Monday Newsfeed: The Getting Really Real Reality

Monday Newsfeed: The Getting Really Real Reality

Posted by Maggie on September 28, 2020 in From the Editors

The MSM has already written their post-debate “Joe Biden won the debate … Trump is toast” BS narratives … as long as old Joe can put together the squinty-eyed “Come on, man” sentence as an answer for every question asked of him, and/or in response to President Trump’s answers. MSM is hoping old gropey Joe throws in a couple of “You lying dog-faced ponyboy” answers/replies as well.

Here’s snack food for thought …

Since getting the DNC 2020 nomination, Joe Biden’s wife, Jill Biden, has been in TV interviews by herself, or flanking Joe while answering for his vacant eyes, more than Joe himself, alone or even with Jill with her hand up his butt and speaking for the mentally-void puppet of the Left. Now she is on the campaign trail in-person while he’s in his basement under a “lid.”

Mediaite: Jill Biden Swats Down Question on Joe’s Gaffes: ‘You Can’t Even Go There’ After Trump

WD: Biden Agrees That Pelosi ‘Has a Point’ Urging Him Not to Debate Trump

Nancy Pelosi says, “Hold my $16 ice cream”

TWJ Video: Twitter Users Wonder If Pelosi Just Suffered Cognitive Failure During Live TV Interview

Anywhoooo …

Tomorrow night is the first 2020 presidential debate, with FOX News desk anchor Chris Wallace moderating in Cleveland, Ohio. Will Chris ask Biden the really REALLY tough questions regarding his near 50 years of government employment and zero results, his part in the unraveling Obama administration coup before and after the 2016 election of Donald Trump? And the Gen. Michael Flynn savaging? And not the least of these — Biden’s connections to/with his son Hunter’s Russian and Ukraine countless millions that were gotten by his political influence?

Probably not. The NYT has already thrown the maggot-infested “TRUMP’S TAX RETURNS!!!” red meat onto the debate floor, and it might just be a good bet that Wallace will harp on that, and not “so, Mr. VP, how much did your son Hunter pay on all those foreign millions he got during the years of your part in the Obama administration … and he got filthy rich?”

And so, the MSM will declare Biden tomorrow night’s debate winner if he can string together “Come on, man!” in a complete and flowing sentence every time he answers a question. Anyhow, that’s pretty much all I’m going to say about the debate today. Except this from then GOP nominee Donald Trump on taxes in his debate with Hillary “foundation for quid pro quo” Clinton …

Twitchy: ‘It’s YOUR tax code!’ Nancy ‘Let Them Eat Ice Cream’ Pelosi shrieking about Trump’s ‘disdain for working families’ fails HILARIOUSLY

Twitchy: OOF! Sharyl Attkisson warns not to give NYT’s Trump tax bombshell too much credit because they’ve been WRONG … a lot … And there is apparently little of this latest MSM salivation that is new, except for the illegally gotten and released private tax information that is Trump’s.

Oh, and this on wealthy elected career ‘civil servant’ Joe Biden after an amazing 47 years on a government salary, which rarely exceeded much more than $150,000 per year and averaged much, much less. What was it that Harry Truman said about people who became wealthy while in government service?

I, for one, demand Joe Biden release his tax returns from his time in the U.S. government … all 180+ years of it.

Ryan Grim @ The Intercept (2019): JOE BIDEN IS DEMANDING FINANCIAL TRANSPARENCY WHILE CONCEALING HIS OWN WEALTH: Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, have used Delaware’s financial privacy laws to shield his income from public view. … And as I stated, the major questions that need to be asked and must be answered concern his son Hunter’s lucrative foreign millions (not to mention Hunter’s connections to human trafficking and prostitution), benefits that undoubtedly Joe himself enjoys as well. Oh, and this …

NEWT GINGRICH: How the Bidens worked with China to get rich — at America’s expense

Peter Schweizer @ NYP (1/20): How five members of Joe Biden’s family got rich through his connections

Julie Kelly has a long thread on Biden’s tax issues, here’s a piece (go to Twitter to read in full) … BTW, Julie meant “2018” and not the typo “2918”. Perhaps her keypad was influenced by Biden’s ‘180 years’ in office claim?

