Monday Morning Newsfeed: The Terminal Metastization of the Media Entities and the Demo-Commie Party

Monday Morning Newsfeed: The Terminal Metastization of the Media Entities and the Demo-Commie Party

Posted by Maggie on October 9, 2020 in From the Editors

Indeed. The media has become a massive cancer growth against truth in struggling to cover up the corrupt Biden family ass.

It is blindly obvious the American MSM and the social media are deeply and strongly colluding with the democrat party and the Biden campaign to manipulate news and information in order to get him over the finish line. 5 days the New York Post has been locked-out of Twitter in order to desperately bury this breaking story, with Facebook doing its own thing with the same results …

When the social media blight metastasizes into full-blown terminal cancer …

Daniel Greenfield: China is Using Companies like Twitter to Interfere in the Election: Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter’s businesses are tethered to the Communist regime.

Evie Fordham and Yael Halon: Social media backlash resurrected over Biden’s transition team’s ties to Facebook and Twitter: A former Facebook exec will oversee enforcement of the Biden campaign’s ethics plan

Jon Levine: ‘Die in a fire’: Twitter employees reveal deep hatred for Trump

Lia Eustachewich: Chris Wallace compares Facebook, Twitter to ‘Big Brother’

Twitchy: CNN’s John Harwood caught spreading manipulated video of GOP Sen. candidate John James on Twitter and it’s not flagged or Harwood’s account locked

DC: Democrats And Journalists Circulate Fake Email Saying Iowa Farm Bureau Retracted Endorsement For Joni Ernst … And not flagged or those blue-check social media accounts not locked out.

Andrew O’Reilly: Charlie Kirk says he’s in ‘a hostage situation’ with Twitter after social media giant blocks his account: ‘I do not have access to my Twitter account because I tweeted a widely reported story,’ Kirk said

Howard Kurtz: Why Twitter and Facebook squelching the Hunter Biden story backfired: It quickly became clear that in their attempts to strangle the Hunter Biden story, two social media giants left themselves gasping for air.

Andrea Widburg: The latest news should end the tech and media blackout of the Hunter Biden story

Breitbart: Facebook ‘Content Regulation Manager’ Anna Makanju Advised Joe Biden on Ukraine: Facebook’s global policy manager for content regulation, Anna Makanju, advised Joe Biden on Ukraine policy during his time as Vice President. She also defended Biden from charges of wrongdoing with regards to Ukraine in a comment to the Washington Post last year. … See how this is all working, hmm?

Joe Hoft: Anna Makanju Is Not Only Facebook’s Lead Executive on Election Policy and Former Joe Biden Advisor on Ukraine But She’s Also Recipient of a Soros Fellowship

I&I Ed. Board: Social Media Blackout Of Biden Bombshell Must End Now

Bradly Devlin: How Silicon Valley Is Quietly Influencing Trump’s Reelection Campaign

J.J. Sefton @ AoSHQ:

“For those not aware, Facebook, Twitter, Google and many other tech giants are joined at the hip to the Chi-Coms, both economically and politically. Look up social credit scoring. They have now a vested interest in destroying President Trump, so they can complete the transformation of America into a neutered, globalist outpost with the Chinese essentially ruling the world as a hegemon. That is not tinfoil hat nuttery; that is a verifiable fact of just what is at stake here. And speaking of the anti-media media, this just sort of crystalizes (or Kristol-izes) who and what they are. From Miranda Devine at The New York Post:

For three days, Joe Biden refused to say a word about The Post’s exclusive stories last week linking him to his son Hunter’s business deals in the Ukraine and China.

It wasn’t till 7:45 p.m. Friday, at the Detroit airport that the former vice president briefly stopped for questions and CBS reporter Bo Erickson asked about the damning e-mails found on Hunter’s laptop, which was abandoned last April at a Mac repair shop.

‘I have no response,’ snapped Joe. ‘Another smear campaign. Right up your alley.’

A video of Joe’s remarks on Erickson’s Twitter account has been viewed 6 million times.

But for some in the media, Erickson was at fault for asking the question.

‘Bo, this is your News Director,’ replied Steve Holzer, a UCLA journalism instructor and news director who has worked at CBS in the past, but not currently, according to his LinkedIn profile. ‘The right question is, what do you think of the report that Rudy Giuliani used Russian disinformation to try to smear your family 19 days before an election?’

