My Personal Holiday Link-Dump … Please Water My Plants While I’m Gone

My Personal Holiday Link-Dump … Please Water My Plants While I’m Gone



Posted by Maggie on September 16, 2020 in From the Editors 

(HT: BK for the headline meme)

Yeah, heading out tomorrow for a late summer, long weekend ‘cabin-in-the-woods’ (snake bite kit at the ready). Temps here in Ohio have dropped considerably, and it’s going to be a rather cool but sunny weekend for hiking and kayaking. But if you’ve ever seen the “cabin in the woods” movies… well, I’m hoping the bears and bobcats stay in their lane.

So, here they be, fellow Spectators:

COVID-2020 … “19” is so yesterday

Tucker Carlson (VIDEO): From the beginning, the COVID pandemic has been shrouded in lies

VIDEO: Virologist whistleblower says COVID-19 was intentionally created in Chinese lab … Somebody that the CCP hasn’t ‘disappeared’ … yet.

VIDEO: Dr. Marc Siegel responds to Chinese virologist’s claims about origins of coronavirus: “It does things like no virus has ever done before… Why would we believe anything we were told? We can’t believe anything coming out of China.”

FNC: Nearly 60 coronavirus tests undergo performance checks by FDA … Nearly everyday I see reports on “false positives” on tests, which, I assume, are subtracted then from the nationally tally of “positives” … Hmmm, anyone? Bueller???

FNC: University of Pittsburgh scientists discover antibody that ‘neutralizes’ virus that causes COVID-19: Its component is 10 times smaller than a full-sized antibody

Science Tech Daily: Ab8 COVID-19 Drug Breakthrough: Tiny Antibody Component Completely Neutralizes the SARS-CoV-2 Virus

FNC: Trump admin. releases plan to get COVID vaccine to all Americans, dose recommendations and more

Georgi Boorman: Fauci Spills The Beans: A Vaccine Won’t End COVID-19 Restrictions: Anthony Fauci is always the harbinger of additional suffering to be inflicted by state and local governments. Count on governors parroting the new expectation.

Hill Faith: FAITHFUL DISOBEDIENCE: Here’s The Absurdly Detailed California Covid Orders to Prevent Churches From Meeting To Worship Indoors

Matt Margolis: These Joe Biden Flip Flops on COVID-19 Prove He’s Incapable of Leading During the Pandemic

Twitchy: ‘It’s a charade … it’s stupid’: Freshman NY Dem congressman slams party leadership for COVID19 relief shenanigans

Time for the damn Insurrection Act

Katherine Wong: A former top Department of Homeland Security (DHS) official determined in July that violence in Portland was “organized” by individuals with an ideology defined as “Violent Antifa Anarchist Inspired,” or VAAI, according to a leaked email.

FNC: Lancaster protesters held on whopping $1 million bail each after alleged riots: 12 adults, 1 juvenile charged for allegedly rioting early Monday

Video: Lawrence Jones: “About time!” regarding Pa. judge’s harsh handling of alleged Lancaster rioters

VIDEO: Candace Owens says violence in Los Angeles is ‘natural progression’ of left’s ‘increasingly deranged rhetoric’

MPRNews: With violent crime on the rise in Minneapolis, City Council asks: Where are the police?

Twitchy: ‘Where are the police?’: Minneapolis City Council now angry that the cops aren’t making enough arrests

Walter Olson: Minneapolis Won’t Let Riot‐​Battered Stores Install Security Shutters

Joe Biden is a sock puppet …

Grabien: Trump Jr.: ‘Joe Biden Is Just the Sock Puppet for the Radical Left’ … ‘You’re not a moderate with Kamala Harris as your VP’

Nicholas Ballasy: Ocasio-Cortez: ‘We can likely push’ Biden ‘in a more progressive direction’ if he’s elected: “I think it’s important to acknowledge that we can have, in some cases, very large disagreements — it doesn’t mean that we’re trying to undermine the party or undermine each other,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told Just the News.