Hey, It’s Harvest Time in America…

Project Veritas: Ilhan Omar Connected Cash-For-Ballots Voter Fraud Scheme Corrupts Elections: ‘These Here Are All Absentee Ballots…Look…My Car Is Full…” ‘Money Is The King Of Everything’

Ed Morrissey: Project Veritas: Massive Ballot-Harvesting Election Fraud In Minneapolis — Tied To Ilhan Omar; Trump: Does DoJ Have This Under Review?

‘It’s an open secret,’ says Omar Jamal, both a member of the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office and the head of Somali Watchdog Group. ‘It’s already too big to stop,’ Jamal adds in his interview with Project Veritas about the ‘massive, criminal voter fraud’ in Minneapolis. PV shows a campaign worker for a local city councilman on video with a car full of absentee ballots bragging about his voter-fraud exploits, but James O’Keefe connects it all the way to Ilhan Omar.

J. Christian Adams: Project Veritas Strikes Again: Voter Fraud Aids Rep. Ilhan Omar

Julie Kelly: Silicon Valley and Team Biden Collude to Rig 2020 Election

Kevin Portteus: Democrats Are Trying To Engineer An Electoral Crisis In America: While the media indulges fantasies about right-wing electoral foul play, the truth reveals numerous left-wing attempts to subvert the electoral process…

Monica Showalter: Trump busts the media narrative about mail-in voting being fraud-free

The Demo-commies are Shitting Themselves Over “Notorious ACB”…

Karen Townsend @ HotAir: Angry Democrat Senators Refuse To Meet With Amy Coney Barrett

Mitch McConnell has the Republican votes banked in the Senate for ACB’s confirmation. Democrats are essentially only expected to meet their obligation to advice and consent. If some don’t want to meet with the nominee for a personal one-on-one interview, so be it. Many Republican senators passed on a private meeting with Obama’s nominee, Merrick Garland, including Mitch McConnell. Two Republican senators who did meet with him, Sen. Kirk and Sen. Ayotte, both lost their re-election campaigns. Ayotte said at the time she still opposed putting his nomination up for a vote, though she met with him as a courtesy. The difference then, as opposed to what is happening now, is that ACB’s nomination is going to come up for a vote while a vote on Garland was never going to happen. McConnell said so from the start of the process. Senate leadership and the White House was controlled by different political parties. It was bare-knuckles politics. It doesn’t matter, technically speaking, if Democrats meet with her in their offices before her hearing or not.

Twitchy: Don’t be like DICK: Brit Hume drops Dick Blumenthal for refusing to meet with ACB and it just takes 1 of Dick’s old quotes

The Senate hearing is not a mandate in the US Constitution. It doesn’t need to be held. The Senate adopted a Senate panel to hold such hearings on the SCOTUS nominee, just a few decades ago as a formality. Since then, only when a Republican POTUS nominates someone to a SCOTUS Justice position, have the hearings turned into a slash and burn circus with the Democrats. F`em, Mitch. Skip the hearing and hold the damned vote.

The demo-commies and the MSM are now insisting that when Amy Coney Barrett is questioned she must agree to recuse herself from the inevitable “heading to the SCOTUS” 2020 results. GFY and HELL NO! And I want to hear her vehemently state such when (repeatedly) asked “Will you recuse yourself?”

Andrea Widburg: Watching the Democrats compulsively attack Judge Barrett is kind of fun: Trump must have known when he nominated this brilliant and principled jurist that the Democrats would do the equivalent of setting themselves on fire …

Clark S. Judge: Trump’s Nomination of ACB Honors Constitutional Norms; Dems Dishonor Them

Joy Pullmann: The Left Hates Amy Coney Barrett Because She Disproves All Their Lies About Women: Her very existence repudiates the left’s binary thinking about womanhood, that women have to deny what makes women different from men to achieve professionally. And that’s why they hate her.