That tweet tells you everything about the dishonest response to our story from much of the establishment media.

“Bingo”… (Link)

Sefton coins a new phrase in this Hunter Biden era. Recall Dan Rather’s “Fake, but accurate” to push the CBS desk jockey’s completely fabricated documents to smear George W. Bush during W’s 2004 re-election campaign? It’s now “Accurate, but fake” in order to dismiss these unfolding and growingly really bad computer hard drive evidenced revelations …

Jessica Chasmar: Joe Biden snaps at CBS reporter for Hunter question: ‘Another smear campaign, right up your alley’

VIDEO: Biden campaign surrogate responds to Hunter Biden allegations

David Kerr: Hunter Biden Isn’t Denying He Gave His Laptop To A Delaware Repair Shop

WE: Former Hunter Biden business partner gives 26,000 emails to Breitbart

Andrea Widburg: Things may soon get a lot worse for Hunter and Joe Biden

And speaking of the all too real Biden corruption scandal, it could be a Hell of a lot uglier and evil than first thought…

Hmm, I wonder why? Well …

And Good Lord Almighty, what I’m seeing in my Twitter feed on this is horrific … and that’s putting it mildly.

DC: REPORT: Leaked Hunter Biden Hard Drive Allegedly Contained Several Explicit Images, 12-Minute ‘Raunchy’ Video

GWP: Oh Boy: Hunter Biden’s Computer Camera Roll Turned Over to Bannon and Giuliani Contains 25,000 Images With Sexually Explicit Selfies and Porn … I am hearing/seeing on my social media feed it is far far worse, if possible, indicating Hunter Biden is directly involved in those horrifying videos. Just putting this out there.

TJV: Hunter Biden Laptop Contains Alleged Sexual Abuse of Underage Chinese Girls, Video Used as Blackmail By CCP, According to Chinese Dissident’s Report

Anders Hagstrom: EXCLUSIVE: Giuliani Explains How He Claims He Verified Hunter Biden’s Laptop

Thomas Catenacci and Andrew Trunsky: Rudy Giuliani Made A Number Of Claims During His Daily Caller Interview. Here’s Where They Stand

Breitbart: Joe Biden Walks Off When Questioned About FBI Seizing Son’s Laptop

Jim Hoft: Developing: Ukrainian Lawmaker Says Government Has Seized Second Laptop Belonging to Hunter Biden’s Business Contacts

Zero Hedge: Hunter Biden’s Laptop “Is Not Some Russian Disinformation Campaign”; DNI Ratcliffe Slams Schiff

Twitchy: WOMP WOMP! Maria Bartiromo’s Ratcliffe EXCLUSIVE rains all OVER the Left’s ‘the Russians did it’ parade with Hunter Biden’s laptop


Ronn Blitzer: FLASHBACK: 2008 Obama campaign denied Biden vote influenced by payments to Hunter Biden: Then-Sen. Joe Biden was supporting a bankruptcy bill while his son worked for a company that pushed for it

There is a final 2020 presidential debate this week, just two weeks out from election day, and apparently the MSM in completely unwilling and terminally incapable of choosing a fair and balanced moderator for the 2020 presidential debates…

Jon Levine: Kristen Welker, upcoming presidential debate moderator, has deep Democrat ties

VIDEO – FNC: Concha rips upcoming presidential debate moderator’s choice of topics: Presidential debate moderator Kristen Welker chose topics in Joe Biden’s ‘sweet spot’ for upcoming debate

GWP: Video Compilation of So-Called Debate Moderator Kristen Welker Trashing President Trump and Pushing Russia Hoax (VIDEO)

SMOD 2020 ain’t mailing-it-in on election day…

NYPost: Asteroid could strike Earth day prior to election: Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson: Space rock the size of a refrigerator, traveling at 25K mph, won’t cause serious damage, scientist says


Brian C. Joondeph: Are the FakeNews Polls a Setup for Post-Election Chaos?

Zero Hedge: 2020: Year Of The Black GOP Renaissance, Thanks To Trump

Selwyn Duke: Trump MUST Up His Game for the Next Debate

~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

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