NYPost: Kamala Harris accidentally refers to ‘Harris administration’ during roundtable … Kammy says “the quiet part” out loud. So does uncle Joe…

RCP: Biden Refers To “Harris-Biden Administration” Only Hours After Harris Does

Breitbart: Donald Trump: Joe Biden Says ‘Harris-Biden’ Because He Thinks Kamala Harris Is President

Mmmkay… Okie-dokie, Joeky…

FNC: Biden likens Trump to Fidel Castro as candidates battle to win Latino voters: ‘He admires everyone who behaves in an authoritarian way,’ Biden says of Trump

VIDEO: Fla. Lt. Gov. Nunez reacts to Biden touting achievements for Latinos

Ryan Saavedra: Biden Blasted For ‘Beyond Patronizing’ Incident Trying To Appeal To Latinos By Playing Spanish Sex Song … Imagine if Pres. Trump had done this bullshit.

Joseph A. Wulfsohn: Biden panned for playing ‘Despacito’ at Hispanic Heritage Month event: Eva Longoria, Ricky Martin and ‘Despacito’ singer Luis Fonsi also attended the campaign event

Oh, sod-off …

JTN: Saggy pants legal again in a Florida city after 13-year ban: The city commissioners voted 4-1 to repeal the ordinance.

TCF: Black Student Alliance demands Catholic university hire more black queer professors … Try that at a Muslim institution.

The Blaze: High school indefinitely suspends football players for carrying Thin Blue, Red Line flags in 9/11 tribute


FNC: Man using live snake as face mask boards bus in England: A passenger said that ‘no one batted an eyelid’ at the bizarre sight … Hey, guarantees ‘social distancing’ too, mate!


Carrie Sheffield: Trump shattered diplomatic norms, rejected establishment to pave way for historic Middle East peace

Stephen Green: Suppose They Made Peace But Democrats Wouldn’t Come?

Stephen Kruiser: Democrats Will Use Mail-In Ballots Scam to Throw Election Into Chaos

I&I Ed. Board: It’s Official: Trump Unleashed A Middle-Class Boom That Benefited Women, Minorities Most

Paul Bedard: Riot-zone voters back Trump 2-1, and most say violence affects vote

Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. @ WSJ: The Media Overestimate Trump: The country is put at risk when the narrative gets in the way of the facts.

DC: EXCLUSIVE: Liz Cheney Asks The DOJ To Investigate Whether China, Russia Are Infiltrating US Environmental Groups

Alex Nitzberg: Judicial Watch’s Fitton calls for criminal probe into Mueller team’s wiped phones: Fitton says the question is whether people willfully broke the law in an effort to destroy government records.

Paul Bradford: Critical Race Theory Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg in Woke Government Training: President Trump can counter this dystopian vision with a more aggressive attack on diversity and inclusion training.

Robert Shibley @ Instapundit:

‘DOING THE INNER WORK OF ANTI-RACISM’: Teaching about anti-racism in a state university Intro to Communications class is one thing. Telling students they have to do ‘inner work’ on their beliefs as college classwork sounds a lot more like thought reform than education. Maybe this isn’t what it looks like, but if you can’t make a grammar school kid say the Pledge of Allegiance during World War II, there’s no way a professor can mandate psychological therapy for his or her adult students.

Selwyn Duke: The Democrats’ War on Blacks

Rick Moran: ‘Never Forget?’ Up to Two-Thirds of Young U.S. Adults Ignorant of the Holocaust

George Neumayr: The Biden Family Business: Corruption: Enriching himself and family members is the only business experience he has had in his long, corrupt career.

WILLIAM MURCHISON: Cooling Off on Protest: Can it be that law and order is a bipartisan issue?

A new Monmouth University Poll suggests two-thirds of us see law and order as an immediate national problem: Republicans and GOP-leaning independents more so than Democrats — but with up to two-thirds of non-white non-Republicans sharing the same concern. Says the director of the poll, Patrick Murray: ‘It appears we are looking at a divergence between politics and experience … for people of color [unlike for Republicans] partisan identity seems to be driving their opinion on this issue.’…

Norman F. Anderson: The Invisible Data War

Christian Toto: FLASHBACK: ABC Memory Holes ‘The Path to 9/11’: The miniseries’ removal speaks volumes about corporate censorship then and now 

~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permissions.

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