VIDEO: Joe Concha on media coverage of Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination

FNC: Republicans reveal timeline for ACB Senate floor vote

Tyler O’Neil: Et Tu, Classmates? Barrett’s Fellow College Alumni Resort to ‘Hate Group’ Smears Against ACB

Stephen Kruiser: Amy Coney Barrett Is Making Liberal Heads Explode and It’s GLORIOUS

Dov Fischer: The Barrett Nomination Leaves Democrats With No Options but to Whine, Threaten, and Quiver: They had their chance, but Justice Ginsburg did not cooperate. … If the left wanted ‘one of their own’ to fill a RBG vacancy, well then, the arrogant and sickly woman should have retired by mid-term in Obama’s second term in office and he could’ve/would’ve put one there.


Look, I’m not denying the COVID19 virus exists, and can be a very active contagion and is extremely harmful to an at-risk portion of our population. I just want the most accurate numbers as possible put into a full and proper context … for all the damn screaming by the MSM and dems of “science” that has not been rightly done in these last 6-7 months. And we the American people should be demanding that, and to be informed of any/all fudging of the numbers over this last half year that has caused damage to our economy, and financial and employment devastation to so many. Not to mention the drastic imposition on our freedoms and liberty for over half of this year.

James D. Agresti: Is the Official COVID-19 Death Toll Accurate? The evidence shows that the “official” number is likely exaggerated …

Richard Fernandez: Surviving the Plague Planet: Institutions Lose Control of the Future

My 2024 GOP for POTUS Pick …

From everything I am seeing from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis I would love to see him as the GOP 2024 candidate endorsed by and campaigned for by the two-term POTUS Trump.

GFZ: Gov. DeSantis did not shoot across the bow of Antifa/BLM, he dropped a tactical nuke.

Leslie Eastman @ LI: FL Gov. Ron DeSantis lifts state’s coronavirus restrictions on bars and restaurants: DeSantis is following hard science and the real numbers.

USAToday: Florida schools reopened en masse, but a surge in coronavirus didn’t follow, a USA TODAY analysis finds


Sean Davis and Mollie Hemingway: ‘Get Trump’: FBI Whistleblower On Mueller Team Details Real Reason Flynn Was Targeted: The case agent managing the FBI’s investigation of Flynn told Department of Justice attorneys that a desire to “get Trump” was a major factor underlying the case against Flynn.


Christian Toto: Showtime’s ‘Comey Rule’ Gaslights On Trump-Russia, Ignores Crucial FactsOne of the most deeply dishonest productions in recent memory. … Well, given the very recent damning evidence against Comey’s “Crossfire Hurricane” coup attempt on Trump and Co., this will be a comedy.

Julie Kelly: Biden Report Shows Impeachment Was Election Interference

Jack Cashill: Seth Rich: The Murder Washington Doesn’t Want Solved

VDH: The Progressive Medusa: The hard Left believes its mission is so critical, so morally superior, that all means can be justified to achieve its noble ends. And so almost every institution that the Left has in its line of vision is now petrifying.

Meghan Fox: Joy Villa Destroys Diversity Propaganda at Congressional Hearing: ‘I Was Never Blacklisted Until I Became a Conservative’

Joy Pullmann: What Republicans Have To Do To Get Critical Race Theory Out Of Public Schools: Republicans have to start hacking the education bureaucracy to pieces. As Trump has realized, perhaps the chief way to do that is to starve these public enemies of public funds.

Clarice Feldman: Courting Trouble: As usual, in part because of persistent judicial overreach and in part because the Democrats’ desire to keep getting in Court what they cannot win at the ballot box, the courts are the main focus of attention this week as they are in so many weeks…

Prayers for Dan…

Video: Dan Bongino gets emotional explaining tumor on neck

BPR: Dan Bongino waits for biopsy results, gets emotional explaining the tumor on his neck

~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permissions.

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