Neo-Nazi Coleman Thomas Blevins, Claimed to be a Fed & Journo at Vice

Neo-Nazi Coleman Thomas Blevins, Claimed to be a Fed & Journo at Vice

May 31, 2021 – Coleman Thomas Blevins, 28, was recently arrested in Kerrville, Texas for allegedly plotting a “mass shooting” or “mass casualty event.” He has made some very bizarre claims in fascist neo-nazi propaganda channels on Telegram.

While this man posed as an Orthodox Christian, his own racist views betray that. Additionally he promoted violence and idealized terrorists and Satanic groups like the O9A, or Order of Nine Angles, which also had two federal agents in its group.

Real Christians are not racist or violent, it goes against everything Christ taught and promoted. These people are Satanic and are attempting to lure unsuspecting Christians into the demonic. I have been documenting these satanic neo-Nazis attempts at infiltrating Orthodox groups for a while. They tend to use memetic propaganda and appeals to “tradition” to get into these channels and then spew their disgusting ideas.

Local San Antonio news reported on the Blevins arrest:

The FBI, Texas DPS and Kerr County Sheriff’s Office have arrested a Kerrville man they say planned to carry out a shooting at a Walmart.

Coleman Thomas Blevins, 28, popped up on the KCSO radar last week, so the office reached out to Blevins. According to the KCSO, it confirmed Blevins was planning a mass shooting after speaking with him.

In a message KCSO intercepted, Blevins allegedly threatened to shoot up a Walmart, which location was not released.

Blevins was arrested Friday on a Terroristic Threat warrant, then officials got to work on a search warrant at his home.

There, deputies say they found firearms, ammo, electronic evidence, concentrated THC and ‘radical ideology paraphernalia,’ which they said included books, flags and handwritten documents.

We are told Blevins is on active felony probation, which means he is prohibited from having guns. He remains in jail.

‘This case reminds us that we need to always be vigilant. Many think ‘that can’t happen here’, and it was well on the way to happening,’ Sheriff Larry Leitha said. ‘Our investigators did outstanding work in this case, and possibly saved many lives. The plot interrupted in this case is unthinkable. We appreciate the assistance of all our law enforcement partners, including the FBI, DPS, KPD, and Secret Service. We’d like to remind the public – if you see something, say something. The KCSO, working with other law enforcement professionals, will continue to stop threats to our community, and bring those responsible to prosecution.’ – WOAI

The FBI seems to have a knack for thwarting its own terror plots, and Blevins himself claimed to have been a Fed in the past. He also made the claim that he was working as a “journalist” for Vice News and that they did not pay well. I have thus far been unable to verify if he was ever employed by Vice and a cursory review of their website brings up no staff with his name.

Nathan Place of the Independent also reported on this story today White supremacist arrested for allegedly plotting to shoot up Texas Walmart:

Police in Kerrville, Texas have arrested an apparent white supremacist who they say was planning a mass shooting at a local Walmart.

Coleman Thomas Blevins, 28, was plotting the attack from his home filled with weapons and neo-Nazi paraphernalia, the Kerr County Sheriff’s Office says – but they put him in jail before he could carry it out.

‘Our investigators did outstanding work in this case, and possibly saved many lives,’ Sheriff Larry Leitha said in a statement. ‘The plot interrupted in this case is unthinkable.’

Over the course of a weeklong operation, the Kerr County Sheriff’s Office determined that Mr Blevins had been radicalized by ‘extremist ideologies’ and was preparing to carry out a ‘mass casualty event’.

On 27 May, the KCSO Special Operations Division intercepted a message from Mr Blevins that ‘made a specific threat that included Wal-Mart’. Police immediately arrested him.

After the arrest, the officers conducted a search of Mr Blevins’ home, where they found a stockpile of weapons, drugs, and white supremacist literature.

‘In that warrant service, firearms, ammunition, electronic evidence, concentrated THC, and radical ideology paraphernalia, including books, flags, and handwritten documents were seized,’ the Sheriff’s Office said.

