Q, we need POTUS, we need capital, we need talent and most of all we need prayer.

The Patriots Soapbox’s plan is up to Pam and Radix. Q has done and is doing their part.  POTUS has and is continuing to do his part. After that we have a need, for capital and talent and prayer.  The Capital is always a problem; if I were a wealthy man, I would be content with the way things are.  I’m not, and I am not content with the way things are.  I am a senior citizen, but I can do something, something like giving up a Starbucks, or in my case as a red necked country boy, giving up a Dutch Brothers, or give up going to Micky D’s this month, Instead, donating to the cause. What about you?  If 1200 patriots were to do the same, once a month at least there would be some “seed” money.  Finally, talent, and the fervent prayer of patriots, many have and are already donating their skills, and their prayers, and there is still room for others.  Now growth has dictated a need for more volunteers — volunteers with “business skills” and to date, I have not heard Pam’s phone ringing off the hook. But then again, I live in Oregon.

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9 months ago

TO: R. Lawrence, I just have to tell you that this Article really hit home. Thank You. I definately have work to do. I appreciate your article! Maybe it can be posted once a month to Remind everyone!