A photo by the police shows the items included a Confederate flag, flags bearing Nazi symbols, and a copy of ‘The Turner Diaries,’ which according to the Anti-Defamation League is a neo-Nazi text. – The Independent

There is something very strange about this case. The name Blevins is somewhat similar in letters and construction to the famous Norwegian neo-Nazi and mass murder Anders Breivik.

One Telegram channel called The Paranormies Present discussed banning him from their group after he tried to infiltrate them, they claim. They clearly are also racist, referring to a black man as a “nog.”

What I implore people to grasp is that there are Satanic Neo-Nazi groups attempting to infiltrate the Left and the Right. While the threat isn’t as bad as the media proclaims, it is still a very real threat and these groups are serious. They call for mass murders and “cullings” like O9A, which encouraged the execution of journalists. They have been infiltrating the U.S. Military which I reported on last year when I covered the Ft. Bragg murders. Some of those murders appeared ritualistic.

Here are some of the photos Blevins posted on social media:

He is doing “one-eye” symbolism in this photo, and he appears to be wearing an IRGC jihadi shirt (The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is a branch of the Iranian Armed Forces). I reported on a similar influence of the O9A with Jihadis in my report on Ethan Melzer of the U.S. Armed Forces who was arrested for planning a terror attack on his own troops. I had to remove that article from my website after getting a warning from a counter terror researcher.

This image of Blevins is very similar to the kind of propaganda that O9A employs.

Blevins here has Jihadist propaganda pasted on top of an image of him wielding a knife and showing a syringe. He again features one-eye symbolism.

Here he is pictured displaying Nazi armband, brandishing weapons with a confederate flag behind him. This is reminiscent of Atomwaffen, Azov Battalion and O9A propaganda.

Here he is pictured displaying Fascist logos, and attempting to associate it with Christianity.

One journalist for the Daily Beast and Haaretz has done a detailed thread on Blevins, but he doesn’t seem to believe this man could have been a federal agent as he claimed:

While he is correct, censorship is NOT the way to go. That encourages MORE radicalism and pushes people into more extreme echo chambers. We need these people online where we can monitor their activity easier and reach people they have ensnared to attempt to de-radicalize them. It is possible to rescue victims of this evil propaganda.

It looks like that syringe is part of their propaganda. These groups have been targeting regular Christians and conservatives who have been purged and pushed off social media, attempting to radicalize them on the only platforms left available to them. They offer these people a sense of community and belonging that is deprived from them by senseless mass bannings. This is a frightening prospect to realize, but we must.

How did this guy slip through the cracks repeatedly?

This is totally antithetical to Christianity, despite what most liberals might think, running around on social media claiming all Orthodox Christians are “literal Nazis.” They are doing exactly what these Satanists want.

Led by a 15-year-old boy? How is that even possible?

How are 13-year-olds supposedly leading terror groups? Most of these kids are just trying to be edgy and rebellious, I don’t think they are actual terrorists.

The Koran and Saudi Flag make me wonder if this guy was ever recruited by Islamic jihadists, and if he openly and publicly participated in white nationalist stuff as a distraction from his real goal.

The terror materials that Blevins had in his home makes him seem like the perfect catch for the FBI. He hits every box. It almost seems a little too good to be true. This is why I would like to see a deeper investigation into Blevins’ background. Was he really a federal agent in the past, as he claimed? Was he really working for Vice News? How come most of the reporting on this case seem to omit these things?

When it comes to previous FBI malfeasance and setting up so-called Muslim extremists, the Left is quick to acknowledge this fact. The feds like to setup and create boogeymen and fake terror plots that they will then foil in order to justify their continued existence and to attempt to expand their powers and budget. Yet when it comes to right wing terror, the left never stops to question whether these plots are even legitimate. They just take the FBI for their word. When we look at past so-called “right wing terror” plots, like the Whitmer kidnapping plot that involved three FBI informants, I think we can and must question these events and dig deeper into them.

This story is still developing, please check back for updates. 

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